The house that Ash built!

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That sinking feeling...
That sinking feeling...
There is growing uncertainty that the sale of Newcastle United will go ahead before the turn of the year, amid increasing fears that Mike Ashley will attempt to ride out another storm of controversy, with a view to maximising his return on the club. As both a cause and effect of the uncertainty is the impermanence of the set-up at the club, right from the top down to the bottom.

Considering the many club staff made redundant in recent months, a squad made up of a number of loanees and a board looking to jump ship at the best opportunity, St James’ still has the feel of a house built on sand. All this despite the good fortune on the green stuff, which is arguably the most important thing to us supporters.

The discomfort comes from not knowing how we would respond to a fundamental change at the top which would surely inevitably have ramifications throughout the rest of the club. We’ve discussed at length on here about the managerial position but what of the other ingredients of a football club? What about the physios and fitness staff who seem less keen to hang around in the current circumstances and would appear to be on rolling contracts? What about the coaching staff who, without promise of longer term prospects, may look elsewhere for a more solid future?

Of course, some will argue that there are bigger things to worry about than rumours of Colin Calderwood seeking emlployment at other clubs. And the same could be said about the overall merits of those responsible for the fitness and well-being of the players, when you reflect that we continue to have problems with injuries and there are still several players clearly not as fit as they could be. A complete overhaul is something that could be welcomed? But things seem to be limping along nicely and that could be undermined by the nature of this protracted sale and also ironically by the selling of the club.

And so on to arguably the most important aspect, the impermanence of the playing squad. With loan players already playing an integral role in our first eleven in recent games, it’s fair to say we’ll come to rely on them in future weeks. But without some certainty they will continue in their loan status, and if and when they are called in by their respective clubs, should they be hawked out and snatched from us by more serious prospectors, there could be a big hole where our squad used to be. We will also approach the next transfer window with trepidation, for fear of the permanent playing staff being sold on.

Things could unravel very quickly and some form of permanence needs to emanate from the board, even if it that is paradoxically just signifying once again, a real intent to sell. Otherwise the good start to the season could crumble more quickly than the pies at the match. Of course, much of that relies on the intentions and the attitude of a certain Mr Ashley. But who knows what he’s thinking right now?

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124 Responses

  1. this has dragged on to long,i think ashley will hold on till the end of the season,he knows if we go back up he will get more money for the club,my worrie is he will over price the club and it will drag on all through preseason,like last season

  2. The club is being “run” (after a fashion) by people who freely admitted to the tribunal that they lied to the fans…….
    How can they expect to continue when we cannot put any credibility on anything they say, do or print?
    The fans are still turning up in fantastic numbers – but what if results start to go wrong?
    Better that these people booger off now – and allow someone credible to begin building for the future.

  3. I dont for one minute want Newcastle NOT to go up, but if this happens then I will look forward to Ashley losing even more of his vast fortune by staying at Newcastle. He should take any money that may be on offer immediately.

  4. A lot of this is a side-effect from relagation. So tough tits.
    Selling the club would ironically cause a new round of upset & upheaval.
    But, trawling through the minutiae is just gonna raise further concerns.
    Oh, that’s what we’ve been doing all along though, isn’t it?
    Carry on.

  5. If we start to lose & fans stop turning out, F**k ’em, they’re fickle & deserve nothing. QED.

  6. If there’s one thing that Ashley has proved time and again is that he will always do what he thinks is best for himself.

    I’d be very, very shocked if we’re sold now that it looks like our value could double on promotion. He’s lost millions and will no doubt want to recoup some of his loss.

    When the money’s right for him is when he’ll finally jump ship.

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  8. hitman says:
    October 8, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    That’s the fear isn’t it?

    If he puts it back up for sale at the end of the season, wee going to go through all this again.

    We will have a wasted pre season and bearing in mind that it may well be the most important pre season of our recent past it will be another absolute disgrace.

