Barry Moat has not given up on buying the club.

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Best of pals!
Best of pals!
Barry Moat still thinks there’s a chance of him buying Newcastle United in the future.

Apparently, whilst Moat has no immediate plans to launch another bid, he will continue to think about how he might wrest the club for Ashley in the future.

Speaking to Sky Sports News he said:

For one reason or another it didn’t come to pass.

It’s extremely disappointing. It’s something we’d given up a lot of time and effort and abortive costs with so I’ve been feeling pretty bruised by the whole process.

As my wife keeps telling me, ‘No one’s died’ so you’ve got to get on. That’s fundamentally where I see it now.

I think from my perspective I don’t think Mike Ashley wants to stay at St James’ Park for the long term, so I’ll never give up.

I’ll keep beavering away in the background and hopefully one day we’ll get there.”

Well perhaps next time he’ll offer Ashley the money he wants up-front. Ashley reportedly turned down a bid from Moat for £60m up-front and £20m next season but Ashley wanted the full £80m up-front. In that respect I can’t really blame Ashley. He dropped from £100m to £80m – which was his attempt to ‘give’ something in the negotiations – and Moat just had to find the money. He couldn’t – or wouldn’t – so Ashley took the club off the market.

It’s probably fair to say that if we get promoted Ashley will be asking more money for the club. This might put it beyond Moat’s means, although his backers might also be prepared to invest more in a Premier League club.

Anyway, Moat goes on to talk about his hope that Ashley will invest in players:

Hopefully he’ll make some investment in the club. Hopefully we’ll get some commercial partners.

Hopefully the money will be spent on the playing squad and that bears fruit and we get back to where we deserve.

Let’s face it Newcastle is a massive club. 43,000 to 44,000 people turned up there the other week to watch Peterborough.

No disrespect to Peterborough, but they brought some great fans. This is Newcastle United, it is a massive club.

It’s a global brand and it should be at the top of European football.”

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88 Responses

  1. This guy’s a non-starter and he’s continuing with his role as stooge to MA. 

    Like the phantom bids and bidders last time around, he’s the first potential bidder intended to stimulate interest in potential buyers.


  2. Could we all stop this stuff about Ashley taking the club off the market – it’s always on the market. Ask Freddie!

  3. off the market just means he’s not taking bids, come up with the right price and He’ll probably sell, I guess he had some bidders last time but people were trying to barter, if it’s not “on the market” then the so-called tyre-kickers should be discouraged from even trying their luck

  4. Taking the club off the market means no more than he’s not actively trying to sell it. 

    That doesn’t mean it’s not for sale if the right offer comes along and Moat’s reappearance tells me he’s a pawn in Ashley’s passive marketing strategy – as he was last time around.

  5. Ashley it seems is gonna be here for a while whether we want him or not. The protests and chants have not and do not bother him, other that appear to tighten his purse strings. IF we go up I’m sad to say MA will have been the architect behind the sucess.

    BUT as regards promotion how much is Ashley gonna play Russian roulette with the current squad. Rumours persist about Sunderland and Enrique ( if he’s willing to change the name he’ll surely be willing to selling arguably our best player to our most hated enemy).

    Anyway back to Moat this guy is another Ashley puppet and appears would be as bad for the club as Ashley and Shepard. Will we ever be destined to get a desent chairman?

  6. considering the scrabble around we had to raise the current price, he’s not looking like a genuine contender to advance the clubs standings
    at least he’s not using the current backlash to make himself look whiter than white

  7. Baz + NUST = £100m?
    2 sets of Geordies that can’t compile a decent bid together?
    May as well look elsewhere.

  8. why bring this sh– up again at this time just upsets the lads on the pitch,if its going to happen keep it under wraps.what good players are going to come to a club when they are in disaray,i hope  one day it does happen,till then keep your gob shut

  9. georgio says:
    November 16, 2009 at 10:43 am
    Could we all stop this stuff about Ashley taking the club off the market – it’s always on the market. Ask Freddie!


    But wasnt the club sold from under Freddie? Whilst he was in hospital?

  10. icedog,
    cos the press have nowt better to do in a ‘fake football’week. So we might as well turn to NUFC, they’re always good for a story, & if we can’t get anyone at the club to say owt, we’ll find someone with a loose connexion to the club & they’ll blab for a bit of free publicity.
    Boring or what?

  11. The press could be asking: Why isn’t Harper getting a shot at the england
    goalie job, instead of picking a 3rd choice manu player who’s on loan at where ever?

  12. FFS didn’t have to sell though, did he?
    He saw it as a way out of the shit he’d got the club into.
    That’s his excuse & he’s sticking to it.

  13. clint FFS had no option but to sell,once ashley bought sir johns shares FFS had to sell his shares.

