Calling all the heroes.

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Calling out the heroes.They’re shooting up the town, boys.

No, this isn’t some sentimental reflection on It Bites’ hit of the ’80’s. I’m referring to those heroes in black and white. Which ones, I hear you ask. They seem to be in very short supply of late.

So what makes someone a hero anyway? Well I could be here all night discussing the reasons why some people idolise others. As far as Newcastle United heroes go, they’re effectively famous and idolised as soon as they pull on that black and white shirt for the first time (but for a few minor exceptions). What they do on and off the pitch after that will go along way to deciding whether they remain heroes or not. So why do some players seem to care more than others about their place in the world as a modern day hero to the army of Mags?

As our very own heroes, we should be proud of them. How long has it been since we’ve been proud of the collective that steps across that white line every game? I genuinely love good football and I appreciate great players. However, I have always admired guts over glamour. Clearly, if professional football was all about trying hard, then there would be thousands of supporters clamouring for a game at the town every weekend. Our fans have long had more desire than the players. But within reason, having watched many different teams, styles and characters at the town since the late ’80s, I know what makes me most proud.

Quite honestly, I think we’ve been blessed with talent – left wingers like Sheedy, Sellars, Ginola and Robert. They are perhaps a luxury you can sometimes afford to be carried by the rest. But what this club needs to invest in, are players, regardless of what went before, that seek an immediate affiliation with the club and fans. Players that care from day one and don’t stop caring until it’s time to go. Older posters will have their own lists but for me we need characters and players that are decent and honest above all else (wishful thinking in today’s game/world?). Players who play not just for the money but for the club and for the fans. Men who lay their bodies on the line and put their head where it hurts. Players who will run themselves into the ground and will fight until they drop for the cause.

Some are more naturally gifted than others but step forward – David Kelly, Rob Lee, Big Les, Killer, Darren Peacock, Gavin Peacock, Bez, Bracewell, Venison, Barton, Speed, Dabizas, Nobby – to name but a few from recent years. That’s leaving aside our ‘local heroes’ because we all know how much we adore them! 

We need sleeves with hearts on them. The new breed are out there, we just need to find them, as soon as they decide whose job it is to find them! And who better to recognise potential heroes than one of the greatest of them all? We can but hope.

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82 Responses

  1. nice article. in the championship all teams have players like these and there no diving pansies like drobga and ronaldo in the ccc. good honest players.

  2. i rememmer seeing micky quin scoreing a hat trick against stoke and we were sing your going down with the boro how things have changed

  3. worky i was living in stoke at the time and we were in the stoke end i clapped like but me dad was jumping up and doon but was realy botherd aboot the stokies as we were well known in the area and got 3 brothers if y na what a mean they just turned around saw who it was and put they heads doon lol

  4. worky well higgnet was on loan to stoke and he wouldnt sign for them cos he said he misses middlesboro too much so what us that tell y m8

  5. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 8, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    “maybe there is more too the shearer going to west brom story than meets the eye.”

    If there is, then Shearer’s picked a funny time to go to Portugal ESAMIM.

  6. worky my missus is from stoke but over the years she,s turned in to the biggest toon fan i know at the last stoke game she chinned a stoke fan when we were gannin home because he tryed to take the p:ss he mentioned summit aboot messiha and he got a crack for it lol

  7. 12 Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 8, 2009 at 11:17 pm
    he is back soon workey it was only a short holiday
    <<<<<he came back this morning m8

  8. “worky well higgnet was on loan to stoke and he wouldnt sign for them cos he said he misses middlesboro too much so what us that tell y m8”

    Woodgate was another homesick smoggy.

  9. Worky – sent you an email, prob need to read it.

    Batty – the press release from Oba stating he wants to stay also should come with a note of caution. If Martins doesnt do the decent thing and say he will leave – i.e. put in a transfer request – he is entitled to serious compensation when sold.

    Might not be the good news you wanted – far from it in fact.

  10. Batty – the press release from Oba stating he wants to stay also should come with a note of caution. If Martins doesnt do the decent thing and say he will leave – i.e. put in a transfer request – he is entitled to serious compensation when sold<<<<yeah i know that m8

  11. stardust just like any other player on the books at newcastle but i think bassong will be off like a shot m8

  12. Time will tell Batty – I would have hoped that behind closed doors, the very least those responsible for relegation (the players) would waver their right to the transfer fee.

