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Hughton makes plea to supporters.

November 6th, 2009 | 39 Comments |

Master and disciple
Master and disciple
Chris Hughton has asked Newcastle United fans to put their disagreements with the board behind them and support the team.

Fans are, of course, particularly upset that Ashley plans to peddle Sports Direct on the back of – or, to be more precise, on the front of – the St James’ Park name. Hughton evidently fears rebellion is in the air.

Praising our supporters, Hughton said:

There are two ways of supporting a team.

There is no support in this division which has turned up as consistently as our fans have. That is something that is vital for us.

It is the supporters’ prerogative [to protest], it is their club. My concerns are that they get behind the team and from that angle they haven’t let us down.”

We’ve averaged just over 41,000 this season, which puts us in 6th place in the entire football league. (more…)