Newcastle United – News Roundup – 04 August 2009

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Hughton fears more players will go.
Hughton fears more players will go.
Chris Hughton has told the BBC that he fears he will lose more players while the sale of the club drags on. He said:

Possibly we might end up losing one or two more.

Where we are at the moment, there’s always going to be speculation about the players.”

Additional players certainly will need to be given the push if we’re to get the wage bill under control. We’ve lost Owen, Viduka, Edgar and Martins, which must have had a fair impact on wages already, and we’re looking likely to lose Bassong and possibly Beye.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost Geremi, Enrique, Jonas, Colo, Barton (if anyone will have him) and possibly Smith too. If all those did go then we might just have a manageable wage bill, although we’d need to buy in some less-costly replacements.

Hughton goes on to say:

Everybody is aware the owner is trying to sell the club.

We know it could be any day. We’re hoping, of course, the sooner the better – then everybody can get on with their roles and know where they stand.

But until we’re told otherwise, all we can do is do the job we’re doing at the moment and prepare the team for what’s going to be a very tough campaign.

I’ve been asked to perform a role and the general consensus is that once a takeover is in place, a new manager will come in.

But until that does happen I’ve got to work with this group of lads – and at the moment they’re a very spirited group of lads.”

It seems there was a row over the players’ transportation to the Dundee game on the weekend. According to The Chronicle, Ashley initially refused to pay the £8,000 required for a private flight to get the players there and wanted them to go by coach instead. Apparently Joey Barton was planning to have a whip-round to raise the cash for the flight but eventually Ashley relented and paid.

Also in The Chronicle, Ryan Taylor says that we’ll have to get used to playing 12 men this season because referees will be looking to make a name for themselves at our expense. Speaking about the Dundee game, Taylor told The Chronicle:

I thought it was a good workout, only to be spoilt by one of the worst refs I’ve ever seen.

He gave us nothing, but overall, we can take a lot of positives from the game.

After we went 1-0 up, he gave the first penalty, which was ridiculous. It wasn’t even a handball.

For the second one, he said I had pulled the lad. The lad got the ball, but even if I had pulled him, he was in a great position anyway.

He just couldn’t wait to give them something. From start to finish, I thought he was terrible.

However, it’s going to be like that for the rest of the season, and sometimes we are going to be playing 12 men.

We know, especially away from home, it’s going to be tough, but we’ve got so many different characters in the dressing room, and we all seem to gel as one.”

Sports Pro Media carries a short report that suggests not one of the consortiums that expressed an interest in Newcastle have proven they have the funds to make a bid. If this is true then we’re much further away from a sale than I thought because – as I understand it – potential buyers had to prove they have the funds before being allowed access to all the juicy financial reports in the ‘data room’ (although I could be wrong there).

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13 Responses

  1. ‘Sports Pro Media’ looks like a very sensible publication on the surface, and their stories look very matter of fact. However they are usually complete and utter guff.

  2. I don’t blame Mike Ashley for not wanting to charter a jet for the players. They were only going to Dundee for a friendly for heavens sake. What’s wrong with them taking a luxury coach up there the poor lambs? They need to get rid of some of the premiership behaviours, don’t they realise we can’t afford them anymore since they got us relegated?

  3. £100m is way too much for the club.

    If you think about what you’re actually getting.

    £40m overdraft
    £100m loan outstanding
    Projected turnover down 50%
    Wage bill that is as we speak approx 115-120% of turnover.

    It’s ok saying that the majority of the outgoings are wages and we can sell players but it’s easier said that done.

    As we speak the players are still NUFC property so any new owners would have to pay them and there not guaranteed to be able to sell them either.

    IMO they are just seeing it as too much of a risk.

    They will wait until the club have reduced the wage bill and the books look a little better bfore making their move. That way it’s still Ashley’s responsibility to pay them if they can’t be sold.

  4. We are led to believe that Ashley would sell the club to the first buyer that placed a £100m bid and proved the funds were in place to cover it.

    I had assumed that was just marketing and that Ashley would accept £70-80m, but either he’s not prepared to drop the price at all or nobody has even offered £70-80m for the club.

    Still, give it 6 months, when we’ll be looking like relegation fodder, and it’ll be worth £50m.

  5. Hugh,

    That’s the worrying thing!

    Ashley has proved time and time again he doesn’tknow football.

    The players need to be sold to pay the wages ect and new ones won’t be brought in and if the club hasn’t been sold by 1st Sept then we will be in relegation trouble and the club will be worth about £50m.

    I’m aghast at the way he’s holding out.

    He gambled last season and it’s cost him a fortune and us a PL football club.

  6. Reading Ed’s blog is embarassing now, so many of those morons are ruled by their hearts. Sir Bobby DID criticize Wise, and this is exactly the type of propaganda victory ‘The Mob’ wanted. But what happens when they get it? They all start whining about how it’s illtimed or more “journo lies”. It gets harder to support this club every time I interact with these people.

  7. 52times says:
    August 4, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I think you’ll find that different people react in different ways to different circumstances.

    Doesn’t make them wrong or you wrong – Just different.

  8. Worky

    ‘LOL Deb. I’ll bet if it was up to you, they’d have been packed off to Dundee in a particularly rickety wagon, towed by oxen.’

    Not a bad idea that Worky!

  9. How about one of the players doing a Cloughie and taking out a PSV licence and driving a coach to all the away matches

  10. StanHardy says:
    August 4, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    “How about one of the players doing a Cloughie and taking out a PSV licence and driving a coach to all the away matches”

    They’d probably have a collective seizure if someone suggested that Stan!

  11. anyone see the story on the ssn web site saying Bassong is keen to go to spurs, but actually has NO quotes in!! Really is sad that people get paid to write this rubbish!