Newcastle United – News Roundup – 18 July 2009

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Profitable Group bids again
Profitable Group bids again
A lot of the papers picked up on The Profitable Group’s alleged increased bid for Newcastle United yesterday. Steve McMahon, Profitable Group director, told The Chronicle:

Our people have been in London all week working with lawyers and attorneys.

And we have made them a realistic offer.

We have been pushing ahead and, make no doubt about it, the money is in place – we are for real.

We initially made a tentative bid to begin with, and discussions then took place. We were told to come back, and that’s what we have done.

There has been a formal offer and we want to get things done and dusted as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested you can read about The Profitable Group’s history on their web site, although the only thing on their site relating to Newcastle United is from the 10th June where they confirm their initial interest in buying the club.

I’m presuming it’s the Strategic Sports Investment arm of the Profitable Group that’s actually fronting this interest in Newcastle, although it’s hard to work out from their clunky web site exactly how the club would fit into their portfolio. Maybe they want us for PR purposes, simply to promote their name and services, or maybe they see a potential profit in getting us promoted and selling the club on. I don’t know but it’s always worth trying to figure out what’s in it for them.

Also from The Chronicle, Jose Enrique reports that, despite the players’ fury at the current club situation, they intend to ‘give their all’ in the pre-season games. He says:

It is tough for everybody.

But as players we will continue to give our all in games – we have to because it is what we are paid to do.

We did that at Shamrock Rovers last week and it is what we will do against Darlington in our next game.

The Shields Gazette reports that Bassong may be playing in today’s Darlington match and that fellow returned internationals Geremi, Jonas and Xisco are also likely to get a game as Hughton intends to rotate the squad over the next two games to give everyone some pitch time.

The Sun are reporting that Hull are prepared to offer us £3m over 3 years for Joey Barton if we chip in £20,000 a week towards his wages.

Where would we be without an article from The Guardian’s Louise Taylor? This time she answers ‘Ten Questions To Help Clear The Fog Over Tyneside‘ for us. To be fair to Ms Taylor it’s actually a reasonable article, by which I mean she doesn’t appear to say anything inflammatory for once. In her answer to the question ‘Do The Fans Make It Difficult?’, she says:

According to popular stereotype, Toon Army foot soldiers suffer badly from Messiah Complexes, demand an absurdly entertaining, yet winning, brand of football and decline to offer their heroes space or privacy in the city’s ‘goldfish bowl’. This is largely, often laughably, false.

Good on you Louise. We’ll make a Geordie of you yet!

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37 Responses

  1. Morning Hugh

    I’m not sure what you make of the Profitable Group’s alleged bid? From the links Worky has posted they certainly don’t sound like potential reputable owners – a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. Also if they have made a ‘realistic bid’ ie some derisory amount and have signed non disclosure agreements why would they not abide by them. They certainly appear very unprofessional which ever way you look at them with that gob on legs Steve McMahon shouting his mouth off every five minutes. Would this be a taste of things to come if by some miracle they managed to pull off buying the club? I know things are dire at the moment but I really don’t see them as being any better than what we have already in fact they appear a worse option.
    Regarding the Louise Taylor piece, it seemed pretty balanced imo.

  2. Morning Deb.

    Yeah, I agree about the PG. Given a choice I’d prefer someone else to buy the club and, judging by previous comments the club has made about the PG, I think Ashley would too. I get the impression that NUFC doesn’t quite trust them (or at least doesn’t take them completely seriously).

  3. geordie deb says:
    July 18, 2009 at 8:57 am

    “From the links Worky has posted they certainly don’t sound like potential reputable owners – a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

    They were just quickly plucked from the first results of a Google search, Deb. For anally retentive bores like myself, who are prepared to read through long DTI reports, follow planning committees, study reports on greenbelt land etc, there’s worse. The DTI clamped down severely on the activities of “Land Banking” groups such as Profitable.

    Here’s one of their adverts promising hapless investors monster returns, on the back of obtaining planning permission on land in Hounslow, London that has been defined as a “Greenbelt” (ie no planning permission).

    from the Wikipedia entry on “Land Banking”

    “Sales Methods

    Typically, a company representative will contact an individual (normally via telephone to secure control over the individual) and inform them of the ‘best’ way to make money: to invest (‘bank’) in land. The reason behind this is that the demand for housing outstrips the supply, i.e. there is a housing crisis (such as was the case in post-war Britain, resulting in vast housing developments and ‘new towns’ being built in the 1960s and 1970s). Land Index figures are used, and the value of the land will shoot up astronomically by several hundred per cent, thus giving the buyer an extremely generous return in the event of planning permission being granted.

