Bruce Almighty.

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Bruce Almighty?
Bruce Almighty?
Is there a more (apparently) disingenuous and unlikeable Geordie than Steve Bruce? Bruce once described himself as “black and white”. Presumably that was rhyming slang. I read a few things awhile back and I tracked some of them down –

“Steve is far too shrewd to let his heart rule his head,” a source close to Bruce once said. “Of course, he’d love to manage Newcastle because it’s always been an ambition of his. But he knows what the situation is like up there and would need certain assurances before even considering it.”.

‘Brucie’ has always been liberal with his platitudes. “Newcastle United FC is a great club”, “the fans are some of the best in the world”, “it is a hotbed of football” and so on, ad nauseam. Yet, how much of this really rang true? In my eyes, he is a Manc full stop and also an arrogant, ambitious man without scruples (there is a link somewhere in there). Whether there was any love for us previously as a youngster, I’m convinced he simply no longer has an affinity with us, despite his hollow claims.

However, just before Christmas, he had this to say about turning down the job after Sir Bobby had gone –

“Have I ever regretted it? Yes, of course. It’s long gone so I can talk about it now. Newcastle were the team I supported as a boy. If you are born there, then you are associated with that club. Could I still manage them one day? I don’t know. Maybe one day”.

Of course his explanation for turning us down was apparently borne out of loyalty to Birmingham, having just signed  a new contract. Ahem! Presumably the ‘loyalty’ that Norwich, Palace , Birmingham and Wigan fans can attest to. Now of course, he has well and truly nailed his colours to the mast by signing up to the n’er do wells down the A19.

According to Brucie –

“Managing Newcastle has never been my dream as a boss. I’m in football management now and I look for the right job more than anything else. And this opportunity at Sunderland has got everything I want – the infrastructure, the fan-base, an ambitious chairman and an ambitious new owner. I don’t need anything else – I’ve got everything here. Everything you look for as an ambitious manager is here at Sunderland. It’s a big club with a big history, a long tradition, and the potential to really go places. All the off-field components are there, and we need to build a team now to really take things forward.”

Well, what a lot of contradictory nonsense. So taking things in chronological order, it would seem as things stand we’re no longer his dream job. I’m sure we won’t lose too much sleep Steve.

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2 Responses

  1. Have never wanted him as manager and never will, was never sure why others were adamant he could be our saviour. The great unwashed are welcome to him – a match made in heaven!

  2. Goes where the money is, like they all do, it always happens where comments made in the past come back to haunt public figures. He’s still a tw@ though.