Chris delighted – Roy not so Keane: Match reaction and highlights.

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Leader of the pack
Leader of the pack
Hughton sings Newcastle’s praises while Keane thinks Ipswich gave Nolan an early Christmas present.

I was away this weekend. A close friend of mine is off to Australia for at least 3 years, so a bunch of us got together for beer and golf in Oxfordshire (and I use the term ‘golf’ in the loosest possible sense), but I did manage to watch 70 minutes of the Newcastle United match before I was prised away from the TV and man-handled into taxi on Saturday evening. And I must admit my 70 minutes of Toon watching put me in a good mood for the evening.

We’ve had little to celebrate in recent seasons, so I thought I’d milk this victory for all I could and quote some of the match reaction from the two managers.

After the match, Hughton said:

I am delighted with the approach with which we went into the game. From start to finish we were excellent.

“It speaks volumes for Kevin Nolan that a midfielder has scored a hat-trick. He has always been with one with an eye for goal

“The lads showed a great desire. We were fortunate enough to get the goals early enough to let us go on.”

And later added:

I’d say this has been the most satisfying win of the season so far and we’re delighted to be back top.

“We were aware of what those around us had done with West Brom getting beat and Boro drawing.

“But we managed to keep our nerve and weren’t fazed by it.

“I thought the lads showed great mental strength and, from the first minute, we were excellent.

“To score three goals in six minutes was tremendous and after that the result was never in doubt.

“We never looked in trouble at the back and controlled the game from start to finish.”

Keane was obviously less pleased, saying:

Clearly we are disappointed. We started alright but the first goal knocked our confidence.

“You have to persevere and encourage players.

“We have given teams a helping hand and we can’t keep doing it.

“I’m sure Kevin Nolan thought it was Christmas with the first goal and before we knew it we were three down. We certainly have to defend better.

“I don’t like losing football matches, the expectations are high but we have got to deal with it and get on with it.”

The result has left Ipswich one place off the foot of the table and from what I saw on Saturday Keane will have his work cut out to turn things around.

Nolan was of course our hero for the day. I must admit I wasn’t particularly impressed with him last season but he’s certainly playing his part this season. Hughton had this to say about Nolan:

Kevin’s on fire at the moment and he was outstanding today.

“He is capable of scoring goals and at the moment he can’t stop scoring – long may it continue.

“His first was a fantastic header – he had a similar chance at Blackpool but unfortunately missed that one – but this was a top-drawer finish.

“For his second he’s found a turn of pace and it’s a lovely hook inside the defender and a cool finish.

“His third was a little easier but capped a great team display and individual display from Kevin.”

So, we’re top and with two home games this week – QPR on Wednesday and Bristol City on Saturday – I’d say we’ve got every chance of staying there. West Brom are away to Barnsley on Wednesday and then have a tricky away tie to 3rd place Preston on Saturday, so with a bit of luck we’ll even be able to extend our lead.

Match highlights (thanks batty).

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17 Responses

  1. I tried to post my support for Houghton on another thread, but for some reason, probably because I posted from my iPhone, it didn’t come through.

    Anyway, my point is that we should stop all this talk of a new manager with a new owner and let Houghton continue for the rest of the season. If we have learned anything from last season it must be that changing managers doesn’t work. Chris has done a brilliant job, given the circumstances, and he should be rewarded for it.
    I don’t think he has what it takes to cut the mustard as a PL manager, but he should be allowed to manage us until we are promoted.

  2. Woah!!

    Bit of chicken counting going on at the end there! QPR for one will give us a much harder game…..

    Lets not get carried away!! :o)

  3. QPR play a fairly decent defensive game on the road and will look to hit us on the counter attack. However, this is one game where Carroll and Ranger will thrive as the West London club aren’t the best at dealing with high balls aimed at opposition front men. I think it will be a low scoring game with the Toon just about coming on top. 2-1 or 1-0 me thinks.

  4. Nice to be talking about the football for a change.
    Im glad he is playing with 2 up front i think its a better style of play for us. Only one thing im not happy about is Nicky BUTThead. What a donkey running round in circles trying to catch up with play then we he gets the ball he gives it away. Give smudger the arm band and put Butt out to graze for god sake.

    Rant over ;-)

  5. I think Keane is a little harsh on Nolan for the first goal. Shearer made the observation that it was his movement which made the defender look hapless (although it still wasn’t great defending).

    Nolan seems to be getting the 5 yards he needs and hopefully his fitness will continue to improve. How long has it been since we had a goal-scoring midfielder like this?

    Hughton is impossible not to like as a guy but it’s good that he’s getting credit off more and more supporters as a manager, though the reality is still not lost on most of us, the standard of opposition is poor and we’ve played some of the strugglers to boot. Pleased to see he went two up top though, best move he’s made all season. Taking the game to them was the best thing we could have done.

    I was quite disappointed with Butt as I’ve supported him for ages but his radar is definitely off. He didn’t get involved much in the ‘spoiling’ on Saturday which is where he makes his biggest conribution but that mainly down to Smith having another cracking game and making him almost redundant. When Guthrie is back, we could surely play the same way but get Guthrie forcing the issue more than Nicky would?

    Enrique is nuts like with his ‘dicey’ balls when trying to retain possession. Needs to learn sometimes “when in doubt…..” is a good mentality. But a great player overall.

    I liked the look of Khizanishvili, and the two lads were their stots off again. Harewood did OK but there’s plenty of time for him to make an impression.

    Plenty to be positive about.

  6. Stuart

    No, i just pay a lot of attention when opposition teams play. Also, i have many friends who support the likes of QPR, Charlton, Palace, Millwall, West Ham etc. So i get a good gist of how their teams play and their strengths and weaknesses.

  7. ive heard simon cowell is after signing our away supporters up he reckons there could be a xmas number 1 in it for him >>> get out of our club you fat cockney !!!!!!!!! get out of our club

  8. batty says:
    September 28, 2009 at 10:38 am
    ive heard simon cowell is after signing our away supporters up he reckons there could be a xmas number 1 in it for him >>> get out of our club you fat cockney !!!!!!!!! get out of our club

    Are you just posting that on every thread on every site? lol

  9. A well earned, professional, victory won by committed players working hard for one another.

    The look on Keanes face was merely the icing on the cake. QPR will be a sterner test…one I expect us to pass with flying colours.

  10. I’m of the opinion that NUFC should be on Tyne Tees every Monday night – It’s a great soap evening…..