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Stevie Taylor’s £9 million summer Blues move?

February 15th, 2010 | 80 Comments |

Taylor: Blues Pop target?
Taylor: Blues Pop target?
It’s nice to see the transfer rumour mill is back in business, with Steven Taylor yet again being the subject of it’s ramblings. The rumours are that Chelsea are eyeing up a £9 million move for the adopted Geordie stopper, I say adopted to halt the “Steven Taylor was born in London” remarks but in my mind the lad is a Geordie!

Anyone remember Bryan ‘Pop’ Robson? Our former striker? Well apparently he has been sent to St James’ Park a few times this season to do scouting missions on Taylor as Chelsea seek to bolster their squad with the aim of getting around next season’s ‘home-grown’ ruling – where 8 players out of a 25 man squad must be registered who have spent 3 entire seasons under the age of 21 training with an FA affiliated club. (more…)