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Shepherd, Bruce and Nolan offer support to Hughton as sacking rumours persist.

October 29th, 2010 | 109 Comments |

Hughton: Target of speculation.
Hughton: Target of speculation.
On the eve of Newcastle United’s home derby clash with the Mackems, Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce, ex Newcastle United chairman, Freddy Shepherd, and current club captain, Kevin Nolan have all come out in support of manager, Chris Hughton.

Hughton’s position as Newcastle manager has recently been called into question by journalists such as the People’s Alan Oliver and the Daily Hate Mail’s Colin Young, and bets on whether Hughton would be sacked were suspended at Ladbrokes recently. In response, the club issued a club statement after Wednesday’s League Cup defeat against Arsenal. The statement said:

“Chris is our manager and will remain our manager, and it is our intention to renegotiate his contract at the end of the year.”

Speaking in an interview for Talk Sport meanwhile, Freddy Shepherd said of Hughton’s time as the Magpies’ manager: (more…)

‘No way’ – Jose. Enrique dismisses Sunderland rumours!

December 1st, 2009 | 43 Comments |

Left back legend already?
Left back legend already?
If it was possible, given his start to the season, Jose Enrique will have gone up in the popularity polls amongst Newcastle supporters, after he went on record to say he’s not interested in the alleged interest of Mackem boss and alleged Geordie, Steve Bruce.

It’s taken a while for some people to grow to Jose, given his penchant for playing the ball out of defence and occasionally ‘over’ playing it. But this season he has generally done things in the right areas, and is clearly one of the best players in the Championship. The left back has shown defensive resilience together with an appetite for getting forward and his strength and pace allow him to do both to great effect.

Of course, that has led to speculation that Premiership clubs would come looking for him and with the January transfer window sneaking ever closer, Newcastle fans will be cautious over outgoing players. It’s been rumoured that Enrique has several suitors but the latest speculation is that the unfortunates from down the A19 are keen on him. Jose put a smile on the faces of all Mags with his latest statement:

“I don’t care about Sunderland. Even if the newspapers said Chelsea, I wouldn’t care. I worry for my team – I love the city, I love the club and I don’t care about signing for another team.” (more…)

Smith Trotting out of Toon and does Jose know the way?

October 11th, 2009 | 49 Comments |

Thinking of us?
Thinking of us?
The traditional Sunday trawl of the back pages has begun, except technically I’ve gone all modern these days and access the back pages online (partly because I’m hungover and don’t fancy the walk to the paper shop). Anyway, so what do they have to say?

Well first of all, an amusing story of Freddie Shepherd and his righteous and gallant spirit in not pursuing the two million pounds, that he claims the club owes him from his contract when Ashley took over the club in 2007. This is because until Ashley makes indications that he will be here for the forseeable, Shepherd doesn’t want to jeopardise the sale of the club. He’s all heart is Fred…….In the same article from The Sunday Sun, they also mention the latest takeover news but there is no more conclusive evidence of who the ‘new suitors’ are and it’s just speculation that it’s an Indian-based group, as is the suggestion Moat and Sheard have sat down for a chat about poolin’ resources. Just speculation you say? Well it is Sunday. (more…)

Bruce Almighty.

June 5th, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Bruce Almighty?
Bruce Almighty?
Is there a more (apparently) disingenuous and unlikeable Geordie than Steve Bruce? Bruce once described himself as “black and white”. Presumably that was rhyming slang. I read a few things awhile back and I tracked some of them down –

“Steve is far too shrewd to let his heart rule his head,” a source close to Bruce once said. “Of course, he’d love to manage Newcastle because it’s always been an ambition of his. But he knows what the situation is like up there and would need certain assurances before even considering it.”. (more…)