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Who told BBC’s James Pearce about Cabaye listening to negotiations and why?

September 2nd, 2013 | 112 Comments |

Yohan Cabaye shirtless.
More Cabaye cobblers?
Tweeting on his Twitter page earlier today, the BBC’s James Pearce claimed the following:

I’m told Mike Ashley let Cabaye listen to phone negotiations last week + he heard Arsenal say: “25 million a lot for a reserve” #moodchanger”

Of course, it was rapidly retweeted all over the Tooniverse, with the story being repeated on quite a few web sites, based solely on the tweet you see above. However, none of stories I saw seemed to ask the obvious question. Presuming for a moment that Pearce is actually telling the truth and someone did actually tell him that, then who was it and WHY?

After all, the club have placed an iron wall of secrecy around what has really been happening with Cabaye. If someone did actually tell Pearce that, and I have doubts about that, I would also seriously doubt that it would be something that was picked up by a cleaning lady who was hoovering under the desk or dusting the shelves at the time. It would be far more likely that it would be someone FAR higher up the hierarchy at the club if they were privy to that information. It also fits in perfectly with the constant stream of carefully crafted but ridiculous and insulting innuendo put out by Alan Pardew in recent days suggesting that Cabaye has been on strike, but that he can’t say that outright because of his wish to “protect” the player from the fans, even though he is letting the cat of the bag merely by mentioning it. (more…)

Pardew: I’m not being told to rest Cabaye

August 27th, 2013 | 56 Comments |

Yohan Cabaye training.
What’s the real story on Cabaye?
My latest blog on is now up!

Entitled “What is the truth on Yohan Cabaye and Arsenal? Newcastle fans may never know,” as you might guess, I take a look at current Yohan Cabaye transfer imbroglio. This includes conflicting stories in the media about whether Cabaye is actually on strike, or whether he is just being protected from injury in anticipation of a “world class bid” that would “blow the doors off” (to use two of Pardew’s recent terms).

I also look at Alan Pardew’s approach to the drama, where instead of either keeping his mouth shut and refusing to answer questions, or alternatively, making some kind of honest disclosure on what is going on, he has chosen to resort to innuendo and riddles, usually followed by something like “but I can’t say more than that”. Along with the conflicting media reports, especially the ones from the Evening Chronicle’s Lee Ryder about Cabaye allegedly refusing to play, this has led to alot of unhelpful speculation. (more…)

The madness of Alan Pardew and the Three Stooges in Nice

August 21st, 2013 | 65 Comments |

NUFC Blog on
NUFC Blog on
My two latest blogs for are now up!

The first one, entitled “Pardew – Is he deluded to the point of insanity?” takes a look at some of the talking points from Monday evening’s game with Manchester City. Talking points such as the gossip surrounding Yohan Cabaye and not least, something all we Newcastle United fans have become wearily familiar with, Alan Pardew’s total lack of a grip on reality in his post-match assessment of games.

The second one is called “Were Newcastle’s ‘Three Stooges’ in Nice to sell Cabaye or buy Cvitanich?” (The sub-editor changed the original title so don’t blame me!). Basically, it is my ruminations on what Newcastle United’s “Three Stooges,” Alan Pardew, Joe Kinnear and Graham Carr might have been doing at Nice airport, where they were spotted and photographed by a Northumbria University student and Toon fan who calls himself “Sewelly” on Twitta. (more…)

Administrator considers Moses bids from West Brom, Forest, and now Newcastle?

January 28th, 2010 | 96 Comments |

Moses: Another Nigerian gymnast.
Moses: Another Nigerian gymnast.
Administrators currently in charge of the financial affairs of Crystal Palace have been considering bids from West Brom and Nottingham Forest for talented 19 year old starlet, Victor Moses. In a further development however, Moses’s agent, Tony Finnegan, has now claimed that Mike Ashley and Newcastle United have finally thrown their hat into the ring with a bid too. Though we are not cynical here at NUFC Blog, it has been known for agents to talks complete and utter guff in an attempt to get the best possible deals for their clients. Of course though, we wouldn’t dream of suggesting that anything of the sort was happening here!

While the West Brom bid is known to be around £1.5 million, it is not known for certain what the other bids are at this stage. However it is thought that the player will eventually go for a much higher sum, with West Brom manager, Roberto Di Matteo conceeding that he may lose out to some much weightier bids before the player’s fate is sealed.

Meanwhile, the Administrators have acknowleged that Moses was intententionally left out of the Palace squad for their away game with the Magpies yesterday evening (much to the annoyance of Palace’s manager, Neil Warnock), with head administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle admitting: (more…)

Toon Perch’ed for Forest utility player move?

January 19th, 2010 | 61 Comments |

Will Hughton land James Perch in his net?
Will Hughton land James Perch in his net?
A little bit of a transfer news coming out of St James’s Park suggests we could be on the verge of making our first signing of the January transfer window. Nottingham Forest’s James Perch worked under Colin Calderwood during his spell as Forest manager, so no doubt there would have been some recommendation coming from our Scottish assistant manager.

Predominantly a right back, the 24 year old can also play in the center of defence and has covered various positions across the midfield at points in his career. So, a utility player then, although one who is apparently held in high regard by manager Billy Davies, who quickly signed Nick Shorey as temporary cover whilst Perch recovers from a long standing shin problem.

You’ll forgive me for not getting over excited over us being linked with a player who has played the majority of his games in League 1, and perhaps this shows the level of ambition being shown by our current owner!

If it’s a right back we are after so desperately then why don’t we pull out all the stops to secure Danny Simpson? Fair enough, he didn’t have the best of games last night, but every player has a below-par game once in a while and Simpson has been largely excellent during his time with The Toon. Manager Chris Hughton is still confident of landing the Salford lad in a £500,000 deal, with fresh talks scheduled today. Hughton said: (more…)