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Steven Taylor out for 3 months.

July 29th, 2010 | 45 Comments |

Taylor - Out for 3 months.
Taylor - Out for 3 months.
It has been confoirmed today that Newcastle defender Steven Taylor will be sidelined for three months with the shoulder injury sustained at Carlisle nearly two weeks back.

It’s a huge blow for both the player and the team as Newcastle look to use this season to consolidate their place in the Premier League, although the signing of Sol Campbell has cushioned the blow a bit, for me anyway.

This is the latest setback for Taylor in what is turning out to be his ‘annus horribilis’. It all started back in January when he injured his knee against West Brom which forced him to miss most the remainer of the season. Then there was the infamous ‘Glassjawgate’ affair in which Taylor allegedly recieved a broken jaw in a training ground dust-up, now add this latest injury to the list and we have a central defender that has only made two appearances this year due to this horrendously bad luck with injuries. (more…)

Injuries are starting to kick in at Newcastle.

July 21st, 2010 | 59 Comments |

Tamás Kádár: Injury victim.
Tamás Kádár: Injury victim.
Most of us are aware that our beloved Newcastle squad is, how should we say, a little thin on numbers at the moment.

Whather or not that gets rectified by signing players is something that we are waiting to see, but for now we find ourselves succeptable to an injury crisis.

We have already lost Danny Simpson, who will definately miss the start of the season whilst Steven Taylor is another player who could miss the start of the season, if his shoulder injury requires surgery.

Now it looks like Tamas Kadar is the latest in line who could potentially miss out on the start of the new season through a groin injury, which was the reason he played no part in the 3-0 friendly win at Carlisle last weekend. Unfortunately, all of these players are defenders, so are we suffering our first injury crisis of the season, before a competitive ball has been kicked? (more…)