    The catch is that no contractual promise is given, and planning permission is never guaranteed. The large area of land initially purchased by the company will have been split into a few hundred smaller ‘plots’ that would each suffice for a modern box detached house and garden, hence be able to sustain a housing development. Often the salesman will glamourise the fact that it is close to an already existing housing development. As mentioned above, planning permission is never guaranteed, and an individual will end up having paid a considerable amount of money for a small area of land which risks standing undeveloped.”

    Robbo and McMahon’s Profitable Plots ad

  4. Reet, I’m off to the game.

    I’ll get some limited feedback via the comments due to the limited technology on my phone.

    Here’s hoping for a decent game!!….

  5. bowburnmag says:
    July 18, 2009 at 11:05 am

    “Reet, I’m off to the game.

    I’ll get some limited feedback via the comments due to the limited technology on my phone.”

    Excellent, Bowburn! You can test the mobile version of the site, such as it is so far.

  6. Lets hope we win by 4 or 5 goals if only to stop the rest of country having another reason to laugh at our shambles of a club.

  7. Newcastle United team to face the mighty Quakers:

    Krul, R Taylor, Beye, S Taylor, Kadar, Smith, Nolan, Barton, Duff, LuaLua, Ameobi.

    Subs: Coloccini, Enrique, Guthrie, Jonas, Xisco, Butt, Forster, Carroll, Donaldson.

  8. geordie deb says:
    July 18, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    “Worky do you know if there are any audio links to the game today? ta”

    Just Lee Ryder tapping away I think, Deb. Can’t see any audio links.

  9. I can not believe Ameobi has scored 2 games in a row. :o oh no he has scored again. 4-1.

  10. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    July 18, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    “I can not believe Ameobi has scored 2 games in a row. oh no he has scored again. 4-1.”

    The Fenham Eusebio!

  11. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    July 18, 2009 at 1:15 pm


    If he scores again, they’re all gannin’ on the pitch, apparently.

  12. 7-2. :O Does Chris Hughton actually have some management skills?

  13. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    July 18, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    “7-2. :O Does Chris Hughton actually have some management skills?”

    He actually wasn’t bad as caretaker manager of ‘Spurs, ESAMIM.

  14. I know they were only two friendlies but it’s a long time since we scored 10 goals over 2 games!!

  15. Sorry ladies and gents! Poor signal in the ground. In the car now, so quick update before I head home for the real thing – Banana Boys takin the @?!=, Banana Boys takin the etc etc… Great day out. 7-2 and a couple of decent performances though in truth it was fairly pedestrian against a mediocre Darlo side. Great goal from Shola ‘If he scores we’re on the pitch’ Ameobi. Some lads kept their word and missed the rest of the game but to be fair it was good entertainment. The Lee Dixon lookie likey jobsworth steward suffering the wrath of the away end after that. Crowd was 6698 and there must have been 3,500 Mags in the North Stand. Ah I’ve missed the ‘terrace’ humour! All in all, went as expected but we weren’t tested at all. Still I enjoyed my day out. Full report to follow when I get yhem.

  16. I thought I heard something…..

    “One Dean Windass, there’s only one Dean Windass….”

    Dean waves and smiles.

    “One fat basket, there’s only one fat basket….”

    Dean turns and chuckles.

    Nowt like an away day. Even if it was only down the road.

  17. Back in from picking other members of the household up so will try to write up my report.
    I bumped into an old school mate though and kept getting distracted from taking details!!

  18. What a shame BB and 52times missed each other – guess the red umbrella thing didn’t work!

    Look forward to the report BB. Isn’t wor Shola now top scorer this season so far?!!

  19. Jonas didn’t have to put much effort in at all, he more or less walked through them.

  20. Then Nicky Butt was but he got injured…didn’t see who was captain after that.

  21. I’ve started writing it but I’m being taken out for an early tea with the folks so will do it asap when I’m back.

    By the way, that strip is bloody awful.