Are Keano’s Tractor Boys wounded animals? Toon v Ipswich match preview.

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Keano walks his dog.
Keano walks his dog.
Kick-off Portman Road, Saturday, 5:30PM [live on BBC1].

Firstly of course, Newcastle United’s Championship clash with Ipswich will be another game overshadowed by the memory of the great Sir Bobby Robson, who managed the ‘Tractor Boys’ for some thirteen years, building the Suffolk team patiently and taking them to the heights of both domestic and European competition. Before the game commences, Portman Road’s North stand will be officially renamed the ‘Sir Bobby Robson Stand’. In a further tribute, both teams will play in a special commemorative kit for the occaision. Incidentally, the last time the Magpies faced Ipswich (at SJP in 2002), Sir Bobby was manager and the teams drew, 2-2, with Ipswich taking the early initiative, and Toon equalising twice to grab a point. The word is that Ipwich have sold 25,000 tickets for the occaision, and a 27,000 full house is almost certain as Ipswich fans pay tribute to probably their greatest manager, alongside that other titan of the England dugout, Sir Alf Ramsey.

Unfortunately for Ipswich, they have being having a right old mare of a season so far with Keane. They are currently second bottom of the Championship, with no wins, four draws and four losses. In the ‘vale of tears’ world that being a Magpie is though, this will only make things worse for us if they manage to rise like a wouded animal and pull off a shock victory. I still remember the horror of that Derby County game with Sam Allardyce. This is an away fixture as well. Can the Chuckle Brother’s revolution put the wheels back on their wagon after the bairn’s beating on Tuesday? Can they continue to put the ridiculous background stories behind them and triumph in Suffolk? But enough Geordie pessimism and extreme paranoia, Newcastle’s first team should still be favourites going by form, with Ipswich’s inabilty to clinch a victory at eight attempts this season.

Early Newcastle team news seems to indicate that on loan battering ram, Marlon Harewood, will burst into the squad. However, Barton, Ameobi, Gutierrez will continue their spells on the sidelines and up and coming plan b defender, Tamas Kadar is knacked too. However there is highly encouraging news that the much needed Guti will resume training on Monday. Right back, Danny Gibson remains highly doubtful with an ankle problem. Naughty boy, Danny Guthrie is suspended and new face, Zurab Khizanishvili may get a bit of a run out after being cup tied in the Carling Cup. Other than that it should be business returning to normal with all the other first teamers on display, and generally a stronger performance than the reserves managed on Tuesday. No doubt there will be at least some debate about Chris Hughton presses on with his ‘4-5-1’ or is it a ‘4-4-1-1’ formation? Or will he switch to 4-4-2? etc.

Meanwhile, on the Ipswich front, the grisly hatchet man will be looking to a squad including players such as ex Mackem midfielders, Carlos Edwards and Grant Leadbitter. Town’s Ben Thatcher is condemned to spend the game in Keano’s naughty spot after reporting late for training.

HTFL! Toon! Toon! etc.

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28 Responses

  1. I never like playing a team who haven’t won for a while.

    They have to win sometime and I hope it’s not this time.

    Roy Keane is another reason why I don’t like todays game.

    1-1 I reckon – As long as it does SBR proud that’ll do me.

  2. After Blackpool it would normally be a must-win game for any team serious about avoiding the play-offs and targeting automatic promotion. As it is (with the added SBR-live-on-BBC factor) it remains at the very least a must-not-lose game for all sorts of reasons – mainly mathematical, but far too many still psychological.

    We have got too used to indulging our ‘bad feelings’ over the last 4 decades of so – and communicating this irrational lack of confidence to the players. There’s no need for bad feelings on this one. Let’s be honest, Ipswich are hopeless at the moment (they are nether Boro nor WBA) and we should stuff them by two clear goals (once our belt & braces midfielders realise crossing the half way line does not in fact result in an automatic yellow card).