    But I have very little faith in players these days, some will surprise us no doubt.

    Its funny how Arsenal arent going to sign Martins isnt it lol – quite embarrassing!

  13. Possible explanations for the current impasse regarding appointig Shearer:

    1. Shearer not appointed as Ashley has developed cold feet and doesn’t want him
    2. Favoured consortium doesn’t want him and refuses to allow him to be apponted
    3. Favoured consortium wants to announce Shearer as their new manager after the deal has been agreed
    4. Shearer refusing anything other than a permanent contract
    5. Funding from Barclays still not approved – (but others are reporting it is)so Ashley not in a position to agree to anything
    6. Don’t know – don’t care tired and going to bed. Night all or anyone still there

  14. Kind of disappointed with Kaka, thought he’d be with Milan for the rest of his career. Should make La Liga much more interesting now though, especially if Madrid got Ronaldo too.

  15. ah finally someone talks :D dont think they will get ronaldo becuase ferguson hates them but ribery and villa are most likely to join them

  16. no idea 52 times. i know real want to buy him. where would he fit in barca’s team? henry eto’o messi. he is not better then any of them 3.

  17. The new manager is in serious danger of turning up on 1st July and have NO players to train!

    Ashley will only be interested in shoring up the balance sheet as ths will look better for the new owners.

    If were left with no players he won’t be bothered will he?

    This has cost us our chance of promotion and could even go along way to getting us relegated again next season!

  18. i dont think he can sell any players if he is going to sell up. any potential new owners will tell ashley not to sell the clubs best assets unless they give him the thumbs up

  19. anyway everyone read this

    The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the
    School of Psychiatry at Harvard University ..

    Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a
    mistake. The average person over 40 years of age cannot do it!

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    Now go back and read the third word in each line from the top down.

  20. what a idiot. surely he could have seen that coming. bet most of them were mackems.

  21. Yes, you would have thought he might have anticipated that.

    Can’t blame the mackems I suppose.

  22. I see some of the papers are suggesting the entire first team has been put up for sale and Ashley has instructed agents to start finding buyers for all of them.

    If that’s true, then it seems as if Shearer’s suggested rebuild with Taylor, Bassong, Butt, Duff and so forth is unlikely to be going ahead.

    We do need to sell a lot of players but I had hoped Ashley would allow for some balance and set things up for a rebuild and a chance to challenge for promotion.

  23. its stupid putting them all for sale. we can afford to keep bassong, carrol and taylor due to the low wages so what benefit would selling them do to the wage budget. and how can Ashley sell the clubs assets before selling the club, surely that would affect the price he can sell for.

  24. Morning all!

    I can understand why the whole squad has been put up for sale since the majority have came and said they want to stay and we need them off the books for various reasons so not to bothered about that,

    We just need to appoint a manager and my pick would be Shearer , not casue he is a geordie or a local hero or that he understands the club etc etc…

    But becasue he is young , hungry , ambitious but he also seems ruthless in his decicisons such as trying to get rid of barton dropping collochini,

    I have seen enough from him in the games he was in charge to see as a potentially very good manager and as he grows as a manager so will our club ( if all things go right :) )

  25. The problem with selling the whole first team (if that actually happened) is that we’ve got nothing to build on for next season.

    I think a few of the players should be retained for some consistency if nothing else. In my opinion that means at least Taylor, Carrol and Bassong if possible. Maybe Beye and Duff too.

    Furthermore, who are we buying to replace them?

    The job is going to be hard enough if it takes 4 weeks to complete a sale anyway. That takes us to early August, which means we’ll have missed preseason entirely and be only days away from our first fixture.

    Of course this could just be press speculation but whatever sympathy I had for Ashley will evaporate if he leaves us unprepared for next season. Not, I suppose, that he cares.

  26. Im not sugeesting to sell every player in the squad but fact is we have to balance the books and get our wage bill down,

    So if the players we do want to get rid of dont want to go or other clubs do not want them , we will have no choice other than to look at selling other players we may of wanted to keep

  27. Bassong earns £260,000 a year. What good would taking that off a £74 million a year wage bill do?

  28. But the 5 to 10 million we could possible sell him for can help balance the books,

    Im not saying i would agree with selling bassong but if the high eaners such as martins barton duff butt smith etc etc do not go we might have no choice to sell the players we would want to keep a hold of

  29. Based on a mix of experience, youth and potential and wage cutting/management, these are players from the current squad that I see as being important to help us consolidate/build next season –

    – Harper
    – Beye
    – Bassong
    – Taylor
    – Guthrie
    – Nolan
    – Butt

    I guess that says a lot about the current squad and also that the ‘Officer’s Club’ tactics on selling everybody isn’t the worst policy in the world. Despite it’s depressing nature.

