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The Forest controversy of 1974.

October 16th, 2009 | 63 Comments |

Toon fans, 1974 - great hat!
Ticketless Toon fans, 1974 - great hat!
The Forest fixture against Newcastle United on Saturday brings to mind a bizarre group of matches between our two teams in 1974.

Following success in the earlier rounds, Newcastle United found themselves at home in the quarter finals of the FA cup in front of a crowd of 54,500 facing second division Nottingham Forest.

Excitement was at fever pitch as we were only a couple of games away from the final. The great unwashed of Sunderland had won the cup the previous year, so surely it was our turn to get out the daft hats, practise Abide with Me and take a trip down Wembley Way?

Our form leading up to that game had been poor, especially at home, so the writing seemed to be on the wall when we went behind in under 2 minutes. It didn’t get much better and we started the second half 2-1 down. Coming up to the hour mark, disaster struck when our big centre half Pat Howard was sent off for pushing the referee in the chest when disputing a penalty award. Forest scored and we found ourselves trailing 3-1. (more…)

Smith Trotting out of Toon and does Jose know the way?

October 11th, 2009 | 49 Comments |

Thinking of us?
Thinking of us?
The traditional Sunday trawl of the back pages has begun, except technically I’ve gone all modern these days and access the back pages online (partly because I’m hungover and don’t fancy the walk to the paper shop). Anyway, so what do they have to say?

Well first of all, an amusing story of Freddie Shepherd and his righteous and gallant spirit in not pursuing the two million pounds, that he claims the club owes him from his contract when Ashley took over the club in 2007. This is because until Ashley makes indications that he will be here for the forseeable, Shepherd doesn’t want to jeopardise the sale of the club. He’s all heart is Fred…….In the same article from The Sunday Sun, they also mention the latest takeover news but there is no more conclusive evidence of who the ‘new suitors’ are and it’s just speculation that it’s an Indian-based group, as is the suggestion Moat and Sheard have sat down for a chat about poolin’ resources. Just speculation you say? Well it is Sunday. (more…)

Newcastle defenders for the Chop.

September 8th, 2009 | 27 Comments |

Carrying his banjo with aplomb
Carrying his banjo with aplomb
In a country well known for it’s love of lamb (easy tiger), there’s a new Chop on the menu. It’s not of the woolly variety though, it’s the history-making Michael Chopra and his scoring boots that has the city of Cardiff salivating.

Chops was breaking down the barriers back in 2006, when he became the first player of Indian parentage to grace the Premiership with both appearances and accompanying goals. Back in the day, he looked like the rightful heir to Shearer’s throne as being a local lad, not only did he attend the same school as Big Al but he also knew where the goal was.

However, with a pile of high profile strikers in front of him, Chopra struggled to make a starting place his own. While he will remain a Geordie legend forever for both his (quickest Premiership) goal in the 4-1 mauling of the Mackems at their dump and his inability / unwillingness to put the goal in the Leazes End net, sadly it was inevitable his future lay elsewhere. (more…)