Gerrard defends Owen, offends Newcastle!

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steven_gerrard2Steven Gerrard, a player with the creative spark that has been sadly missing in the Newcastle team of late, has expressed faith in Michael Owen to recapture his shooting boots, and return to the England squad. Also and in terms some Toon fans may find a little disparaging to say the least, he also expresses faith that Michael will return to a “big club”. Thankyou for that, Steven.

Speaking about his ex team-mate yesterday he said; “Errrrrrrrrm, I’m a player, I’m not a scout or a manager but if I was I would be giving Michael a ring. I’m a big fan of Michael, a good friend of his and I would love to see him get a move to a big club and get his England career back on track. He then added with a wry smile “Don’t use that quote, I meant to say bigger club”.

He then added; “He’s suffered a lot in the last couple of years with injuries but a fit Michael Owen has got the ability to be involved in this squad for sure. I’ve not spoken to him that much of late but I’m sure, knowing Michael as long as I have, he will be desperate to get back playing football again, stay fit and scoring goals.”

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7 Responses

  1. Liverpool to sign Owen for the Masters Football, competition for the likes of Ian Rush.

  2. Gerrard has never liked us. He has always had a pop at us ever since Owen joined us from Real Madrid. To be honest I would also like to see Owen move to another club. He might have been a legend in the past, but he’s finished. You can tell when a once great player is finished as when you mention him to fans of other clubs that he is rumoured to join them, they look completely distraught! Even Wolves don’t want him, and they have just been promoted.

    Michael Owen – You were good in your day, but you just don’t have the pace you once had, which was what your game was all about.

  3. Mike – all the rumours are he is only interested in his horses.

    I was watching Sky last week and it was announced “Bad News for Michael Owen” it went onto explain that one of his horses which was a favourite in a race got beat!

    If footballs such a short career – he is being paid extremely well for it, the right and proper thing to do would be to wait until after his footy career is over.

  4. Yeah Bahrain – I saw that from Obafan yesterday – I pointed out that the story had started in London!