    As for the fringe/younger players, they will need to step up to the plate and could become big players.

  30. You know what? I’m so depressed about the current situation I can’t be bothered to write about it any more.
    I was genuinely excited about our Championship campaign. I though Ashley would stick with us, appoint Shearer and we storm the league with a combination of youth and experience, adding to the team the best the Championship had to offer. But what happens? Ashley decides to run with his tail between his legs like the chicken sh!t he is. If Ashley had acted like a man through all of this I might have though about giving him some respect, but now. I don’t know what will happen.
    I some people do, but I couldn’t really care less what other clubs fans think of us. The papers can write what they want, we all know it’s crap anyway.
    In a way I’m glad I never got to see many matches this season. Supporting Newcastle has been like watching a close relative die slowly. You feel the pain and you want to help, but there’s nothing you can do about it.


    Depressed from Blaydon(originally, don’t live there now)

  31. MT – re the ‘turning tail and running’, I think that’s once again something you and I have always agreed on. Very surprised and disappointed that a successful and ruthless businessman hasn’t at some point fought back and really done things his way.

    Been listening to Radio One of all people ripping the p*ss out of the bogus emails. Nice.
    Just when you think we’ve sunk low enough.

    Very grim.

  32. All this email thing has done is convince me Ashley is a clown. If he could not see that people would send stupid emails he really is out of his depth.

  33. I’m still thinking that the e-mail thing could be someone service their notice, seeing as Ashley has just about sacked everyone! However, knowing Ashley it was probably done at his request.
    Get your euro lotto tickets lads, hopefully we can win enough to buy the club.

  34. Me and the boys in work thinking of email the club to see if we can buy a few players for our 5 a side league!

  35. To be honest, I’m not really all that bothered who we sell and who we keep (although I have my preferences of course).

    It just want us to be ready for preseason so that we stand some chance of pushing for promotion this year.

  36. I agree actually Hugh. Even as I was typing that, I realised how apathetic I am to what will happen with the squad.

    Sadly, it seems whateve happens we’ll be playing catch up.

  37. the fact we have not even got any pre season games organised means we will be playing catch up. hopefully mowbray does go to celtic as they are a very good championship side under mowbray and there will be one less title challenger if he does leave.

  38. I realise that folks are hissing and screaming re the sale, and others who are decrying the club releasing yesterday the 100mill asking price – saying it was amateur – clueless etc.

    There are two things that matter principally at the moment.

    1. To sell the club as quickly as possible.
    2. For Ashley to get his 100mill. (that’s his prerogative and a one that must be accepted.)

    I believe this release was a two stage affair.

    Keith Harris released on Sunday that there were 2 or 3 interested parties, I believe each release was aimed at:

    1. ramping up the pressure on the parties involved (whether there is 1, 2 or 3 of them) and he also released that they were to conclude by the end of June in case anyone is dragging their heels. Thereon if the interest isnt real (although I believe it is as they will have shown their financial strength with the appropriate supporting bank information) it will flush them out and they can progress with an Ashley staying version and appoint AS.
    2. The second release re the 100m was meant to be an independent unrelated release as it originated from different sources, but for such a non story it was all over Sky yesterday. I believe this was made public to increase the pressure on those interested.

    From the above, I conclude that a deal is probably immanent and Ashley is trying to gain best value and a quick sale.

  39. Reading the chronicle article, this sounds like the group that was interested in another PL, sorry I mean a PL club sometime last year, it might even have been Man City. If I remember that was spear headed by ex scouse fat man Steve McMahon.

  40. Ha ha. I knew I was right, but it seems the PL club they were interested in wasn’t Man City, but….NUFC! Here’s the story from August 2008 –,19528,11678_3945699,00.html

    So, it looks like the same people are now back in for us. It’s too much of a co-incidence that there are two groups from the far east with an 80’s former footballer as their representative.
    Being cynical it could just be a chronicle re-hash of that old story.

