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Oh Danny Boy – another Man Utd kid comes to Toon on loan

Posted on August 14th, 2009 | 28 Comments |

Oooh you devil!
Oooh you devil!
Nicely timed to contradict my previous article, comes news of our first signing. Take a bow Manchester United’s Danny Simpson, who we have taken on loan until January. The 22 year old has joined us in time to make the sqaud for our game against Reading and could and takes shirt No 12.

Simpson follows the recent path of Guiseppe Rossi who had a relatively unsuccessful spell on loan up here, mainly due to lack of opportunities. Having had a number of loans spells, notably at the new home of our old pal Big Sam at Blackburn Rovers, unfortunately he also sullied his reputation by turning out for the unwashed in 2007.

Having played over 50 first team games so far, he seems like a reasonable talent although as ever with Fergie’s fringe players, if he was good enough he’d have probably made it by now. Perhaps he’ll find his level in The Championship and do a job for us.

So progress at last? Conspiracy theorists are already beginning to read between the lines into what this could mean for progress on the proposed sale of the club. Particularly in view of recent betting activity. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

My view? It’s progress Jim but not as we know it

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28 Responses

  1. I really dont think calling us Munich’s is appropriate…. as we shown Sir Bobby Robson the utmost respect, and really felt for your fans when he passed away recently.

    Danny Simpson is an half decent full back trust me… but we have the likes of Gary Neville (i know always injured), Wes Brown, John O’Shea, Rafael, Fabio, who are all full backs and can play on the right side, so it would be more difficult for him to get 1st team football.

    Why would we be loving it? You aint even on our radar, and never really been classed as one of our closest rivals… in fact ive had many a good piss up with the Magpies when been on stag parties up at Whitley Bay, and just hope that your comment about Munich is just an isolated one by a little wank piece like yourself.

    I dont think that Newcastle will get back up until you sort out a buyer, and have a clear structure for investment, and also a manager and coaching staff that are gonna be able to develop a squad never mind a team.

    You need a clean slate, get rid of the dead wood and start afresh.

    The problem what has snowballed over the past 4 years or so, is that new managers have inherited other managers players, and this has gone on and on, and you aint had any manager who has been given enough time to get rid of what he wanted and then bring in what he wanted.

    Mike Ashley has took the piss out of your all, as you always get decent crowds, but from what i seen last season the majority of your squad wasnt up for it.

    Barton the prick is he, is still a decent player, and think he gets frustrated at things going on in the dressing room.

    Smudge aint the player he was since he did his leg, even though he will give you committment.

    Collucini needs his hair cut, and needs a lesson in English Football.

    I feel sorry for Harper and Taylor as they seem the only 2 players you have who seem to be up for the fight and challenge.

    Anyway, less of the munich shite, it really aint clever.. and maybe see if you in the Prem again in a year or two.

  2. My main worry is who is identifying the players to come in?

    We’ve already suffered from Wise and his terrible signings and JFK’s newboys were the final nail in the coffin.

    A new manager would want his own signings, therefore we can assume that Hughton will pick his 1 or 2 loan singings and after the window closes JFK will come back in and we will at best be mid table championship mediocrity.

    Not exactly a long term plan is it?

  3. tony – 52times doesn’t speak for us.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not very fond of your club but there’s no room for chat like that.

  4. Tony, 51 upsets everyone, even us.

    You make some fair comments though.

    Few Toon supporters are expecting anything much from the team this season.

  5. 52 – sorry, bright lad or not, there’s close-to-the-bone and there’s taking big chunks out of it. Which is why I’ve masked the offensive part of the comment (personally, on my own articles, I’ll more censor where I’m able to and see fit).

    It’s not fair on worky to bring the blog down by crossing the line all the time. He’s been fair in letting you stick around and keep your identity and have your say. Have a think eh?

  6. tony says:
    August 14, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    “I really dont think calling us Munich’s is appropriate”

    Tony, he’s on medication at the moment, just ignore him.

    You’re right, Simpson is a decent right-back, and could be excellent in the Championship.

    As for the problems at Newcastle, they were caused by having too many managers in one year, the circumstances which brought that about are the real root of our current woes. Even Man U would struggle if they changed managers five times in one year!

  7. “It’s not fair on worky to bring the blog down by crossing the line all the time. He’s been fair in letting you stick around and keep your identity and have your say. Have a think eh?”

    I’m reviewing the situation.

  8. I just think now is the time to use the likes of my beloved team, and the likes of Arsenal, Spurts, Chelsea, etc etc, and get some loan signings in off us especially with the pending sale of your club..

    If you aint got nowt to spend, then use your contacts from the Prem to get you some players that will help you get back up.

    I am glad to see though that it was only 1 magpie fan that was giving it the munich chat… coz i thought it was perculiar, as never ever had any problems with Magpies, whether i have seen them out when they have been visiting Manchester on a nite out or when i was repping abroad, ive always had the good banter with them, as 1, you lot love your footie like i do, and 2, your are passionate about your team… i love that and fair play to ya… its middlesborough i cannot stick, never liked them.

    There must be a good few decent youth players you could get on loan…. we had Rodrigo Possebon who we got from Brazil… really silky midfielder… plays like Paul Scholes… but he has gone on loan to Bragia or sommat like that in Portugal… see… i dont know why you dont go and ask Fergie for Danny Welbeck til January or sommat… as he would bang them in for ya in the Championship.

