Do I hear £100m?

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Freddy Shepherd
Fat Freddy: Still looming over the club.
Reports coming through from questionable sources that Ashley has received his first bid for the club. It’s not clear yet what that bid is or indeed which of the alleged parties in the consortia have lodged it and obviously whether or not it’s a legitimate bid.

It’s implied that it could well be The Profitable Group, who were thought to have ungrounded optimism in recent weeks but who have now been associated with Freddy Shepherd, probably a link made by journalists to the ‘local people’ involved with their company.

As with all speculation about this club and particularly under this regime, it’s always healthy to have a huge bag of salt to throw on rumours. However, there’s generally no smoke without fire so even if the details are wide of the mark, there’s a good chance that something is happening.

Ashley stated he didn’t want to get into a auction situation but personally, I think that’s a load of tosh and here’s where the bidding begins.

Watch this space…..

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11 Responses

  1. bbm

    please take that picture down it gives me nightmares and im sure im not the only 1

  2. good point worky but peoples mental health is far more important than this football club

  3. I read elsewhere that Profitable Group and Freddie were not able to raise the money. Not suprsing on Profitable as they seem to be busy being investigated in Malaysia for more Land Banking rleated stuff. Just to show the company keep another company mentioned here UKLI folded up in the UK last year owing investors 60 Million. You may hate Ashley but at lest he paid down debt.

    Published: 2009/06/19
    THE Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM – Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) has issued compound notices to Profitable Plots Sdn Bhd, Edgeworth Properties (M) Sdn Bhd and UK Land International (M) Sdn Bhd for contravening section 91(1) of the Companies Act 1965.

    According to SSM section 91(1) of the act provides that a person shall not issue or offer to the public for subscription or purchase any interest unless at the time of the issue of the interest there is in force an approved deed.

    The three companies were raided on October 24 last year following queries received from members of the public that the companies were offering illegal investment schemes to members of the public, SSM said in a statement today.

    The raids were conducted simultaneously in the respective offices located in Kuala Lumpur and assets such as information, communication and technology (ICT) equipments and documents of the companies were seized to assist the commission in its investigations.

  4. Subprime99

    I think it would be a relief to everyone if Fat Fred failed to raise the cash as the spectre of him looming over SJP is the thing of real nightmares. With regard to the Profitable group, the last thing we need is another dodgey lot getting involved, so if there is substance in the investigation, thanks but no thanks

  5. and freddys comein up on the outside and entering the final furlong freddy easing to the front lol