Newcastle board – ‘No Kinnear yet, so far’.

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Joe relaxing as usual
Joe relaxing as usual
Newcastle United have released a statement on the official website to quash rumours in the media about the return of Joe Kinnear as manager at the club.

The Daily Mail (shudders) had suggested an announcement could be made today but the club has been swift to refute this with the following statement:

“Reports in the press this morning that Joe Kinnear is to be appointed as Newcastle United manager are not true.

The position remains that the Club is still in the market to be sold and is still negotiating with prospective buyers.”

It’s particular behaviour really, all things considered. It’s difficult to know what to read into it but why would the club feel inclined to refute spurious rumours all of a sudden? They undoubtedly realise what the reaction would be to such an appointment but then so much cr*p has been written recently they’d have to keep coming out with these statements on a regular basis. And do they really care how the fans feel or what we’re thinking? Surely, they’re just trying to get out of dodge asap?

Again, can’t get my head round it really. Could mean nothing but just seems a bit random?

It could be to keep the waters calm on the sale and prevent upsetting any negotiations or potential interest?

As ever, who knows?

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7 Responses

  1. I’m with you BBM – a fellow conspiracy theorist. Why deny this particular rumour now rather than all the other ones we’ve had so far?

  2. Three weeks on Saturday and the season officially starts!

    Frightening really.

    Where is my lift? I can’t bear to spend my spare time looking at rumour and speculation anymore. The subject is boring me to death.

  3. Evening guys

    I’m finding it more and more difficult to shake myself out of a state of exasperated indifference that I find myself in regarding NUFC.
    Along with everyone else I am sick of scouring the internet and all other media looking for signs that something is happening, sick of the WUM’s raising fans hopes, the complete lack of any communication or progress surrounding our club and discussing the same stuff ad nauseam. Relegation day I felt oddly optimistic now I just feel like forgeting NUFC until something official is announced (if only on both counts!).

  4. Yep, it’s certainly quite wearing.

    An update from the club about how things are going, estimated times to completion etc. would be useful.

    But I can’t imagine that’s high on Ashley’s list of priorities.