  41. Micky Toon says:
    June 9, 2009 at 11:40 am

    “And reality sets in -”

    I was going to write a quick story about that Micky, but I just knew that it would be cobblers again. Despite all the stories, the media haven’t got one single thing right about what will happen at Newcastle United. As that “Voice of the Gallowgate End” fella said in the Journal, they:

    “FAILED to predict the arrival of Ashley;
    FAILED to predict the arrival of Keegan;
    FAILED to predict the arrival of Kinnear;
    FAILED to predict Ashley’s first attempt to sell.”

  42. it would be easier to write they FAIL at everything workeyticket. otherwise the list could go on forever.

  43. Most papers know about as much as we do. They all claim to have their insiders and sources, but they just don’t. It’s easy to link the profit group to us – McMahon was here last season looking to promote NUFC in Singapore, one of our ex-managers is their UK Advisor and their europe advisor is an ex-communications director of NUFC.

    It writes itself.

  44. You’re right ESAMIM, I was just quoting Paul Dixon’s thing in the Journal today. I don’t think that they predicted Shearer either, until it actually happened.

  45. Got any more good articles brewing Micky? I really liked the other two. There’s been some great stuff from yourself, Bowburn and Deb. Thanks to you all.

  46. I’ll have a stab at amateur journalistic speculation regards the town. I’ll save you the details but the headline reads – I predict a riot.

  47. is it just a slow news day or is there another reasons for no new articles today

  48. ESAMIM – It’s the end of the season. The only reason there’s ANYTHING to write about is because we have Ashley in charge. :-)

  49. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    June 9, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    “is it just a slow news day or is there another reasons for no new articles today”

    Well I keep monitoring Newcastle news and when I look at the stories and I know that it’s going to be completely rubbished / denied / whatever by the time I get something out about it. It’s the “silly season” yet again for our team. I’ll take your suggestion about just doing a roundup of gossip for the day in future, I think. This site isn’t really “finished” yet either ESAMIM, so there’s alot of other stuff going on too, like implementing the ideas that some people have suggested etc.

    Thanks Bowburn, I won’t publish anything before it’s finished this time, I promise!

  50. Micky Toon says:
    June 9, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    “ESAMIM – It’s the end of the season. The only reason there’s ANYTHING to write about is because we have Ashley in charge.”

    I divven’t knaa Micky, this IS Newcastle United!

    If Ashley wasn’t here, we’d just be talking about Fat Fred getting caught out in another bordello, the whole squad being abducted by aliens, or something like that! ;-)

  51. would any be bothered if the squad was abducted by aliens? would be a easy way of getting rid of them. ;)

  52. Lee Ryder from the Evening Chronicle is on SkySportsNews now. Just repeating that story that is in the chronicle basically.

  53. Check ya ESAMIM.

    workey – Article might be after 5pm now but will do what I can. Might be something newsworthy by then like…

  54. I’m still not clear what Ashley plans to do with the £110m he loaned the club.

    I thought he was writing it off but that Sky Sports “Ashley Doesn’t Want An Auction” article suggests he’ll only lose £35m.

    I say ‘only’ in the sense that multi-billionaires might use the word in relation to £35m.

  55. Can’t help but think there was spin on the whole “all in” statement. I’m sure I’ll be corrected by our resident financial guru but I reckon it can and will be called in at some point (either in part or the whole lot). I don’t see anything wrong with that, other than them being disingenuous about it if they do.

  56. The Mackems have started (of course). One Sun story which IS true (I checked it out) is that the “admin” e.mail that Ashley put out for enquiries about the sale of the club has been besieged by Wearsiders offering things such as “two Oasis tickets at the Stadium of Light and a Curly Wurly” for the club. We have at least a whole year of that to look forward to well. :-( Oh the shame of it!

  57. Is Kenny Dalglish part of this Profitable Group? Anyone know? Had a quick look at the website, assumed it was legit and up-to-date.

  58. BBM – Apparently KD is their UK Operations Advisor, according to reports from last year and a report that is on the website.

  59. I don’t know much about The Profitable Group but having just done a little reading I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t make a good go of things at Newcastle.

    I’m presuming they’d want the club to advertise their brand and I suspect they’d run it to a proper budget.

  60. workey – article is ready to publish. Not sure how happy I am with the literary quality but nevertheless, at worst gives a fresh point to begin debate. Maybe (hopefully) we’ll have more to natter about soon if they get their fingers out.