Newcastle United – News Roundup – 25 July 2009

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Ryan Taylor - unsettled.
Ryan Taylor - unsettled.
Well, another day, and the ceaseless tide of drivel about Newcastle United continues unabated in the media.

First dog out the trap today is the Guardian, not the risable Louise Taylor for a change, but Simon Williams. He’s been speaking with the ubiqiutous Newcastle “source” again, who tells him that the “close friend Rob Lee” was wrong after all, and that Alan Shearer will not give up on the Newastle United manager’s position.

The source says:

“There is no chance Alan will give up on becoming Newcastle United’s permanent manager. He will not walk away and he continues to wait for news regarding the sale of the club.”

Meanwhile, old Crusader, the Daily Express is running with the story that Sebastien Bassong has joined Alan Shearer in limbo. Niall Hickman reports that Tottenham, “made a £6 million offer for Bassong”, who, apparently “deperately wants to leave”

Writing about things of which he knows nothing, Hickman spouts:

“No Bassong deal can go ahead as Newcastle’s owner Mike Ashley cannot find a buyer who is prepared to meet his £100 million asking price for the club – and as such he is not prepared to let any players leave Tyneside.

“Only at Newcastle could this happen – a club which cannot buy, or even sell, players.

“Newcastle are effectively a club in limbo, without a manager, an owner who cannot sell up and with a playing staff who are simply staggered at events.

Hardly Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, Nigel.

Meanwhile, The Journal is running with a Ryan Taylor interview, in which he bemoans how hard it’s been to make an impression at United when the manager keeps changing every five minutes. In his brief six months on Tyneside, Taylor has already experienced three changes, Kinnear, the Chuckle brothers, Shearer, then back to the Chuckle brothers again.

Taylor wails:

“I’ve been here five or six months and I’ve had three different managers – that speaks for itself. Not only does it unsettle you, it unsettles everyone at the club,”

Well that’s about it for now. More later with my report from the Leyton game…

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8 Responses

  1. Rangerman – Definitely a good thing as far as I’m concerned pal. I don’t always agree with you but I think I speak for everyone else when I say we’d always encourage quality.

    You might even get lumbered with some work if you’re not careful mind!!

  2. I’ve been saying the players just aren’t up for it like.

    Without some proper guidance we could end up in a world of trouble.

    6-1 off a League One side though? With a strong squad? How embarrassing.

  3. BB- ‘I’ve been saying the players just aren’t up for it like.’

    That’s the biggest concern, same as last season. It doesn’t matter how skilled some of them are, if they can’t be ars*d we will have the same lacklustre performances that done for us last season. 6-1 though??
    Worky I know you were going, was it as bad as it sounded?

  4. Two most likely scenarios to unfold:

    a) Ashley keeps the club, sells off Bassong, Beye et al and re-appoints Kinnear.

    b) FFS takes over once again.

    Happy days…