Shepherd blasts Hall for Ashley support.

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Shepherd meets a famous ex-footballer.
Shepherd meets a famous ex-footballer.
Lesbians in handcuffs lover, Fat Freddy Shepherd, has today lambasted his former benefactor, Sir John Hall over his recent support for Mike Ashley. He has accused Hall failing to check the credentials of Ashley before selling his 41.6% shareholding in NUFC. This comes in the wake of Hall’s remarks about Ashley buying the club “for the right reasons” and not “as a toy”.

Shepherd maintains that it was ill health (pneumonia and a collapsed lung) which stopping him fighting the takeover and capitulating to Ashley, who was reported to be “horrified” at the financial state of the club when he took over in June, 2007.

Fat Freddy has, of course been a HUGE critic of Ashley since he lost his grip on the club to the similarly well upholstered sportswear tycoon from the Home Counties.

“I was interested to read what Sir John Hall said about Mike Ashley,” said Shepherd,“It’s often been said that Ashley should have done due diligence on the club before buying it.

“But after all that has happened, the question I would ask is why did Sir John Hall not do due diligence on Mike Ashley?” fumed the mad scrapman.

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30 Responses

  1. The man is a serpent in drag, he bled the club dry – the only Premiership Chairman to pay himself (and the other shareholder – come in the Halls) Millions and Millions of our clubs money.

    Mike Ashley pays is back and is pilloried, Freddie Shepherd “took” it and some want him back.

    I can not stand to look at the cheating scumbag

  2. Fat Freddy in drag? What a horrible image, Stardust. Thanks for that! ;-)

  3. Why would anyone want Sheperd back? Do you renember when he had that warehouse and he rented it out to the club to line his own pockets? He is a crook. I would rather have Ashley stay than have Sheperd come back.

  4. 500 k a year for that warehouse! Tell me what does a football club need a Warehouse ofr – oh yes – the same reason Douglas Hall needed 500k a year for a Maltese Office.

  5. Whats funny about this is Hall and Sheperd critizing Ashley when he is running the football club properly when they would have run us into the ground. He might have made mistakes and not invested in new players as much as he could/should have but at least he is not making us Leeds part 2!

  6. Stardust says:
    June 4, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    “Tell me what does a football club need a Warehouse ofr”

    To store dodgy scrap nicked from the local council perhaps, Stardust? ;-)

  7. WHERE IS EVERYONE! Normally more people on than this. :( Just me, Startdust and Workeyticket by the looks of it. :(

  8. ESAMIM – struggling to write articles and post as well because I’ve just started working at my new place. Keeping my nose clean for now but I’ll be back on the blog posting radar shortly and looking forward to it. Mind you, I’d gone quiet recently on Ed’s blog so probably not many folk recognise me!

  9. Support yes – demo – no – will I take my seat up – no!

    The man is a scumbag.

  10. You write articles aswell Bowburn? I thought it was Rodzilla, Workey and Stardust! Anyway apparently Blackburn are close to completing a £2.5 million deal for Alan Smith! :D Happy days! :D

  11. The reality Worky is that he built the club with a series of clubs under the Cameron Hall Empire many of which went bust and local businessmen and women in reality paid for the construction of the ground – he then sold it off and pocketed the money. He too took his dividends and money. He didnt report FFS for his what could have been seen to be criminal offences in relation to the PLC status – and he was the only shareholder who could afford to.

    The fact is they are bird of a feather – but for some bizarre reason I dont hold him in the same loathing, maybe because he truly did revitalise the club. In fact I dont dislkie him at all, the fact is the “removal of all our worth” happened under FFS control, they simply paid SJH his dividends to keep schtumm

  12. 2.5m for Alan Smith is a good deal for us, I dont dislike the lad but his wages and injury record are both horrendous, I wish him well.

  13. ESAMIM

    We want it that way – the site needs to be more diverse and unusual and more varied in its thoughts than simply “Ed” fantastic job what he does aside.

  14. Stardust says:
    June 4, 2009 at 3:22 pm
    Support yes – demo – no – will I take my seat up – no!

    The man is a scumbag
    <<<now dont get wound up m8

  15. Stardust says:
    June 4, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    “2.5m for Alan Smith is a good deal for us, I dont dislike the lad but his wages and injury record are both horrendous, I wish him well.”

    They’re saying that Fat Sam is eyeing him as a replacement for Roque Santa Cruz. LOL!

  16. Whats that about then? Replacing Santa Cruz with Smith! :S Smith could not score in a brothel…

  17. Stardust, divven’t worry. I’m well up to speed on the Hall’s and the Shepherd’s shennanigans of the past! ;-)

  18. batty, 50 million’s about right. They said that Shepherd was worth around £58 million in 2008. They do get it a bit wrong with people like Shepherd and Ashley though. It’s much easier with people like the Fenwicks and the Percy’s, because their kind of wealth tends to be much steadier. Especially so in the case of the Percy’s, who are landed aristocracy.

  19. We have been unlucky to have Shepherd followed by Ashley: and obnoxious overspender followed by an incompetent underspender.

    I hope we have better luck with the new owner.

  20. ESAMIM – Aye, mine are the waffley ones…

    I don’t do a great line in brevity if the truth be told and can only hope the articles are interesting enough to see through to the bitter end.

  21. “…can only hope the articles are interesting enough to see through to the bitter end.”

    For people old enough to remember things like “Bukta” tops, Stan Seymour’s sports shop, Supermac’s hair salon in Newgate Street and all that, I’m sure that they’re an interesting trip down memory lane, Bowburn. They certainly are for me. Bairns nowadays, don’t know they’re born! etc etc…

  22. If Alan Smith is sold to Blackburn , who is doing the dealing ?

    I agree that £2.5m is a fair enoug price he never did cut it ever since his terrible fracture at ManU. seems a good lad though.

    However ,it appears that now we have got rid of Owen (£100K+) Cacapa ? £50k Viduka (£60K) and Smith (£60K) witht he possibility of Coloccini and Enrique on ?£60kand £50K all off the wages bill it is clear that we seem to be getting something sorted out . But who is doing this? unless of course it is AS advising on the expectation of being appointed manager and working behind the scenes.

  23. I wondered the same when we were rumoured to be interested in Paul Scholes.

    Who’s expressing this interest?

    It’s possible that Shearer and/or Llambias are doing some work behind the scenes as you suggest.

    If they are then good – it needs to be done.

  24. Lets hope so Toondog

    I refuse to get excited by Scholes, we have just made it up.

    Could be true like lol