Michael Owen: The Little Waster isn’t finished yet! (official).

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The Little Waster in action for Toon.
The Little Waster in action for Toon.
Michael Owen today accepted a public apology and substantial undisclosed damages from the Daily Express over “incredulous allegations” that his football career was over the Press Association reports.

The Newcastle striker was not present for the reading of the judgement in London’s High Court.

Ian Helme, counsel for the renowned bastion of journalistic integrity that is the Express, accepted fully that the allegations made in the story “Unwanted Toon striker at a cross roads, Finished at 29?” were false. The article was also accompanied by another on the Express’s back page, “Owen ready for sad finale”.

Owen’s solicitor, John Kelly told Mr Justice Eady that the article falsely alleged Premier League clubs did not want to sign him and, as a result of a lack of interest, he was on the verge of retiring from professional football at the end of the season. He also informed the court that Owen’s distress was supposedly aggravated because the article was published just before a crucial match in Toon’s doomed relegation struggle. Kelly told the Judge Eady that “These incredulous allegations are entirely without foundation and were obviously extremely distressing, hurtful and damaging to the claimant.”

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9 Responses

  1. He’s good at making money for doing nothing….
    Now wouldn’t it be nice if he was seen to donate his ‘substantial damages’ to the 120 people who have just found themselves unemployed due to the ineffectiveness of him and the majority of his team mates last season?
    Highly unlikely though he will probably use it to buy some more horses…

    ps worky how do I get a funny picture on my profile?

  2. deb – go to the ‘Site Admin’ (on the right) and click on ‘Profile’ (on the left) once you get onto Site Admin. Add your photo etc from there.

  3. I want to love him, I want to respect him, I want to admire him. It’s asking a lot though under the circumstances.

    I honestly think, like the big lad in charge, it’s probably unfair to question his motives but for one reason or another, he’s ultimately let us down.

  4. Yup. It’s down at bottom Deb, so you may have to scroll down to see it. Remember, if it’s a rectangular one, It will chop the end bits off to make it square.

    Hope you’re well BTW?

  5. Chopping the end bits off to make it square sounds a bit painful and perhaps a little harsh.

    Has there always been an ‘e’ in workey?
    Did you get hold of my emails?

  6. I noticed that BBM – the new “e” well at least that I hadnt noticed before

  7. Hi Work(e)y

    I’m fine thanks. You’ve done a great job with the blog, it’s looking fab. Couple of quick things – would it be possible to number the posts and could you make the pictures slightly bigger as some of them are a bit difficult to see?

  8. Bowburn, I’m with you on Owen. When he played for Liverpool and England he was electric. I always remember that England 5, Germany 1 game when he was outstanding.
    He went to Real Madrid and essestially was ruined. When we bought him I was a bit wary, especially for £16m, but bloody hell, IT’S MICHAEL OWEN PLAYING FOR THE TOON, GET IIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!
    I do believe he’s a good lad at heart, but he has been a disaster for us on the playing front.

  9. Of course it was inevitable the (briefly acquired) thug husband of the repulsive goody whore is back in prison. It must not be overlooked this white trash has various previous convictions for violent assault including one on a minor. The CPS clearly felt there was another serious offence with good supporting evidence with the RAPE charge. THESE PEOPLE REALLY ARE THE ABSOLUTE SCUM OF THE EARTH AND SHOULD BE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT NOT SUPPORTED BY SOME SAD AND WRETCHEDLY PATHETIC CHAVS!