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Clash of the Titans aftermath: Di Matteo hails “Premier League” Magpies.

January 19th, 2010 | 130 Comments |

Roberto Di Matteo and Chris Hughton yesterday.
Roberto Di Matteo and Chris Hughton yesterday.
West Bromwich Albion manager, Roberto Di Matteo saluted the Premiership quality within Chris Hughton’s Newcastle United squad in the wake of their exciting 2-2 draw at St James’s Park. He also commented on how he saw the Championship as a “strange” league, where quite a few teams will be “in the mix” for promotion places, saying:

“It’s a strange league, so I expect other teams to be in the mix as well – Swansea, Leicester, Cardiff, I think Sheffield United will have something to say as well.

“You can see every week that any team can beat any team.”

Moving on to his observations about the Toon he added:

“Newcastle, you see they have the edge over everybody else with the strong squad they have and the players they have in their team.

“You look at their players and it’s Premier League all over, isn’t it?” (more…)