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Will Jose Enrique be the next to go?

August 25th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

Spain beckons perhaps
Spain beckons perhaps
Jose Enrique could be the next big name to leave Newcastle United according to The Mirror.

Apparently Atletico Madrid are hoping to table a £3m million bid for the defender we signed from Villarreal two years ago for £6.3m.

Enrique has also apparently piqued the interest of Real Zaragosa but only as part of a loan deal. This may not suit Newcastle at the moment because the temporary wage cuts associated with loan deals might not stack up in a long-term cost-cutting exercise.

I’m not sure exactly what wage Enrique gets but I would imagine it’s in the £50,000/week area, which would fit the profile of the sort of player we’re looking to offload. Left backs, however, always seem to be difficult to recruit so the loss of Enrique could leave us very exposed in that area.

It would be doubly annoying given how well Enrique and Jonas seem to be working together on the left for Newcastle at the moment. (more…)