Going for a Bassong?

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Bassong's zombie impression.
Bassong's zombie impression.
Seb Bassong has been arguably the one shining light of hope in an otherwise dark and depressing period this season. So it comes as no surprise to finally hear that he’s a bit unhappy and unsettled by the recent turn of events on and off the field. The Chronicle first alerted us to his concerns but he’s been quoted in the French paper L’Equipe as follows –

‘I want to leave. I want to develop in the Premier League. I will have to weigh up the pros and cons (of an offer), study the sporting project, the amount of playing time they would want to give me.’

Obviously not the most surprising revelation but still nonetheless depressing. Having got our hands on a young and ambitious half-decent central defender who could quite easily go on to be one of the best defenders in the world with a bit of care and attention, we’re now in a position where he could either leave a) because he’ll make us the most money as a transfer fee or b) because he wants to.

In fairness, the truth is that he is probably our most realistic hope of getting some big transfer money upfront and helping to ease our money worries but frankly it will be a crying shame if he has to go. Great teams are often based on big players right down the middle. A commanding presence in sticks, at centre half, in the middle of the park and upfront. Bassong is undoubtedly a huge part of that potential jigsaw and we only need to start filling the other gaps. Unfortunately, it seems that unless our club has more stability and direction, there may be one more Bassong-shaped part to find.

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4 Responses

  1. i still think if we get our act together and put shearer in he can convince bassong to stay for one season at least.

  2. It’ll be a shame to lose Bassong. I would however imagine that there’s currently nobody in a position to try and persuade him to stay.