Lovenkrands waits for confirmation on manager before talks says agent.

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Who's the manager?
Who's the manager?
Danish Toon striker / winger Peter Lovenkrands’s agent, Ivan Marko Benes has told Danish sports site, that his client is awaiting confirmation on who will be manager at Sid James’s Park before talks with the club on extending his stay on Tyneside.

In a symptom of the instability at the club with Mike Ashley’s proposed sale, and ongoing talks betwen owner, Mike Ashley and Alan Shearer over the Toon hotseat; Benes told “We have agreed with Newcastle that we will have a talk with them as soon as they know who will be the manager for the next season. For Peter, Newcastle has priority.”

“We are waiting for Newcastle, but at the same time we know that Peter doesn’t have a contract for the next season so we are looking at other options.”

“But things are still not closed with Newcastle.”

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17 Responses

  1. Not sure Hugh – it was one of those quite hard negotiations as it was last minute. No doubt 60k a week lol.

  2. I think how much he earns depends on whether I’d want to keep him.

    He’s been okay although not outstanding, but it’s hard to tell as he hasn’t commanded a regular place.

  3. Based on nothing more than conjecture, I reckon he was on about 25k. I find it hard not to like him yet I think he’d be limited above The Championship. Lucky for him then….

    Stardust – is workey around do you know? I sent him a couple of emails. Just interested to see what the response was.

  4. I’m around Bowburn. Was just tapping out e.mails to yourself and Deb as I noticed this, funnily enough.

  5. Ok fella, just had time to re-read some of the stuff I wrote without my guilty ‘work conscience’. And without the anxiety I noticed some typos and poor spelling and grammar…..

  6. e.mail sent, Bowburn. Really liked “Standing Room Only”, nice work! Divven’t worry about spelling, typos, grammar etc. I’ll get it sorted!

  7. I do wonder why there is so much delay in getting the deal with AS sorted out .Surely it cannot be dependant on the sale of the club can it ?

    I want to see some progress ASAP and then we can see who stays and who goes .

    OK I am impatient to get on with things .

    If loven is on reasonable wages ie 20 to 25K and not 50K or 60K then he would be Ok .

    I do not know what the Fizzy Pop league wages average are so even 20K to 25K may be too much

    My requirements though are for players who will commit fully to the team . If we play as a team rather than a group of individuals then real progress can be made – look at Everton !.

    Is loven one who always gives 100% ? what does everyone think ?

  8. Would be worth giving him a new deal. He is a good player and for a free transfer there will not be any better. Lucas Neill has been released by West Ham so if we could get him on a lower wage he would be good. Doubt it though he turned down a new contract at West Ham as he wanted a improved deal and he already earns a fortune.

  9. thanks workeyticket,

    I am gobsmacked !!! As far as i could see the max wages paid approx was £250K per week( Charlton) ie £13million annually . What is NUFC wage bill —£71 million annually . Isn,t that what Chelski have offered in the deal for Kaka !!!??

    Just shows what the reality of relegation means to us and what a huge task it will be to get back to the premiership .never mind Europa or champions cup.

    How low have we fallen in 5yrs fron Sir Bobby,s reign to where we are now .Unbelievable really .

  10. You’re right about how we’ve fallen ToonDog.

    Since the PL started we’ve had two good spells: the first Keegan era and the Bobby Robson era.

    Keegan had a season to get us promoted and then we had finishes of 3, 6, 2 & 2.

    Robson had a season to get things sussed (finishing 11th) and then we had finishes of 4, 3 and 5.

    All our top 10 PL finishes have come in stable periods of management except for Roeder’s creditable 7th in 05-06.

    Besides Keegan and Robson the only other manager who’s gone for an entire football season was Dalglish in 97-98.

    We *really* have to start giving managers more time.

  11. “We *really* have to start giving managers more time.”

    Definitely Hugh. I think we need to stop treating them as either messiahs, or pantomime villains too. All the managerial changes in the last season (five if you count Hughton twice), and in general too, have been the biggest factor in our downfall. Even good players can get confused and look absolutely awful in the Premiership if they don’t have consistent leadership.

  12. People are going on about this takeover but I think the decision by the bank is the most important thing to be thinking about.

    If the bank give the go ahead then Shearer can start planning for the future.

    As things stand we are standing still and every other club is planning.

  13. “As things stand we are standing still and every other club is planning.”

    Well that’s true Stuart, but we need to do alot more planning than all the rest too. We have to adapt from being a club with a Champion’s League style wage bill, to a Championship club.