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Pardew attempts to further clarify Enrique’s controversial comments

February 22nd, 2011 | 83 Comments |

Enrique's comments still controversial
Out of context - but maybe not by much
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has attempted to further clarify comments made to the Spanish media by Jose Enrique.

Enrique’s comments to a Spanish magazine last week caused a bit of a stir and Alan Pardew has attempted to further clarify them, which Enrique insists were taken out of context by the British press.

Pardew said:

Jose was upset about it on Thursday. He was upset with how it had been reported – he made that plain to me.

I said to him ‘Look, it happens.’ It happens to me and I’m experienced with the media over my playing career and my time in management.

But the most important thing with the Jose Enrique situation is that it really hasn’t changed. We’re not safe and he doesn’t want to talk to us until we’re safe.

That is what we discussed yesterday. We will worry about the next game and I look forward to talking to Jose and his advisors when we’re safe. But our immediate priority is to win the next game – and to get to the 40-point mark.(more…)