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Ashley hoping to turn bad blood into young blood?

January 5th, 2010 | 40 Comments |

Willie give yoof a chance?
Willie give yoof a chance?
It seemed only a few months ago that Newcastle and it’s fans had reached an impasse. Having been roundly exposed at the infamous Keegan tribunal and having alienated fans, the club’s owners could literally sink no further in their fans’ estimations. And they’re still struggling to gain the respect of the fans, following mistake after mistake though good results and number one spot have momentarily halted some cries for Ashley’s head.

But arguably one of the more disappointing casualties of the long-running saga, was the departure of Richard Money who was no doubt influenced by the off-field shenanigans at Gallowgate. Hardly something to be proudly associated with after all. Of course, he was also apparently keen to rejoin a club he was fond of, but it’s surely no coincidence that he left during a time of uncertainty.

Money only lasted a year and a half or so as Academy Director at the Toon, but in that time built up a good reputation and was making good progress with the talent at his disposal. His departure to Luton Town was a big signal to some fans that the board had effectively dropped their priorities on the youth side. Which in itself fuelled the rumours that Ashley was only here for the short term and to get the best price he could from a future sale.

Of course that might still be true but the appointment of Willie Donachie may also go some way to contradicting that theory, and illustrating more long term intentions. The former Scotland international Willie Donachie has been appointed today at the club’s Benton Academy, and the ex-Manchester City and Oldham Athletic coach and Millwall manager, seems chuffed to be part of it all: (more…)