The Michael Owen MUTV interview.

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Owen - Can't stop smiling now.
Owen - Can't stop smiling now.
As you all probably know, Michael Owen passed his medical and signed for Manchester United yesterday in a surprising swoop by puce faced supremo, Alex Ferguson. After a season in Toon hell, rejection by Don Fabio, and sly putdowns from the likes of Dave Whelan, and not forgetting of course much scorn for an alleged poor attitude in times of need from a significant proportion of the NUFC fanbase; the pint sized assassin must have thought “back of the net!” when he heard a recognisable Govan brogue on the end of his receiver. The result is apparently a two year, performance related deal at Old Trafford.

Ferguson said on signing the hitman; “Michael is a world-class forward with a proven goalscoring record at the highest level”.

After a very busy day completing the formalities of signing for the North West titan, Owen describes what happened in an exclusive interview with MUTV’s Mandy Henry. Here’s the transcript.

How does it feel to have signed for Manchester United?

“It feels great. I never even had it in my wildest dreams really but then I got the call from the manager to come and meet him. It was a shock but I’m obviously really happy and things have moved quickly since then.”

Players probably don’t need much persuasion to move to a club like United but what did the manager have to say to you?

“We just discussed football really and the pros and cons of signing myself. Thankfully there were more pros than cons. So we talked about football and left David Gill and my agent to talk about the rest. From my point of view, I just wanted to talk about football. Then it was a case of show me the paperwork and where I have to sign. I’m delighted to have signed.”

I presume at the end of last season you didn’t think you’d be playing for Manchester United this season?

“No, but I’ve been here in the past. I came here a couple of times as a kid, and I played in a tournament up north for Man United. I knew Brian Kidd quite well, I met the manager and even in the last few years, you speak to players and other people, I had an idea that the manager still thought I had something. So I clung to the hope that he would come and ask me to play for him one day. I probably had a poor spell up at Newcastle but prior to that, my career was very good and I’m sure a top club like this can reignite my career. Hopefully I can score a few goals and help the team to more success.”

The fans will be desperate to know how your fitness is because you’ve obviously had a torrid time with injuries in the past few years…

“I’d like to think that everyone was quite surprised at how (good) my medical was. I knew I would pass my medical, I’ve obviously passed them before. My fitness is fine. A lot is made of it and probably a lot will come out in the coming months and years but I certainly don’t feel like I’m injury prone. I’ve had a lot of injuries since I was at Newcastle – but anybody would get injured if someone jumped on their foot. I can name loads of players, and probably half a dozen here, who’ve broken a metatarsal. That almost set me on my way to having a couple of injuries subsequently because I didn’t get that first one right. I’m 29, I’ve played off the top of my head 500-plus games at the highest level. For me to play that many games, I think everyone would agree you can’t be on the treatment table all the time. But it is my plan to improve on my injury record. I know the medical staff here are really highly thought of so hopefully I can work with them and make sure I’m available for every game.”

You obviously know Wayne Rooney from the England set-up but how much are you looking forward to teaming up with him and Dimitar Berbatov?

“I am, and there are so many top players here obviously, so it’s a very exciting time for me. You get the call that United want to speak to you, and then you sign, and everything happens so quickly. As soon as you sign, you think, I’m going to start playing football soon with the players you spoke about then. There are fantastic players throughout the squad and that’s why they’ve all won so much in their careers so far. Hopefully I can jump on the bandwagon, help score a few goals and obviously help us to achieve further success.”

What do you hope to achieve here, Michael?

“It’s early days but when you think about United, you automatically think about winning trophies, the stadium, the massive fanbase. Until you sign, you don’t let yourself get carried away. I literally signed about ten minutes ago so no doubt I’ll drive home in my car now and I won’t sleep tonight thinking about all the top players I’m going to play alongside, about the manager, the fans, the atmosphere at Old Trafford and everything else. So there’s a lot to think about and a lot to get excited about.”

You’ve obviously played at Old Trafford before but how much are you looking forward to seeing those fans get behind you?

“It will be lovely obviously but I’m not silly, I know there will be a few people saying the manager shouldn’t have signed me and things like that. But that gradually goes away over time and then as soon as the first game kicks off, then I can obviously do my talking on the pitch. I’m really looking forward to pre-season. That’ll be good if I can get a full pre-season under my belt as that will stand me in good stead for the rest of the season. Obviously I’d like to start the season with a bang as that will help me settle into my new career and life.”

Time will tell.

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6 Responses

  1. Not news worthy for us, let’s forget about him now. Never should have been bought, perfect example of why Fat Fred should never come back.

  2. Morning Worky

    The football equivalent of winning the lottery for him, no wonder he can’t stop smiling. Time will tell if Fergie has made a major error or if the managerial genius tag is reinforced by the resurrection of Owen’s career. Considering Owen’s career was seen to be on skid row at Newcastle, you would imagine it’s likely to be the latter scenario (frustratingly).

  3. I think fergie has lost it when it comes to signing strikers. Berbatov is an overpriced waste of money and now owen. At least owen was free. Fergie just can’t buy good forwards. The only reason they have Rooney is because they wanted to make sure we didn’t get him after we did them out of shearer. :-)

  4. I’m reviewing my opinion of Owen. I was trying to be fair to him but if all these reports about him being prepared to take massive wage cuts to prove himself at other clubs are true, I think he was just with us to screw as much money out of the club as possible. It shows what he’s prepared to do when he actually cares about a club and he didn’t care about us.