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nufcblog_screenshotWe would welcome any suggestions for ways in which we could develop and improve the site. We are new, and there will be many further features coming in the near future. But we want to develop these with as much input as possible from you, the site users. So if you have any ideas for new features (eg forum, memberlist, club history section etc) please let us know!

You can offer suggestions in the comments for this post, or by getting in touch with us through the “contact” link at the top of the page.


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36 Responses

  1. Worky, you’ve been a busy lad – well done mate!

    A club history section would be great. I think you need permission from to publish fixture lists as well. I think fixtures and current squads would be a fantastic feature. have a great little section on their site, the aesthetics could be improved upon though! Full player list with age, position, birthplace, club from, contract/injury status etc.

    Also, something along these lines would be good:

    …looking great so far though Worky. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

  2. I like it!!
    Best of luck wijh this blog,you will do well to beat ed’s!!!

  3. Good work…. I think as someone else too pointed out, might be to publish match schedule and players stats etc on side bar. And I am sure unless you copy fixture list completely, you can simply copy form any website such as bbc and then edit it to make it yours and keep appearance different. Simply you might refer to championship website for that.

  4. Sahota, Yup, that’s a good idea. Possibly as a separate page linked from the top though? Too much detail to fit in the side bar perhaps. We’re working on it anyway.

    Thanks to everyone for the input so far.

  5. Unfortunately – ludicrous though it seems – fixture lists are subject to copyright and the fee is £266/year + VAT for one team’s fixtures from the Championship.

    Worse still, the data company actually pursue sites that violate their terms.

  6. Hugh – can we take a feed from another site – give them credit for it and feature it without impinging on copyright?

  7. Worky – text appears too large for me – it can be cranked a few sizes – is that a site choice or individual?

  8. Stardust, I don’t think so.

    Let me just find some of the links I saw about this. BRB.

  9. mmm interesting – I see theres a way round it by posting a story with 4 games or less – for example – needs a bit of thought

  10. I must admit I was staggered that a league fixture list could be subject to a copyright and that they’re so aggressive at pursuing violations against small, non-profit fan sites.

  11. Wonder if we replaced teams with their nicknames instead of their real names that we would be OK?

    Anyone know a good copyright lawyer? lol

  12. You could probably risk it.

    From what I can gather, if they notice it, they might ask you to remove it on the threat of legal action but if you them complied I doubt they’d take you to court for breach of copyright over £266 + VAT.

  13. perhaps some info on the club and some info on the site and domain owners i also think ed deserves to be on your link pages

  14. I think there are issues involved in showing club crests too. get ’round this by displaying graphic icons of the club strips.

    Worky/Stardust, you should drop Niall or Biffa an email and ask them how they get ’round it. I’m sure they’ll tell you all you need to know.

    Also, was thinking last night about a ‘one to watch’ section, where site users could give their verdicts on players that have caught their eye – could maybe pull in video footage from youtube or other streaming sites too.

    ….just an idea.

  15. …nutha idea, if you could use the search facility to drag up all comments made by a particular user, it could be useful.

  16. …dunno about everyone else but I get a walloping screen judder everytime I post. Dunno if this is a Mac or Firefox bug?

  17. Worky – I like the post numbers beside each entry – can we organise that – it makes it easier to know where you are

  18. …on the links front, and for page rank, it may be worth contacting some online bookmakers? Maybe betfair (6/10) or another. I know link to paddypower and probably get revenue from them through advertising too.

  19. Stardust,

    “post numbers beside each entry” – well spotted.

    …yeah, as ‘permalinks’ like Ed has would be great!

  20. ….just another thought, on the attracting web-traffic front, it seems a relatively easy process to get a site listed on Dunno about anyone else, but that’s how I found

    ….back in a few hours

  21. Hi guys fab job, it’s looking great.
    It would be good to have a ‘spotlight on’ section which could be a detailed profile on certain issues – key games in history, important players in the past, price of pies, topical issues whatever you like.

    For the more witty writers following on from your toontanic idea stardust – what about the secret diary of a toon fan chronicling the very occasional highs and the many lows of following the toon from one persons perspective?

  22. I was thinking about that Toontanic idea for that Deb – to run it like a diary? Each day a new edit? Anyway it might be kitch – good job Im tacky lol – I am sure we will find the right formula with enough feedback.