  9. tony says:
    August 14, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    “I am glad to see though that it was only 1 magpie fan that was giving it the munich chat… coz i thought it was perculiar, as never ever had any problems with Magpies, whether i have seen them out when they have been visiting Manchester on a nite out”

    Tony, some of the best nights I’ve ever had were in Manchester, I used to go to a club down there called ‘The Hacienda’ in the late eighties, it completely changed my life, for better or worse! :-)

  10. workyticket says:
    August 14, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Tony Wilson and all that.

    Last time I went to that place I got a bullet through the train window!

    Strange club that…..

  11. Stuart79 says:
    August 14, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    “Last time I went to that place I got a bullet through the train window!

    Strange club that…..”

    It did get a bit bad with the guns and all that after a while. I didn’t go there then though. Hulme used to be completely wild.

  12. ps tony i would realy like welbeck from what i hear he has a bit of pace which is what we could do with up front

  13. Go ahead, ban me. I’ll just keep coming back again and again. All I need to do is make a new e-mail address and go on a proxy, bam, new account and back to the old tricks. Untouchable.

  14. 52 – Or just put your intelligence to good use and stop creating because you’re bored.

  15. Ah balls to it. Let’s all get oiled up (for the cameras) and have a massive brawl on the Town Moor and it’s last man standing wins (cameraman doesn’t count). Just because we can!

  16. “Ah balls to it. Let’s all get oiled up (for the cameras)”

    I don’t often get that sort of offer on a Friday.

  17. It’s been a peculiar day though eh Hugh?

    You must be used to getting oiled up though right? What with your sporting background, bench pressing buildings and the like.

  18. It has been an odd day – I’ve been struggling to keep up with it to be honest. I even seriously considered taking the day off, going down the pub at lunchtime and not bothering to come back. Although I resisted in the end I still haven’t done much work today.

    The gym I used to go to did have its fair share of oily bodybuilders I must admit, but that wasn’t quite my cup of tea, not least for all the ludicrous dieting they do.

  19. Bolton have got an England U19 striker who they want to send out on loan… think Swindon are interested in him, and he is supposed to be excellent…

    I am suprised that you didnt try for Macienne on loan from Chelski.

    I think you will come up this season via the play offs…finacially you have to.

    The famous Haci… yeh was fun and games in the Madchester era lol..Hulme is proper dodgy… even the rottweilers walk round in pairs there.

    Im from North Manchester.. 2 miles from the Blue Noses Stadium…

    I dont know what it is, as i watched a few of your games last season… and dont think people were injured when they say they were injured… perfect example of that is Michael Owen… who i know will do a job for us, but pretty much played you all for fools so i understand why u are pissed off with him…

    Owen hasnt missed one training session yet for us, but was hardly ever fit for you guys..

    I could see it in the fans last season, that you had all given up any hope by about March… not because you wanted to, but because you wasnt seeing the committment and effort from the players.. (a few to the exception).

    I am a big fan of Taylor, but think he has to work with a lot of shit.. I also think Given did the dirty on you.. thought he should have waited til the season had ended, even though harper is a good keeper.. but still think he jumped ship on your early for the lure of money..

    Martins was hot and cold… Duff well i cant make my mind up on him, think he was played out of system a bit..

    Nicky Butt will try, but his best days are past him.. i aint a fan of Collachini, and the winger.. dont know his name is it Guiterez or sommat? well he just seems to be very much a confidence player..

    I know you wont like me saying this, but i really dont think that Shearer is the man for the job… i would ge Strachan in… he has got the balls to rattle things up a bit, and wont take any shite of your board.. and he definately wont take any shite from players who aint pulling there weight… which is what the fans wanna see.

    The sooner you get you club sold, to someone who has an interest in helping your club rather than trying to fleece it, the sooner you will be back in the Premier League.

    Players get good good money, and its about time they stood up and give the fans what they want… committment, excitment, goals and entertainment, as they forget its us lads, the working class, that give all our spare money to our team, buying tickets, shirts merchandise, kitting our kids out the full shabang… that they wouldnt be on the pedestal they are on, and wouldnt be getting the money they get if it wasnt for the likes of us, and that applies to all clubs… and football is losing that a bit recently.

    Im sure that you magpies with the heart you got for your team, that you will get them going again this season… just hope the people with the power sort it out soon for you guys, as the longer this goes on the the harder it will be to get back to the prem.

  20. nice to hear tony i agree with what youre saying about shearer i wouldnt mind him being our manager but imo there are better people like curbs

  21. Tony,

    “i would get Strachan in… he has got the balls to rattle things up a bit, and wont take any shite of your board”

    That’s why he won’t get the job though and probably why O’Bleary turned us down (assuming the rumours of him being offered the job are true). Ashley will want a manager who tows the line and is prepared to operate on a tiny budget, which is why JFK will probably get the job.

    “I think you will come up this season via the play offs…finacially you have to.”

    You’re more optimistic about our chances than I am. I think mid-table will be a good result if Ashley remains in charge because there will always be an unsettled feeling while he’s here. There’ll be the idea that we’re just operating under temporary arrangements until he next puts the club up for sale.

    If the club had been sold then I think that would have brought with it some optimism, some long-term planning and a sense that we could at least challenge for promotion within a few seasons.

  22. 52… are you some kind of diluded muppet or sommat?

    I have only read about 3 sentence which you inadequate kranium has managed to put together today, and can clearly see that you are a pork pie short of a picnic… and very much doubt you have any knowledge of football.

    Let the lads chat about the topics what they wanna chat abour rather than having to waste there typing on you… cretin.

    Im off now lads, so good luck for next season..any maybe see you back at OT this time next year.