    Lets just hope we can get shot of him sooner rather than later.

  9. Ashley is a greedy man. He has no grace and as such behaves badly at times.

    He could easily use his billions (even now) to repair damages done and improve Newcastle United. He chooses not to. Instead he chooses to jump ship. A personality trait …

    The man is below contempt.
    How he and Llambias dare to walk into our club I don’t know.
    They should be driven out of town.

    Bought out by a billionaire … what sort of nightmare has that been.

    A legend like Kevin Keegan treated like an idiot by liars.

    I’d just love to see KK re-instated in the job he was doing so well.
    KK will always be No1. Shame on those that turned on him.

  10. The problem we have with Ashley, in terms of a sale, is this: he is a gambler! As has been evidenced in financial journals (and tabloids, so pinch of salt) he has lost money betting on the currency markets, stocks and shares…and roulette wheels… EDITED FOR BEING LIBELLOUS [WT].

    Now the problem with gamblers is (as Kenny Rogers so eloquently put it) “You gotta know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away…and when to run”…and most of them do not follow Kenny’s sagely advice. They carry on flinging money about, chasing that “One Big Win”…all of which bodes ill for those of us who can’t wait to get shot of the corpulent t**t!

    His eyes are now on the Premiership and getting his money back. Unfortunately I expect the takeover talk to disappear….like tears in the rain.

  11. workyticket says:
    October 8, 2009 at 3:06 pm
    Excelsior, if you could kindly refrain from libel, that would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

    What part of that is libellous?

  12. Own up, who is henok? I’m betting on batty.

    Anyway, the club has been on a pit of sand long before Ashley came in. He’s just added something to turn it into quick sand. We are on a knife edge at the moment and should we lose, say, 5% of the 1st team to injuries, we’ll be lucky to put out 11 players, never mind the subs.
    I think we can assume that everyone thinking of buying the club was waiting the outcome of the KK tribunal and now that the club has dodged that bullet they can start negotiations.

    I still don’t get the need to have KK back at the club, why people think he can still do a job is way beyond my comprehension. What would he do that Hughton hasn’t done already? The man has won two manager of the month awards in a row. We are at the top of the league. KK wouldn’t be able to draw players in. All the new breed of players will be saying – “Kevin Who?” “Oh the guy who played for Hamburg”. No club with real ambition would want KK to manage them, he’s just far too unstable and naive. IF we were promoted at the end of the season and new owners came in and took on KK we would fail, again. Far too much baggage around KK. If Shearer is to be our manager and I’m still undecided on that, he needs to start now, when it’s a lot easier as he will be crucified in the PL.
    We need someone who is reliable, strong tactician and can get the bargains, rather than just paying way over the odds for players. Mick McCarthy has done it the right way.
    We should look at making Avram Grant an offer once he’s sick of the new owners at Pompey.

  13. Worky – what were we saying about MR a few weeks ago – its encroaching more every day.

    Not sure what can be done – as they flock in it seems they have chosen this monument to sit on – twist on and to poo all over.

  14. Micky – Its ironic isnt it – we are on a knife edge but we are paying out 37m a year or so on wages…..who would own a football club!

  15. Stardust – exactly like when I worked at IBM a very small amount of the staff made up the big wages.

  16. No Stardust what is ironic is that if all ‘the mob’ as you call it don’t come onto this blog and debate with each other there would only be YOU on this blog, blogging to yourself.

    Now that would be a real shame because Worky has put a lot of work into this blog(others too).

    Now MR as you put it, is just people who have an opinion that differs from yours.

    99% of bloggers on here get along and debate, not always agreeing but debating all the same. You though, well what can I say?

    Shouldn’t you be dress making or walking ya daschounds?

  17. I see henock or whatever his name is is on the warpath again. Does anybody understand what-in-the-name-of-sanity he’s is going on aboooooooooooooot!?!?!

