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Mick Dennis – Where are you?

August 8th, 2010 | 199 Comments |

Where are you Mick?
Where are you Mick?
Anyone remember when Delia Smith stumbled her way onto the pitch, all sherried up, and made her famous outburst against the Norwich fans?

That moment of media magic has become a bit of folklore, not just in Norwich City history, but in football history. If you need refreshing, watch this video.

Now there is nothing wrong with a chairman being passionate about their team, in fact it is something we are probably lacking at Newcastle at this moment in time, but I wonder how such open criticism of the Norwich fans sat with Mick Dennis, the journalist with the poison pen, who is incidentally a Norwich fan?

Now for those who haven’t been following, Mick Dennis is one of the first journalists to sound off about how Newcastle are an embarrasment and how our fans should be ashamed of ourselves as a minority of them boo the team, which they do, that can’t be denied, but it is the persistant scathing attacks and selective reporting from him that grinds my gears. (more…)