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Sir Bobby Robson – There is a secret to immortality…

September 21st, 2009 | 61 Comments |

Sir Bobby Robson 1933 - 2009.
Sir Bobby Robson 1933 - 2009.
Today we mourn, once more, the passing of greatness from us. We must also make room for some joy amid our sadness. The joy of his achievements, the joy of his words, the joy that we knew him at all. Tears will come, as they did that awful day in July, and their sting will be just as harsh…but smiles will not be far behind them.

If he were to hear the praise and plaudits, that will fill today’s service, doubtless he’d dismiss them humbly, quietly. He considered himself nothing special…just plain Bobby. “Plain”? Not to us, never to us. Not to the people he inspired, not to the people whose lives he changed forever with his honour, dignity and fortitude. While many others would have crumbled, when faced with the mountains he had to climb, Bobby did not. He set about every challenge with an unfussy stoicism that confounded circumstance, and inspired love.

He’s been written into legend now, and that is where he will remain. Not just a legend written in black and white…but one blazed across the football firmament like a glorious comet. He’s everyone’s Sir Bobby, a legends legend. To see him greet the players, at the charity re-enactment of England vs Germany, was to witness a hero battling unbelievable pain to fulfill a promise. The players faces said it all, barely able to contain their love and admiration for this colossal man. (more…)