  18. Far from being mob rule it seems its Stardust rule. I was looking for a blog where Stardust was not peddling his bigotry. Seems its not this one so I’ll fall on my sword and leave you to it.There ! I’ve trashed my password. Farewell !!

  19. My profound apologies Worky. I had intended to write allegedly in that sentence but did not. It shall not happen again.

    For those curious souls who wondered….the sentence, as written, was libelous, and Worky was correct to remove it.

    It contained the words:£1.5m, Sir David King and JJB Sports. All of which are in the public domain for all to read, and will, allegedly, form part of the SFO’s investigation into our esteemed owner’s business dealings, for those who wish to investigate further.

    Sorry again Worky, I would not purposely bring any unwarranted attention to this splendid site.

  20. For some stupid reason I’m looking forward to the new transfer window. If Ashley has any intention of hanging on to this club in order to maximise the value upon sale then it would make sense to invest in January, to help guarantee promotion. A £10m investment now would pay off in the long run. My first move would be to make the signing of Danny Simpson permanent. Cracking young player with the right attitude.

    Whether or not MA has the sense to see this is another matter.

  21. Pons Aelius says:
    October 8, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    We said that last January Pons and look what he did.

    Sold Given and Nzogbia and brought in them two well know speedsters and creators of lots of goals- R Taylor and Nolan.

    So this Jan under Ashley we sell Smith and Taylor and bring in a couple from Darlo.

    Cannot wait me..

  22. Yeah Stu, I cannot wait me…….to die when I’m being depressed by your negativity

  23. dont be ridickheadulous says:
    October 8, 2009 at 4:11 pm
    Yeah Stu, I cannot wait me…….to die when I’m being depressed by your negativity

    Do I know you? No I don’t think I do as I don’t hang around parks with bottles of white lightening scaring old people.

    I speak as I find. Ashley has done nothing for me to be positive about.

    Everything about the club (apart from the league position) is absolutely negative. Ashley and his regime have brought that culture to the club.

    I make no apologies for my lack of support or confidence in this disgraced regime.

  24. Spitfire – I apologise for not liking swearing posted all over a blog that kids may read. Then its combined with hatred – not the message I would want to teach any kids.

    I am sorry if you think I am wrong or a bigot for believing it – but the same crowd type it on .com – and I dont like it.

  25. Stardust says:
    October 8, 2009 at 4:20 pm
    Spitfire – I apologise for not liking swearing posted all over a blog that kids may read. Then its combined with hatred – not the message I would want to teach any kids.

    Complete and utter hypocrite!

    You threatened to ‘smash my face in’ once. Would kids not have been on the blog that day?

    Your hypocrisy is as unbelievable as your agenda.

  26. Haha what makes you say that about parks and white lightening?
    Not judging others by your own standards are you?

  27. Stu 69 – I’m not as optimistic as usual but I don’t think Ashley would be so stupid to sell the key players from our threadbare squad now.

    I hope not anyway…

  28. Pons Aelius says:
    October 8, 2009 at 4:43 pm
    Stu 69 – I’m not as optimistic as usual but I don’t think Ashley would be so stupid to sell the key players from our threadbare squad now.

    I hope not anyway…


    Is that an offer?

  29. Micky Toon says:
    October 8, 2009 at 3:18 pm
    Own up, who is henok? I’m betting on batty.
    <<<<not me m8 worky can check and as for the swearing ive been 1 of the main contributers in the past but not on my mates workys blog

  30. Stardust is indeed a hypocrite. His treatment of my opnions on another site were a disgrace. He tries to hold the morale ground but fails misserably. The only people that seem to have time for Stardust are his alter egos whom he pretends to be someone else.

    I laugh out loud

    Come on fat cash sell the toon and lets start enjoying supporting NUFC on and off the field

  31. Anyone else notice that Man City played their two Argentinian players on Monday night gone much to the fury of Maradona, one was injured and cant play in the World Cup qualifiers.
    It will be interesting to see what punishment they get as, i could be wrong, but is this the first time a club has defied an international call up?
    I am watching this story as Jonas and Colo both missed our Monday night game against Leicester due to the three day ruling, this could be a big bottle tester for FIFA.

