Toon takeover saga nearly over

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Moat still in the runing
Moat still in the running
Various media outlets are reporting that the takeover saga at Newcastle United is rapidly approaching its conclusion.

The Telegraph’s ‘source close to the board’ said:

There are three parties now interested in buying the club from Mike Ashley of which Barry Moat is one and one thing in common for all of them is that the asking price is £100 million all ways round.

Moat can now be considered as the outsider of three but if the business is not concluded by Friday then there is a problem and there is a good chance the club will be taken off the market.”

So from that report it seems that Moat’s chances aren’t too good.

Other papers are giving him a much better chance, claiming that he has now secured the funds he needs from Barclays Bank and is due to meet Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley at the club’s training ground today.

All the reports seem to suggest that Ashley is demanding the full £100m he was asking and that no lesser sums will be considered. I’d be amazed if he got his £100m but I’d have to give him credit for having the balls to stick it out and let the lesser bidders fall by the wayside.

In other news, Damien Duff’s transfer to Fulham has been completed, apparently for a fee of £2.5m.

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19 Responses

  1. former spurs player grame roberts wants the fans backing for a barca style takeover they already have the 100 mill in place

  2. “The Telegraph’s ’source close to the board’ said:”

    A source very close to the reporters arse crack more like.

    Batty, where was that?

  3. workyticket says:
    August 18, 2009 at 4:43 pm (Edit)

    “The Telegraph’s ’source close to the board’ said:”

    A source very close to the reporters arse crack more like.


    Well, quite.

    If they quote these so-called ‘sources’ enough times one of them will accidentally hit on some truth eventually.

  4. Not going to happen.

    Nobody will pay the asking price.

    As for Greame Roberts- He’s another Steve Mcmahon!

    AKA – Full of sh1te

  5. The Graham Roberts thing was on Sky Sports News – but they are clearly not one of the 3 – Harris refused to speak to them…..

  6. In the Chrlownacle that the flying visit to Benton from Mr.Ashley was for the launch of the third kit and to finalise Damien Duff’s move to Fulham.
    However that doesn’t add up.
    Very very seldom do owners finalise players moves and it’s even rarer that he’s fly an expensive 300 miles for that along.

    Some stinks of desperation

  7. Hugh’s done a great new squad / transfers page on here, for anyone who’s interested.

    Link is on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

  8. That squad page is depressing. I knew we had a small squad, but it didn’t hit home until I saw it written down. :-(

  9. Micky Toon says:
    August 18, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    “That squad page is depressing. I knew we had a small squad, but it didn’t hit home until I saw it written down.”

    Well there’s one more bairn in there now, Micky.

    Shane Ferguson was missing.

  10. Well, grew up watching the Premier league and Newcastle were great during those years between 93-97.

    They were great as well under the great Sir Bobby. Really sad to what is happening at the club now. The Toon army does not deserve it, they are by far the best set of fans in England for me.

    Glad that the takeover is nearing and hope there will be some stability soon. I am sure they will push real hard for the 2 automatic promotion spot this season.

    Pls follow my soccer blog.

  11. BBM – I know. I’m supposed to be doing research for a job interview tomorrow afternoon. :-o

  12. MT – nice one mate, good luck. Just started a new gig yesterday. Back doing what I should be doing and it means I travel back home everyday and I can sit and look at the Tyne Bridge all day. I don’t obviously, I mean I graft sometimes……

    worky – H’way than. It’s got to be me?