Shearers style of play – what is it?

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Is Shearers spending spree about to be announced?
Is Shearers spending spree about to be announced?
Many who commentate, pundits and the like, continually state it doesn’t matter how you play its the results that count. Alan Shearer himself on many an occasion states that the result is the only thing that counts.

I ask myself if Big Sam had went on a decent run unbeaten and grinding out poor results, would that be good enough?

Personally I like to see good football, entertaining football, exciting football but is that because I became addicted to the highs of “The Entertainers” did I become addicted to everyone up and down the country loving the way we play, the thrill of coming back from a goal down and battering the opposition into submission. The fact Liverpool beat us 4-3 – it didnt matter – I felt alive.

Alan Shearer has came out in difficult circumstances and finds miraculously the words that make sense of it all, he seems to have a clarity of vision that makes sense. And when words have a resonance that’s because those delivering it, have it right. But I ask myself – what kind of football will Alan play if he is manager. I have seen nothing to date that would suggest a style of play, if I am honest it seems a chaotic approach on the pitch – but maybe that’s because he had limited resources and was playing needs must.

Alan also indicated the youngsters would get a chance, he decided not to blood them – I wonder will he choose the Championship to do so and if so, will we be the big draw for ambitious youngsters to sign for us – I hope so.

Modern football has evolved, the very best players adapt, can play in different positions, are powerful, agressive passionate, skillful, resourceful and quick (note all the things we have lacked this season but for the odd occassion) but moreso – players of the best teams understand their Managers philosophy, how he wants the game played, what their roles are, what their responsibilities are to themselves and each other.

I sit wondering, what Alan wants on the pitch, it isnt clear to me yet, just because he favoured wingers will he go that way himself? or will the football be more sterile and solid, time will tell. I make no apologies for loving Arsene Wengers style of play, their fans complain they havent won anything for years, just like the years of the Entertainers, I didnt care – it was the best football I had watched at SJP in my lifetime, and no doubt for some time yet.

So again, I ask myself, whats Alans style of play will be, I am unclear and if I am unclear his players will be unclear. Lets just hope he was too busy fighting fires to express that side of his management style………..

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12 Responses

  1. Damn it. I’ve got to write something, fast. Every idea I come up with gets posted before I have a chance to start it :-)
    I never bought into this so called entertainers philosophy where apparently we would be happy to lose every game 4-3 as long as it was as entertain as THAT Liverpool game. Well, I’m sorry, but that’s bollocks. At the time I had arguments with other mags saying that if we did that every game we’d win nowt, but apparently that didn’t matter. However in the next breath they’d be moaning that we hadn’t won anything and we were playing the best they’d every seen us play. What’s that all about then?
    I’m all for entertaining football, but there has to be a good result at the end of it too. I was no fan of Allerdyce’s style of play, but I’m convinced that if he was our manager now, we wouldn’t have been relegated.
    Give me 38 1-0 wins in the PL to win the title over exciting defeats any time.
    It is the result that matters, if you can get it playing entertaining football then it’s a bonus.

  2. I forgot to mention that the old “boring boring Arsenal” was one of the more successful Arsenal sides in recent times.

  3. MT – Do you think the Toontanic should sail today – or shall I sink it to the bottom of the ocean?

  4. star u might as well sink it m8 u know what some of us thick geordies are like some of them have most probbaly read it 10 times and still not got it lol

  5. MT: “I never bought into this so called entertainers philosophy where apparently we would be happy to lose every game 4-3 as long as it was as entertain as THAT Liverpool game. Well, I’m sorry, but that’s bollocks.”


    Hmm, I think there’s a balance.

    Put it this way, I’ve never enjoyed the matches we’ve lost as much as I did during ‘The Entertainers’ period.

    Results obviously count but the journey’s important too.

    If you asked me before the season whether I’d rather take 38 x 1-0 victories on the back of tedious, defensive football or whether I’d rather we go in Keegan-style and try to score as many as possible, I’d choose the latter.

    Actually that’s a lie. I’d choose the former for one season just to get a trophy after so long, but I’d choose the latter every other time.

    However if we’ve played 35 games of attacking stuff and 3 x 1-0 wins will get us the title, I’d say play it safe.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the football we played under Keegan. After so many years of watching mainly dross during the 80’s, with only small gems of entertainment in the form of Gazza, Waddler and Pedro, the Keegan teams of the 90’s were playing the best football I had ever seen at SJP. We may not have won anything, but we did come away with some great memories.

    However, history is a cruel mistress and it is still showing NUFC’s last major trophy as the 1969 fairs cup.
    I would happily give up memories of the 3-2 Barca game, the 5-0 ManU game and the 4-3 defeat away to liverpool for just one domestic trophy.

  7. oooohhhh yes – the 5 – 0 v man U – I nearly passed out I was screaming with that much happiness!

  8. Whatever Shearer’s “style of play” is, I hope that it isn’t Ian Dowie’s.