Championship fixture list is up!

Posted on June 17th, 2009 | 29 Comments |

In case you didn’t know already, the fixture list for our season in hell the “Coca Cola Championship” has been released today. Remember to use the menu at the top of the fixtures page to find the particular fixtures you are looking for.

Coca Cola Championship fixture list.

Comments welcome.

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29 Responses

  1. We are Championship, say we are Championship, We are Championship…..repeat to fade.

    When we get promoted this is what we sing….etc etc

    Slap your lass with a Christmas tree.

    Etc etc.

    I reckon this season will be class. How can it not be after what we’ve been through? Back to earth with a bump and mixing it with some of the football wilderness. Reality will bite but it’s going to be a new and exciting adventure.

  2. Agree BBM.
    Despite all the c*ap that’s going on at our great club, I feel strangely positive about next season… best run along I will be late for my appointment with the psychiatrist!

  3. Preseason fixture dates:

    Sat 18.07.2009 Darlington (a) @ 12.30pm.

    Tue 21.07.2009 Huddersfield Town (a) @ 7.45pm.

    Wed 29.07.2009 Leeds United (h) @ 7.45pm


    That’s all they’ve published at the minute, though I guess they could add to them

  5. Evening all!

    Tough enough opening fixtures for us , wba away and reading home,

    Lookin at the home game on the 7th of nov against peterborogh for my 1st ever game! its my birthday that weekend so was sayin to herself we should make a weekend of it, anyone know any nice hotles in newcastle city? and how hard you reckon it be to get a ticket for a game like that?

  6. Johno Toon – Depends, we’ll need to see how many people we get coming to home games. Wouldn’t think you’d have any trouble though.

  7. cheers 52 times , i know there are travel agents here in ireland where you can get flights hotel and match ticket in a package so prob be safest bet to go through them

  8. Johno Toon says:
    June 17, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    “Evening all!

    Tough enough opening fixtures for us , wba away and reading home,”

    A bit easier than last season though, Johno. Man U, then Arsenal following closely after that. :-)

  9. Well Workey has done all the hard work in creating it and setting everything up etc. I think theres a good variety of contributors which will hopefully keep it interesting.

  10. I will take that as a positive. I’m usually happy to ramble on about something LOL

  11. deb – is that new article about the bid? If not, I’ll put something brief together.

  12. Hi BBM – just about the likely imminent announcement of Shearer as manager

  13. Morning all,

    That will be great new geordie deb , im assuming something been said locally?

    The sooner we appoint Shearer the sooner we starting get out of this mess

  14. Hi Johno Toon

    Nothing more been said that I’m aware of. It’s just a speculative thing until we hear for definite

  15. I saw that earlier on the BBC website, beye. Interesting times. I wonder if he’ll love the club and the area as much as he does Newcastle? It will be interesting to see what he says if he is appointed the job.

  16. It would be in Keegan’s own interests to retire from the game, imo. People generally do like to have a go at him.

  17. 52Times – I’m sure he’d love to retire, but he’s skint according to the rumours. Hence why he took the Newcastle job. Will we eventually see him at Hamburg and Doncaster, proclaiming his love for them too?