Newcastle United – News Roundup – 08 August 2009.

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We're stuck with him (probably).
We're stuck with him (probably).
It seems there was no breakthrough in the talks between Moat, Llambias and Harris yesterday and a report in The Chronicle claims that the sale saga could drag on for another week before Ashley calls it a day and takes the club off the market.

North East MP Nick Brown has now called for Ashley to sling his hook, saying:

It breaks my heart. Mike Ashley hasn’t made a go of it.

He should call it a day, sell up to somebody who can make a go of it and who has sufficient money to give it a decent go this year and have an exciting campaign to get back in the Premiership where we belong.

Every day that goes by makes this harder. The uncertainty is damaging the club.

The club personifies the city. It is one of our great corporate citizens. How many other cities our size could regularly deliver a gate of over 50,000 for a home game?

They have got to get that passion and sense of commitment, which I think has never gone away, rallied behind something that has got a chance of succeeding and the present set-up is disastrous.”

Meanwhile Ashley is on holiday in Hawaii, which is the best place to be when your club’s in crisis. hasn’t received its postcard yet but I’m sure it’s on its way.

As reported on this site yesterday, Habib Beye has been sold to Villa for – depending on which press report one reads –  £2.5-£3m. This means our list of outgoing players is as follows: Owen, Viduka, Cacapa, Edgar, Martins, Bassong, Beye.

I suppose that leaves Smith, Barton, Nolan, Enrique, Colo and Jonas as the remaining ‘high earners’ that the club might look to offload to reduce the wage bill. I’m not sure what the likes of Ameobi, Harper, Steve Taylor, Ryan Taylor, Carroll and Guthrie earn in terms of wages, although presumably we’ll have to keep some players to make sure we can field eleven at matches!

Of course Bassong and Beye are two we’d probably have liked to keep, but it’s a catch-22 because the ones we would like to keep are most likely the better players, who are also the ones that will be more likely to attract the attention of other clubs.

Alan Smith has sounded a rallying call ahead of today’s game at The Hawthorns, saying:

We need the fans more than ever – especially in the face of adversity.

We want to show the fans how much this football club means to us and we want to stick together as a team.

There are 15, 20 lads in that dressing rooms who are determined to get back into the Premier League.

But we’ve got to get used to battling and grafting because every team coming to Newcastle, and for every team facing us, it’ll be like a cup final for them.

The dressing room is as close as it’s ever been since I’ve been here, which is what we need through a difficult season.

We’ll need every player, we’ll need the young lads as well and we’ll need to support each other as we go along.

All we are focussed on now is August 8 and getting off to the best possible start.”

There is also an extensive interview with Steven Taylor on the Sky Sports site and rumour has it that Alan Shearer will have a thing or two to say about matters on today’s Football focus.

A few of the players have commented on the ‘seige mentality’ and how relegation has brought the team closer together. Well today is a chance to prove that by going to West Brom and getting a win. No excuses lads – just go there and get the 3 points for us.

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16 Responses

  1. G’day to you all
    Sorry I’ve not had chance to get on here for the past several days – been working like a dog and when not working been unusually suffering from jet lag. Anyway, interesting developments the past few days, just been doing a catch up of the articles. That Barry Moat guy looks a bit weird(agree about the hair), and not too good to hear he’s a good mate of the scrapman, hope it doesn’t mean they want to work together as owner and chairman. Bit concerned that he is also only reported to have £50m and needs to borrow the rest. Where does that leave us going forward to buy new players service debts, pay running costs when our outgoings clearly exceed our revenue? Maybe I’ve missed something but doesn’t sound ideal.
    On another topic – BTG – you’ve put some good names forward now your namesake is a Brummie.
    Desperate to watch the match today. Does anyone have a link to the game? Will scan through the sports channels over here see if they’re showing anything. Can’t imagine too many of them will be interested in the championship but I will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Deb,

    Hope you’re having a nice time, here’s a link, but they aren’t up quite yet, should be there later.


    I haven’t forgotten, but I’m going out to watch game and computer is knacked ATM. :-(


    To answer your question from the other day, I’ve tried absolutely allsorts with the computer and no joy so far.

    ps that Nick Brown should put a sock in it, he’s just like all the other publicity hunters, trying to use the problems of the club to his own advantage. What a tosser.

  3. Thanks Worky
    Yes had first day off today walking for miles around Sydney. Never been before but great place. Back home Wednesday.
    Will try the link later – much appeciated, enjoy the game

  4. Worky,

    ps that Nick Brown should put a sock in it, he’s just like all the other publicity hunters, trying to use the problems of the club to his own advantage. What a tosser.

    Why should he?

    He is speaking up for the City and the club. He has the platform to do that as normal fans don’t have that luxury.

    If it brings home to everyone what debacle Ashley has presided over I’m grateful for him putting his head above the parapit.

  5. Same shit, different season. If we lose I hope we at least smash up their horrid little town, if there’s anything worth destroying anyway…

  6. I think we’re unlucky to be losing TBH.

    It depends how we react now. If they start feeling sorry for themselves they’ll throw it away.

  7. if were stuck with these players were in serious serious trouble there not good enough, as for colo hes a disgrace hes getting run ragged off championship players.

  8. like what 52 what are we gonna do also i dont mind westbrom its the vile i dont like and personally i want barton out krul played well

  9. I hate all English teams that aren’t Newcastle. And what do you mean “what are we gonna do”, we could do lots of things if other fans started taking Newcastle seriously. If the Italian media did this to a club over there, journalists would start going missing.

  10. 52

    like what could we do all we can do is complain yes they are a little biased but most media sources are biased towards somethings and how are newxastle fans not taking us serioudely

  11. We need people who will devote themselves to the club and region with religious zeal, like the Ultras in Italy, and to a lesser extent, the rest of mainland Europe.

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