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Can we borrow Liverpool’s beach ball?

October 19th, 2009 | One Comment |

Spoilt for choice!
Spoilt for choice!
Considering we’ve now only scored one goal in three outings, two of those at home, there is a worry that we may begin to shoot more blanks. The Newcastle front line has been fairly toothless and a lack of creative spark from midfield means we’re struggling to make many chances and when they do, the ‘talent’ uptop isn’t able to convert that into goals.

So perhaps we need some timely interventions, like at the recent Sunderland vs Liverpool game when the unfortunates from down the road were aided and abetted in stealing three points with the aid of a young Scouse scally (that’s just for giggles, no disrespect intended). It truly was a ‘Bent’ goal, as Darren’s scuffed shot bounced towards goal only to take a horrible deflection and wrong foot the keeper.

It wasn’t your usual ‘deflection’ though, off the knee or the arm of a defender. It was off a red beach ball which a hapless youngster in the Liverpool end, had inadvertently belted into the Liverpool box at the most inopportune time.

I’m only writing about this now as it’s the first chance I’ve really had to look at this properly, and even though it’s them down the road, you’ve gotta laugh. Here’s some footage for those that haven’t seen it. (more…)