Michael Owen – Needs a move to a Big Club!

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Today we see Steven Gerrard, a man on bail for an offence of violence, issue as rallying cry for Englands Michael Owen. Michael apparently can make it back to the big time by – wait for it – joining a big club.

Gerrard said: “I’m a big fan of Michael Owen, a good friend of his. I’d love to see him get a move from Newcastle to a big club and get his England career back on track.

“I do believe he can play for England again. He has suffered a lot with injuries for the past couple of years but I believe a fit Michael Owen has got the ability to be involved in the squad.”

Its nice to see that some footballers have their feet firmly on the ground isnt it. Its nice to see Gerrard recognising that EMO contributed the square root of nothing to our season since January. Its nice to see certain footballers dont recognise anything but themselves, their wealth, their horses and of course England (whether or not they have earned the right to play this year not 10 years ago)

Its also nice to see that Steven sees fit to identify that there are big clubs who want him on a free transfer when he gave almost nothing back to Newcastle over 4 years on over 100k a week and 17m transfer – a princely 37million. An we wonder why he is one of the the richest players in football – its simply this – because of you, me and everyone associated with Newcastle that subsidised the little leech.

Call me old fashioned but any man as culpable as he is in our relegation would want to put it right?

No why on earth would he do that, he can get his new free ride at Everton – well at least he will be close to his horses then wont he.

Comments welcome (folks if we dont swear at this one its a good start!)

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11 Responses

  1. I’m going to try and be balanced about Michael Owen.

    He played very well at the end of the 2007-2008 season under Keegan and was pivotal in reviving the team and saving us from relegation.

    This season he’s our top scorer.

    He’s been injured a lot (not his fault).

    We’ve paid a fortune for very few appearances by the man and lately the appearances he has made have been dire.

    So what’s gone wrong?

    None of our other strikers have scored much either, which is only less aggravating because we pay them less.

    I’m not saying Owen doesn’t deserve criticism, but I think there’s an anger against him specifically that’s a bit over the top when we consider that all our other strikers – and indeed the whole team – underperformed too.

  2. Morning all!

    Problem with Owen is he has lost that first yard of pace he had and is past it!

    That is not me been bitter things havent worked out so well for him at newcastle but he is not the same player he was due to injury , I wish him all the best in the future and good luck to him

  3. Morning Folks.

    I was angry more at Gerrards line – that hopefully he will get a move to a “big club” when form of late had been abysmal.

    His form since December has been woeful and while I accept form can dip – his effort and work rate did too – so when a player on his own is earning 3 players salaries and not even trying, that’s where the anger comes from.


  4. He is finished now.

    The injuries have really taken the toll on him.

    Gerrard’s in dreamland if he thinks a top four club will come in for him. He’ll end up at City or Everton.

  5. think gerrard is losing the plot , he is talking about winning the world cup beofre england get there! think that is a very worrying sign for any player to talk about stuff like that

  6. the last few games of the season owen looked like he had been eating too many burgers too me it just proved he wasent takeing his training serious

  7. Nice blog gents .. (let me get that out of the way first)

    You’re taking Gerards line a little too much to heart .. he said he would like to see his mucker Owen go to a ‘big club’ .. not a ‘bigger club’ .. he never implied that NUFC was a tiddler and I don’t read the negative conotations into his statement as reported, seems we’re all still just a little raw and sensitive about current circumstances.

    I personally wish Owen well .. I still want to see him bust the goal scoring record for England so hope he does end up at a good club (not suggesting NUFC isn’t :)) and get’s back in the national team.

    All good ..


  8. FG – I think he has to decide which he is going to do BEFORE he signs for another club. It is not fair on the signing club if he doesnt. Michael – its Football or Horses – you cant do both.

  9. Stardust,

    Fair point. I can’t bring myself to believe that at 28 (or is he 29 ?) he would give up on football though, injury free he must still be rated as a top goalscorer and must have a good 2 – 3 years still in him for one last hurrah .. (in a team where he will get some service into the box and decent fitness coaching)


  10. Apparently Kinnesr had him doing runs in the box in training (wonder if he had trained in a horse box he was so static lol)

  11. I wonder if that’s the same intense training that Fergie has Rooney & Ronaldo doing ..

    [SAF] “Wen, Wen .. go run aboot in the box wi’ Ronnie, we’ve a match tomorra against them Spanish poofs”