    Despite the Summer’s idiotic directorial decisions and the resulting lightweight Toon infantry, we remain (with parachute payments) arguably the best resourced team in Fizzy Pop football (…but we might not be next year if we muck up). As hard as it is for many to take in, we should expect the present (albeit attenuated) team to WALK promotion this year, and to do that by winning this type of fixture – no ifs, no buts, no excuses. Surely, there was enough of them last season?

  3. your right to feel uneasy chaps. Town are a wounded animal at the moment and i can assure you our results has not reflected our play. Being probabley the richest championship club things are starting to look right and we are slowly making progress.

    I think today will be a draw but most town fans know we will probabley finish above you come the end !

    Respect to all toon fans but remember you will be foolish to think we will not be there come the end of the season.

    RIP: Sir bobby

  4. bowburnmag says:
    September 26, 2009 at 9:42 am

    “The barstewards are bound to beat us.”

    batty says:
    September 26, 2009 at 10:42 am

    “bowburn think your right i got a bad fellingt aboot this 1 hope iam wrong”

    True Blue says:
    September 26, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    “your right to feel uneasy chaps. Town are a wounded animal at the moment and i can assure you our results has not reflected our play.”

    Typical Geordie doom merchants. You’re all as bad as me, like John Laurie on a bad day! :-)

    We’re doomed I tell yae! DOOMED!

  5. True Blue I think today will be a draw but most town fans know we will probabley finish above you come the end ! <<<<< what have u been on you cracked me up with that comment lol

  6. worky it would take some beating to be as miserible as you your like a 80 year old woman always moaning lol

  7. He’s the Demon Headmaster.

    Can you believe I’m stuck in work? Unpaid as well!!

    There should be laws against this sort of thing.

  8. batty says:
    September 26, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    “worky it would take some beating to be as miserible as you your like a 80 year old woman always moaning lol”


    It was your mate Kev who started me on the road to misery. I was only a little bairn just getting into football, and he went and hammered us in the ’74 cup final. It’s just been Geordie tears and non-stop broken dreams ever since that day!

  9. batty

    Its a long long season my friend.

    You only have two things going for you. You have a fantastic stadium with fantastic fans…awsome. But you have ex managers wanting to sue you, you want a manager with no track record at management (but was with out a doubt the prems best ever striker) you have no money and the bottom line is your a selling club. The parachure payments are financing your current salaries.

    Town have a very good stadium (not as good as yours mind), we have great fans (but not as many as you) BUT we have stabibilty a manager with a proven track record to get out of the fizzy pop league, more importantly we are very wealthy owned by a billionaire who has already invested 60 million in 12 months and pledged plenty more to come.

    There more to be positive at Town then there is at the Toon.

    I really do wish you well this season and would like to see you promoted but as i said above its a long long season and your need a solid foundation.

  10. True Blue what you forgot to mention is we have the by far the strongest team in the leauge when fit and also if i was a town fan i would be very worried spending 60 mill and still playing like you are m8

  11. and that strongest team needs money to support it which you do not have. Lets see who leaves come January. You do have a good point about millionaire owners.

    But remember the fans expectations plays a big part which i’m sure you can converse to.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, now off the PR.

  12. Ipswich weren’t very good at all after the first goal went in. They couldn’t score, they couldn’t defend and they looked un co-ordinated. It looked like it could have been a bit tighter before the first goal though.

  13. 4: JinkyGenius says:
    September 26, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    ‘There’s no need for bad feelings on this one. Let’s be honest, Ipswich are hopeless at the moment (they are neither Boro nor WBA) and we should stuff them…’

    Sorry to self-quote & gloat, but there was a complete lack of realistic appraisal out there among all you doom-mongers. Shame on you all, how could we ever have lost this one? Wake up, it’s not that we are particularly brilliant, we’re not, it’s simply this league is, well, fairly pedestrian!

    If we lose more than another one or two games (max) this season we should be shot; and draws are nee good to anyone so it has to be wins home and away all the way to next May.

    Well done Kev, finally the midfield is getting the message. And the stout defending throughout was wonderful.

  14. worky aye your right and loved the songs iam sure i heard stardust singing >>>>get out of our club you fat cockney b@stard get out of our club lol