Players were magnificent against Doncaster, says Hughton.

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Toon top table ... just
Toon top table ... just
Newcastle United manager-in-waiting Chris Hughton, heaped praise on the players after the 2-1 win over Doncaster Rovers at the weekend.

Rumours suggested that Hughton would be appointed as permanent manager before the game but there’s been no official confirmation of that, possibly because Ashley is still considering Barry Moat’s latest offer for the club.

Hughton – presumably still in the role of caretaker manager – said of the game:

We’ve been through everything but credit to the players, they were magnificent and we got the win we deserved.”

I didn’t see the match personally but according to our match report I think ‘magnificent’ might be stretching things a bit. Although to be fair we did have 57% of the possession, 10 on-target shots to their 3 and 8 off-target shots to their 3.

Hughton goes on to say:

We’ve been through all the emotions so to end the game like that was incredible,” said the Toon boss after his boys climbed back to the top of the Championship.

It was a poor start and I was disappointed with the first-half performance.

But credit to the lads, the second-half was much better and we got an excellent equaliser through Andy Carroll.

They then get a penalty and you think it’s not going to be your day.

But that feeling of relief when they miss gave us a huge lift.

Zurab’s sending off I’ll have to have another look at, but after that you’re thinking the game is heading for a draw.

But what a feeling it was to see Kevin Nolan’s goal and I was delighted for the boys; they were magnificent and deserved the win.”

Newcastle are also considering appealing against the sending off of Zurab Khizanishvili. Hughton said:

It’s one that we’ll look at and scrutinise, my first reaction was that I couldn’t believe it.

It seemed to be a skirmish that will happen in every game at some stage where you won’t see a red card.

I wouldn’t rule out an appeal. The correct procedure is to have a good look at it and make sure we have got all our facts right.”

From what I can gather Khizanishvili, in an attempt to calm things down, grabbed Billy Sharp’s throat, which seems to me to be the sort of thing that would do anything but calm things down and would be a big no-no as far as the ref is concerned.

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9 Responses

  1. Magnificent?? the man’s delusional. Tactically Houghton comes up short every time. Doncaster played five in midfield and swamped us for most of the first half. What were Houghton’s tactics, hump the ball directly over midfield to two strikers, one who wasn’t particularly interested and the other who still has the bad habit of not raising his head and therefore does not see people around him.
    We had absolutely no width on Saturday, we have no pace in midfield and certainly no guile.
    If Hughton thinks that we will get out of this league with route one football then he is even more delusional than I thought. Send the donkey back to Villa post haste. Give Ranger a decent run in the side. Remember the time and opportunity given to Amadonkey, Ranger deserves the same time he has the ability.
    Houghton is and always will be only an assistant not a decision maker, again we will end up with a team of favourites and not horses for courses.

  2. This spin and bullcrap from Hughton is becoming tedious and he is slowly becoming the face and mouth of the Ashley regime to go with it.
    I would have more respect for him if he told it like it is, magnificent is the wrong word to describe the players at the weekend, he knows it, we know it so why spout rubbish?
    The game was exciting for the wrong reasons and like last season, the whole thing just doesnt look right as there seems to be no tactics or pattern in our play and some of the selections are plain bizarre.

  3. The attitude of the players has been magnificent but the footy has been utter crap. We will not stay top of the league for long by churning out this garbage week in week out and when we slide so will Ashley selling price.

  4. The fact it was last-minute made it more of a steal but you could hardly say Doncaster were robbed exactly. We created enough chances to say 3 points to us was fair enough but if you considered the glaring chances we had and missed, we almost deserved to get nowt.

    Either way, he should qualify ‘magnificent’. There were several players out there that dug in and played well – Enrique once again, Guthrie, Ranger when he came on. Others dug in but were average, very average or looked suspect on occasion – R Taylor, Khizanishvili, Kadar, Butt, Nolan, Carroll. And others that should be glad the game is behind them – Harewood, Gutierrez.

    The effort was good but not magnificent and the quality at crucial times was enough for the win but a million miles away from magnificent.

    As for Khizanishvili, I agree Hugh, as soon as you’re grabbing somebody’s throat you’re in trouble. Can’t see it being overruled however Billy Sharp will/should end up getting further disciplined for the punch that led to it.

  5. We won.
    All the best teams win when they’re not playing well.
    We are top of the league & not playing well, everyone praises
    the likes of man u, chelsea etc. So give it a rest.
    & we’re still in turmoil, apparently.
    Any team in this league would love to be top of the league without a proper manager, owner, loan players, injuries.
    Get some perspective, for crying out loud.

  6. Some Bloody awful decisions by Ashley:

    1. Sacking Keegan FAIL
    2. Appointing Wise, Jiminez and the rest FAIL
    3. Appointing JFK FAIL
    4. Appointing Llambis FAIL
    5. Not retaining or Appointing Shearer FAIL
    6. Not strengthening a poor squad FAIL

    And now he is considering appointing Houghton as full time manager, my god how can some one who has made billions be so f**in thick?

    MIKE Houghton = FAIL we all know the hell can you not see it??…

  7. Clint Flick – Exactly.

    However there are still a section of fans at NUFC that have the viewpoint that as long as we are playing champagne football then it doesn’t matter if we lose. I never have and never will understand that mentality.
    I first heard it when KD was our manager. People were moaning that we were winning 1-0 because we were playing dour football.

    Whether playing or watching, my mentality is win first, play well second.

    I suppose I should end this post with a snide remark or a childish comment towards another member on here.

    Ok, BBM you smell of poo. :)

  8. Micky,
    nice one brother.
    Couldn’t agree more with what you said also.
    Bang on mate.
    Win first, nice looking wins are a bonus at this point in the proceedings.

    Micky-funny too. :)

  9. :)

    MT – I was completely buzzing at the end. There’s nowt better or more satisfying than nicking it in the last minute.

    But to call it “magnificent”…….maybe he meant the ‘Magnificent Seven’ because four of them were so bad that they made the other seven look good.

    To be honest, my personal gripe wasn’t necessarily with the quality. It was the graft and commitment. On numerous occasions, Gutierrez, Harewood, Carroll amongst others went into challenges half-hearted and a handful, including the culprits mentinoned weren’t putting in 100%.

    Quality-wise we were awful but I’ve come to expect and accept that. Long before Hughton was in charge. But we shouldn’t dress it up as something it’s not.

    Squirrel-fiddler ;)