Losing My Religion

Posted on June 5th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

If you have ever gone, or even been tempted to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon when Newcastle United helped make up the fixture list, then look away now and forever hold your peace. This blog is for die-hards, passionate devotees to a truly noble cause – Newcastle United FC.

But I ask ye, ye of great faith. What has our football God ever done for us? In our footballing world, it is the year 40 A.T.F.C (After The Fairs Cup). Has the faith of many born after that great period been repaid? Years of promise with Lord Keegan and Sir Robert but no ultimate reward. The arrival of the three stooges from the South who followed the blue star, only to find the brewery was empty and the natives were restless.

Could we be blamed for turning our back on everything we ever believed in? Lives are devoted, wage money and pocket money is hoarded and squandered, marital relationships are tested, all in the name of NUFC. The disappointments of nearly great things and the heartache of failure. The unthinkable, unimaginable descent into The Championship hell. Did we wrong somebody in a previous life? The holy blog tells us to be patient and strong. To believe and have faith but these times are testing.

Maybe we faithful are the foolish ones? Perhaps all of a sudden, a spot of light Saturday afternoon shopping in the sun to buy something nice for a night out and treating yourself is much more inviting? Maybe a small cup of coffee or a salad by the quayside? Surely, some quality time with a loved one will be it’s own reward and relationships will grow stronger. Money is invested rather than wasted. Some of us can get around to that decorating or gardening. Doesn’t that sound much more sane and civilised?

Well at least until pre-season anyway.

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8 Responses

  1. So true guys….so true.
    Like every week it tests me and the wife but think she just kind of gets used to it by the end of every season,so comes the summer break and it starts all over again.
    And i got to defend supporting this Yo YO club.
    Would be a lot easier if we were actually challenging for something rather than our PRIDE.
    Maybe we can win the Championship Trophy??????????????
    We don`t seem to be prepared to even take on Yeovil Town.
    Please someone buy this club that has insane supporters :-)

  2. My wife – a Villa fan herself – can’t see how I can cope with supporting Newcastle.

    Even during the first Keegan era when we were relatively successful she described it as “not a team to support if you have heart problems”.

    But what can I do? It’s in my blood.

  3. There’s nothing you can do and for all of the talk of not renewing tickets, not going to games, everyone will be back at the start of the new season. Well, everyone that matters the people that don’t turn up or stop supporting the club were never that interested anyway.

  4. Aye and it works for the lasses to you know. All my family have long since learned to check the Newcastle fixture list before arranging family get-togethers. The magnet of SJP draws you back season after season.

  5. Bowburn, on the subject of “religion”, have you ever read the book of Job in the Bible? He knew what it was like to be a Toon supporter.

  6. workey – truth be known, I’m an athiest and while I enjoy reading and I’m sure the The Bible is a canny read, my Panini Sticker Album or the odd autobiography is about as close as I’ve got to what I could call my own religious material. These blogs are my church and St James my cathedral.

    I understand Job may have been a long-suffering, righteous man. It does sound like many of our supporters though, relatively speaking.

  7. bowburnmag says:
    June 5, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    “workey – truth be known, I’m an athiest”

    So am I, Bowburn.