No summer of love for Xisco.

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Stopped Playing
Stopped Playing
It seems that Xisco’s career at the Toon might be over after he admitted that he ‘stopped playing’ to force through his loan to Racing Santander.

The Mirror, which I’d usually take with a pinch of salt, actually contains quotes this time. Xisco said:

After a difficult first year in Newcastle, this year seemed it was going to be more of the same and a good time to leave. I even stopped playing in the last few days to force my exit.

“If they hadn’t accepted the loan at Santander, I would have regarded my situation at Newcastle as hopeless.”

We paid Deportivo £5.7m for the striker in September 2008 and he has only played in 7 games, scoring 1 goal. I’m not sure what to make of his claims that he ‘stopped playing’, it seems to me that he never started playing. For some reason the club has seemed reluctant to play him no matter whether it has been Kinnear, Shearer or Hughton in charge.

I’ve always found it odd that we spent £5.7m on a supposedly ‘highly rated’ 23 year old striker and yet he has never been given a decent run in the first team. I often wondered if that was because he simply didn’t show enough potential in training or whether there was some other reason.

I can’t imagine his comments will go down too well with either the NUFC hierarchy or the fans so I’m guessing his ill-fated Toon career is at an end.

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17 Responses

  1. He’s done himself no favours with that interview! If we are still paying some of his wages, whatever they are, as im unsure if Racing could afford the ridiculous figures quoted, then i wonder if we could fine him?

    Only saw a glimpse of him, never got a run of games, but watch him now go on to be La Liga top scorer and make the Spanish squad next summer…..or maybe not.

  2. You feeble minded homophobe.
    Just because you have never tasted the delights of a man Theres no need to be abusive. You are obviously ashamed of your sexuality, I am not!

  3. Sime (1) I agree with you, IF HE HAS SAID THIS, then I am convinced that Santander will not be picking up his full salary, so we should hit him with the maximum fine possible deducted from our contribution.

  4. Direct quotes usually are true Mags. The media often gets into trouble if they misquote, which is why it’s often ‘a source close to’ or ‘an insider’ – that means they can post any old nonsense and pass it off as fact.

    In this case it’s a direct quote.

  5. Hugh, well then, as I said before, hit him with the highest fine possible (I think it is two week’s salary isn’t it?) and deduct it from our ‘share’ of funding him on loan. It is bad enough doing that but then bragging whilst he is still technically our player is neither smart or admirable.

  6. You would have thought it wouldn’t do Xisco himself any favours either. Someone thinking of buying him is now aware he’s unprofessional enough to simply ‘stop playing’ if he’s not happy with something.

  7. well lets be honest, he has been treated terribly by everyone at the club and if you look at it from his point of view….moving to newcastle could potentially have destroyed his career and he has wasted a whole year with us. If it is because of his attitude and motivation then he doesn deserve to make it but i have a feelin with the way this club is currently run that most of the problems have not been of his creating!! Like many former newcastle players, he will probably go on to have a decent career post newcastle

  8. Well I just hope he has an awesome season for setanta, (lol) so we can at least recoup some of that money back, when he is sold at the end of the season.
    Shallow I may be, but for sure I never want to see him back here again.

  9. Beardsleys Boots says:
    September 6, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    “Well I just hope he has an awesome season for setanta, (lol)”

    Pedro’s boots, When they first mentioned that he was “going to Santander”, I just thought he was nipping out to the bank again to deposit another van load of wages! :-)