  32. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    “Micky Toon says:
    October 8, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    “Own up, who is henok? I’m betting on batty.
    not me m8 worky can check and as for the swearing ive been 1 of the main contributers in the past but not on my mates workys blog”

    batty, have you telt ’em that Stardust isn’t a Smoggy supporting accountant, or, indeed, a woman yet? :-)

  33. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 5:52 pm
    worky a divent think they beleive me m8 but we know dont we

    I for one believe he is a women. Why else would he/she constantly moan and never be wrong….?

  34. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    “worky a divent think they beleive me m8 but we know dont we”

    We shouldn’t let the real truth get out about Stardust, batty. ;-)

  35. Geordie Jayne go for it girl you tell him ;) your last sentence I fully support, we have been playing and winning which makes it even better but while MA and co is still here it seems to take the gloss of the good parts.
    Batty you do swear alot lol hows it going Bud

  36. worky a na but you know whats hes like for winding he never stops when were oot him and troy there a right pair

  37. alreet dave good m8 thanks but ive grassed stardust up agen ive give his work place oot lol

  38. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 6:04 pm
    alreet dave good m8 thanks but ive grassed stardust up agen ive give his work place oot lol

    well I wouldn’t worry to much sure can you remember a couple of months ago he thought it would annoy me to tell everyone on .com where i lived But all it has done is make the area more popular ;)

  39. mmmmm My very own fan club – I can feel the love and warmth.

    You must all be very weak people if you surround yourselves with people of the same opinions. All of my friends have character – and opinions – all of them diverse – to be debated – challenged – discarded or held – I can only imagine who and what you surround yourselves with.

  40. Stardust says:
    October 8, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    You must all be very weak people if you surround yourselves with people of the same opinions. All of my friends have character – and opinions – all of them diverse – to be debated – challenged – discarded or held – I can only imagine who and what you surround yourselves with.

    Friends? Both of them?

    Shame your other friend Mike couldn’t surround himself with people who aren’t stuck up his aris.

  41. You know probably you group more than anyone have decimated Eds blog – no one is going on any more – youre so hate filled and hideous.

    Please keep your low life persona’s for there or are you trying to wreck Workys blog too? Whats the point of a hate filled blog – people simply stop going – like they have Eds. Or is that what you are trying to achieve – a bit like how you gain some satisfaction out of smashing the club.

  42. Lighten up Stardust, there is alot less hate than you think. Yes people swear and mouth off, but deep down people are just venting their frustrations.

  43. Tino – Accepted you can only speak for yourself – and I accept your explanation – I certainly have the impression with the others that there’s a lot of hate not banter. And surely we are all too busy to log onto somewhere full of hate?

    Workys put a load of effort in – I just think it should be respected more than it is by some.

  44. stardust FCCA – do you ever stop winging and moaning , there’s always someone or something at fault with you. do you need your bottle and your nappy changing crybaby !.

  45. I agree we don’t want this blog or Ed’s filled with idiots causing trouble but i think recently there have been some very high profile events which have split the fans and cause some to go too far with their comments. Now the KK thing is over i would expect things to get back to normal in the next week or so.

    Anysite on the internet will always attract people who just want hurl abuse, but they go away eventually. Remember that some people may claim to be fans when really they are just WUM’s.

  46. Cheers Stardy mate.

    Think you’ll find the reason Ed’s blog is so quiet is because of the amount of threads he has on each day.

    Although I have deteced more than a bit of satisfaction in you comments with regards to Ed’s blog. But then again dignity and humility has never been your strong point.

    Regarding Worky’s blog, it’s brilliant and is working really, really well.

