Clark’s dangerous Terriers eventually put doon by Toon.

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Nolan strikes again.
Nolan strikes again.
I didn’t realise that I’ be travelling up from London to SJP to cover this match, so it was all a bit of a rush, and I felt a little disoriented to find myself back inside the mothership at such short notice after some time away. Observations on my return were that the mighty SJP can be a bit of a big, echoey barn when there isn’t a huge crowd in there, though of course, 20,000 plus (a rough guesstimate) is of course more than respectable for a Championship team in a midweek Carling Cup match. Returning old boy and ‘Udders manager, Lee Clark got a friendly reception as expected, and things seemed to be happy enough at this stage.

Nee Stevie Tayla, not even on the bench was the word when the teams trotted out, though the also absent Collocini received less mention, despite a decent performance last time out. The crowd sounded in fairly good voice anyway, despite the stadium being half empty. I was looking forward to having a look at Kadar again, in what was to be his debut start, along with wor Kazenga LuaLua. The much anticiapted young Slovenian destroyer, Haris Vuckic, who was rumoured to be playing a role tonight, was only on the bench though apparently. On a gossipy note, the latest ownership candidates, Barry Moat and latecoming Uncle Fester-a-like, Graham Sheard, didn’t seem to be in attendance this evening.

Nolan and Guthrie did the honours at the kick-off, and it was Great start for wor lads, some great attacking play straight out the blocks with some good work by Lua Lua down the flanks, a very nice run, then a shot, soon followed by another decent chance by Ranger which the ‘Udders had to fend off. Guthrie had a very good chance at around the quarter hour point when Enrique banged in a cross, however his connection was poor or non-exitent.

Things seemed to calm down a bit though, and though Toon remained on top generally, it was definitely a game. There were another two chances, both for Geremi, with one attempt being a little disappointing perhaps. Then, wahey! Huddersfield strike a ball into the crowd, and none other than John Gibson heads the ball back with some aplomb.

Rumours were circulating on the Geordie grapevine that Tottenham have promised two loan players as part of the Bassong deal including, possibly, Gareth Bale. And then, wahey! an excellent, well placed goal from Danny Guthrie, who picked up tempting loose ball in the Huddersfield half. But then, catastrophe! Two goals followed in fairly quick succession, followed by another very good chance for the Yorkshire Terriers, which fortunately went wide.

As I have warned in previous match reports, Newcastle United seem to be basking too much in the afterglow of goals, losing concentration instead of getting on and imediately the advantage, and so it happened here. Seconds after the restart, Hudderfield just seemed to get an easy goal, before Newcastle seemed to have got started really. Joe Harvey would have been livid, and I hope Hughton keeps giving them a Mike Bassett style talking to every time they do it, because it’s a definitely a bit of an achilles heel at the moment.

Then, to rub the salt in, Huddersfield are then promptly awarded a penalty when Krul made contact with Hudderfield’s Robinson, who proceeded to bang the penalty in despite a correct guess from Krul. 2-1. Though some might say that Krul may have been slightly lucky to stay on the pitch (he received a yellow card instead) many were arguing that it was a beautiful dive from the Huddersfield striker.

The Terrier’s rabid assault continued as well, as Krul had to make a very good stop to deny Jordan Rhodes as the half time interval looms.

Shola comes on after the half-time interval, however the madness continues, and Newcastle conceed yet another goal, then Newcastle bang one back in with Geremi slotting a decent finish past the ‘Udder’s keeper. I could hardly keep up, feeling the need for a stiff dose of smelling salts and a nurse by this stage! Unfortunately, neither were on hand. Meanwhile, the atmosphere starts to go a little off key in the stands.

A mazy litle run by Shola, followed by a half chance on goal, then a headed chance from Geremi (high and wide) rallied the spirits a little. Then Jonas comes on, then a Newcastle penalty, which Shola converts! 3-3.

Jonas show a bit more class with one on his gangly little runs again, then it looks like Ranger knacks his leg, but he seems ok eventually. Newcastle keep pushing, trying to force a winner to avoid extra time, one highlight being an excellent run by Enrique, topped off with a good cross rolling through the box temptingly with no connection.

Then it’s time to celebrate salvation with a timely goal from Nolan. After 84 minutes, an Ameobi header once again flew across the goal, very closely this time, and the Scouse hitman made no mistake because he was so close, that would have been virtually impossible.

But it isn’t over quite yet. Shola’s off and Vuckic eventually gets his run out at the death. But it’s a slow death, more wounded, more injury time, and then, after what seemed like forever, it’s all over. I needed a lie down to recover from that one, however I didn’t get one with the long journey ahead.

Match facts:

Newcastle United: Krul, R Taylor, Simpson, Kadar, Enrique, Geremi, Butt (Ameobi, 46. Ameobi then subbed by Vuckic, 90), Guthrie, Nolan, LuaLua (Gutierrez, 65), Ranger.

Subs: Harper, Smith, Jonas, Ameobi, Tozer, Donaldson, Vuckic.

Huddersfield Town: Smithies, Peltier (Berrett, 57), Skarz, Collins, Clarke, Kay, Robinson, Rhodes (Simpson, 88), Butler, Pilkington, Drinkwater (Ainsworth,80).

Yellow cards: Krul, Pilkington, Butler, Skarz, Berrett.

Crowd: 23,815.

Referee: Tony Bates.

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7 Responses

  1. Nice report
    Good to see a bit of fight this season because we’re going to need it. Winning games breeds confidence. Just hope we can keep going. Nice to be talking about action on the pitch not no action in the boardroom, know what i mean. ;-)Nearly wrote bedroom. Sorry thats just me. LOL

  2. sas says:
    August 27, 2009 at 9:02 am

    “Vuckic is Slovenian, not Croatian”

    Yes, you’re right of course sas, my apologies. I forgot to change that bit as it was two in the morning when I finished it!

  3. Good report Worky. It was unbelieveable as the scores changed so rapidly in the second half. Managed to find a radio link that kept going off and turned to SSN to try to keep up. Soemone mentioned that some of the crod booed them off at half time which if true I wasn’t impressed with especially as several young kids getting their debut. Was the booing true and if so just a few or more widespread?

  4. “Good report Worky. It was unbelieveable as the scores changed so rapidly in the second half.”

    Thanks Deb. You should have come to the game with me. As I wrote in my report, I was in great need of a nurse and some smelling salts at that stage. ;-)

  5. Worky LOL – I think I would have needed them myself witnessing 4 wins on the trot. Just received my tickets through the post this morning for the Leicester match so hopefully will witness 5 in a row Monday – at least the RVI is just round the corner in case I pass out with shock!

  6. deb – might catch you for a beer for the game?

    Need to persuade the other half it’s reasonable for me to go on our anniversary!!