    The fact that the majority of people on here are sick and tired of your arrogant, self centred and tired views shows that if anyone is spoiling this blog it is you.

    Now I enjoy the debate, even with you, but you’re going to have to accept that some views are different to yours and some people have frustrations and this is the only place they can vent them.

    That’s the reason for this blog and many like it. If you don’t like the tone of some peoples views don’t reply to them. Although that wouldn’t leave you much to do would it?

  47. Stardust says:
    October 8, 2009 at 7:45 pm
    You know probably you group more than anyone have decimated Eds blog – no one is going on any more – youre so hate filled and hideous.


    The irony is stifling…..

    Nobody comes near you Stardust when it comes to your silly attempts to make out you are somehow superior to the rest of us – and your vile insinuations about individuals in a feeble attempt at a put-down….

    When I first came on this blog, it was like a breath of fresh air, people were debating openly, disagreeing, yes, but no-one was trying to be the superior being that you laughingly envisage yourself to be…..then it all went wrong – why? because you turned up…..

    Such a pity….

    Shouldn’t you be reading your “boys own book of accounting” before bedtime?

  48. Stardust I respect your opinions, but the way you lord it over everyone makes you seem a right prick.

  49. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 8:35 pm
    stardust are you implying i hate you and plz answer ?

    What did he taste like?

  50. Stardust I actually agree with quite a few points you put over.However,being a little less bombastic and showing a little more humility would make your point even stronger.
    Foul language and abuse is out of order but surely this is for worky to crackdown on if he thinks it is out of order.Yes we should give him our full support and it would be a shame if this this blog went down those lines.
    Respect for others goes a long way in getting an odered debate and some enjoyable craic

  51. stardust eds blog i think people are getting sick of the pop ups but my self i stop going on so much as hes always slagging 1 of my newcastle ledgends you know who i meen

  52. batty – it went down hill when he threw rod out with the bathwater + the poxy ads aswell.

  53. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 8:50 pm
    aye your right there mi miss rod hes a good lad

    He’s Henock!

  54. Roy Cropper says:
    October 8, 2009 at 8:52 pm
    shut up – start.

    Shunt you be doing Harrold/Hayley?

  55. Can we please get back to football and NUFC !
    This clashing of ego`s and the pissing contests become very boring folks.
    Now in regard to what can we expect from Mr. Ashley, we will only know when it happens.
    Unfortunately NUFC has become a secret society, where it appears paranoia and chaos rule.
    Hopefully there are negotiations for either new loanees or even permanent signings, a good indication of MA`s intentions, will be made apparent during the winter window I believe.
    It now seems unlikely there will be a sale (at least in my not too humble opinion) )until next summer and (hopefully) promotion.
    So be it (probably gratify Stardust, give him a reason to harangue, bully and insult the bejasus out of any who oppose his words of wisdom) which I really have no problem with, he paid his money and put more into the club.
    He is entitled to get back as much as he can, if that means selling on promotion, guess we have no choice.
    Notice that neither The Halls or Freddy get much stick,
    wonder exactly what position we would be in had they not sold the club?
    I`m thinking of joining the messianics and hoping for a billionaire to take over next season, who will outbid Man Citeh and Chelsea for players win the PL and FA cup, with the European cup the following year, not much to ask for!

  56. chuck >>>>I`m thinking of joining the messianics and hoping for a billionaire to take over next season, who will outbid Man Citeh and Chelsea for players win the PL and FA cup, with the European cup the following year, not much to ask for <<<<<<< well i dont think its much to ask for lol

  57. Where is Rodzilla, i know he was banned from Ed’s but came back under R2-D2, but i haven’t seen him on either blog in weeks?

  58. Chuck,

    I’m with you every step of the way.

    If were going to get amongst the trophies and CL in the next five years we need someone with deep pockets.

    No other way I’m afraid.

  59. stuart – we’ve got an owner with deep pockets – only problem is he’s got extremly short arms.

  60. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    worky whats up with stardust

    He has fell out with you lol and probably me too

  61. batty says:
    October 8, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    “worky whats up with stardust”

    He’s writing his next Keegan epic, batty. You’ll just luv it!

  62. big dave i find stardust is a right good crack if you just ignore his anti this and anti that comments he reminds me of my drinking day and i know hes reading these comments now the git the trouble is i just take every thing he sez now as a winde up but hes a good lad and a think he knows i dont hate him

  63. worky as ive just sed every thing as a winde up because if i thought he ment half of the shite he writes i would of hunted him doon and finished him lol

  64. Wizard prang and all that, old chap !
    Getting that rotter Stardust to raise to the bait, chaps an absolute cad and a bounder.

  65. UTD111 “then it all went wrong – why? because you turned up…..”

    Wrong Tino – I helped Worky start the blog and posted a number of the first articles.

    But I agree with Chuck – peeing competitions and all that.(even though I ended up half way up the wall higher than some)

  66. @ Stardust

    I asume you didn’t mean to say Tino there?

    Anyway can anyone tell me when Rodzilla last posted?

  67. Batty – it all started when you met up with BBM for Egg Mayo sarnies and I didnt get an invite

  68. Batty 3-1 lol – not aimed at you at all fella – you know that ;) but I am claiming the point anyway (from the cheap seats )lol

  69. stardust aye ile give you that 1 and as for eds blog it gets more hits when you go on some people must be waiting to see your name then its all out attack lol they come from all angles so blame you self for the lack off comments on eds blog

  70. oh and stardust your not very good at counting seeing you work at inspire i make it 5 – 2 to me lol ive just p:ssed over the top of the wall

  71. Staedust that would make an excellent Edline sorry headline ” my sincere apologies by stardust ” ;)

  72. LOL – As much as I thoroughly dislike Stuart – he has a point re Eds pop ups, but I have used Google Chrome for months and it prevents all the problems.

    For me there are other reasons – but as I have said my piece – time to leave the pee up the wall – zip up and crack on.

  73. tino11 must be aboot 3 week m8 but he mentioned he was having problems i think he ment at home m8

  74. Cheers Batts, thought i hadn’t seen his name for a while. It must be something quite bad for him not to even sneak in the odd comment. Hope everything is ok Rodz if your reading, peace.

  75. Long live Rodzilla.

    Able to talk wank and wisdom in equal measures.

    A blogger of the highest order.

  76. Disappointed with new episodes of Scrubs but been peeing myself at Tom Stade’s Blue Album. Comedy genius.

    Rodz – if you’re reading, download Tom’s audio book, it’s your type of humour. You’ll be p*ssing yourself. Hopefully give you a lift if you’re having a rough time.

  77. bowburnmag says:
    October 8, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    “Long live Rodzilla.

    Able to talk wank and wisdom in equal measures.”

    To be fair, it was mostly wank.

  78. worky I didnt expect to see slang on here and definately not from you ;) and yeah I miss rodders roar

  79. Worky dont get me wrong I wasnt complaining, just i didn’t think you were the jokie type. lol

  80. cute – my imaginary bairns always wake up in a far better mood and play nicely with the other kiddies once they’ve had a nice little nap.

    – night night stardust FCCA – sleep tight.

  81. Morning ladies.

    I see the papers are very quiet.

    The big fella is still pondering how to tell Bazza that his bid is a load of sh1te I take it.

  82. Stardust says:
    October 8, 2009 at 10:23 pm
    Lol – my sincere apologies Tino! It was at UTD111 doh!


    Hmmmm….that didn’t Inspire confidence….

    Hope he’s better than that at adding up…..

  83. Eeeesh!
    i seem to have upset henock, i think?
    Good job i’m not easily upset by atrocious grammer etc.
    Oh, i am actually. I’ll let them off, as english may not be their 1st language.
    Never mind.