  14. hitman,
    so it’s irrelevant that he was in hospital then?
    But anyway, he did see it as a great opportunity though, did he not.
    The ‘old’ “no blood on my hands” bit.

  15. hitman says:

    “clint FFS had no option but to sell,once ashley bought sir johns shares FFS had to sell his shares.”

    Hitman, strictly speaking, he didn’t ‘have’ to by law, he could have hung on if he wanted to. However, once Ashley got over the 50% point, a majority sheareholing, Shepherd would no longer have the abilty to plunder from the club as he did to with the ‘Geordie Mafia’ at the helm. He wasn’t interested in that.

  16. Wonder if Harps’d get a game if he was to move to one of the glam prem teams.

    I think we know the answer to that one don’t we?

  17. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 16, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    is a manu player?”

    Clint, he is Man U’s second choice keeper, and Ferguson sees him as the natural successor to Edwin Van der Sar, who is now nearly forty. He is England’s third goalkeeper, after David James and Robert Green. James is currently struggling with a knee injury, and Capello is said to have doubts over his fitness ATM. Green was unavailable for the Brazil match due to being sent off in the Ukraine game, hence Foster was selected.

  18. Well, that link above reckons he’s manu’s 3rd choice, among others.
    & as for green & james, not really a patch on Steve, are they?
    green is particularly over rated.
    & james is just ‘struggling’.

  19. But anyway,
    they always say, ‘if he ain’t playing regular football at his club…’,
    or words to that effect.

  20. Steve deserves a run out in the england shirt, but if we’re honest, not many championship players get the nod do they?

  21. They’ve sety a new precedent now, haven’t they?
    3rd string(reserves) bairn at manu beats a proper goalie.

  22. although funnily enough, James still managed to retian his no1 shirt when he dropped down to the fizzy pop league….

  23. Personally I don’t think Harper is better than James or Green.  If he was at a PL club, he might be considered.  You can see the logic around it.  If you are playing in the top division, then you are a better player than someone in the lower divisions.  Remember Harper was playing regularly in a PL team towards the end of last season, so if he had something Capello was interested in it would have shown then.

  24. It’s a conspiracy danny boy.
    So there is nothing ‘set in stone’ is there?
    The press, fa, whomever, just spout any cack that fits their fantasy.

  25. danny-boy says:
    November 16, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    “what about Kuszak Worky?
    pretty certain he was number 2 at Man U mate”

    Danny, he used to be, and he isn’t too pleased that he isn’t anymore. The issue of Foster being selected for the League Cup final is said to have brought matters to a head somewhat, and Kuszcak is said to be considering his future at the club, but those two bits could be just rumour and speculation.

    Clint, the newspapers don’t know more about Manchester United’s goalkeeping arrangements than Alex Ferguson does, and he has stated that he sees Foster as the true successor to Van der Sar.

  26. Ok, whatever.
    Well he plays like a 3rd stringer.
    & there is spurious evidence either way, nevertheless, he IS NOT a 1st choice goalie-anywhere!
    So i’m relatively happy with my case, as you can be also.

  27. fair enough, I knew Fergie was a fan of Fosters – god only knows why! starting to show signs his eye for talent is fading (Nani anyone?)
    and with Kuszak shooting his mouth it should’ve been obvious he wasn’t long for the red team

  28. @ skint flint
    we absolute dork.
    Fat fred was forced to sell his shares cos the halls sold theres meaning he had the required amount to legally force fred to sell his.
    Fat fred had no choice.
    Read up on matters before you spout off.

  29. Aye, nani is pap.
    But fergoid has bought plenty of pap down the years.
    djembe, kleberson, anderson + others.

  30. I can’t read.
    & you don’t know grammer.
    & you can’t prove what i say isn’t true.
    & finally,

  31. ah ha worky
    looks like you are wrong again.
    Alex ferguson openly admits the newspapers know more about his goal keepers than he does.
    In fact, piers morgan, the ex editor of the mirror is a close confidant of fergies and actually selects the team every game. Morgan is also the man utd goal keeper coach and has been since the days of alex stepney in the late 70s . Not many people know this but he is one of the most respected goal keeping coaches in the world.
    Great mystery surrounds the death of robert maxwell. Well within the four stands of old trafford it is a well known fact that fergie ordered his death following maxwell selecting the team all season when they came runners up in the late 80s .
    Rupert murdoch was shipped off to america following his team selections in the 90s.
    So once again worky it appears you know nothing.
    Wiki stavers

  32. Micky toon,
    Harper isn’t as good as green or james?
    Or are you just saying that for effect?

  33. Clint – Honestly.  I don’t post just for effect.  I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.  James has improved vastly since his “calamity James” days and I rate him as one of Englands best keepers.
    Green is a tought one as I’ve been impressed by him, but saying that it might be just down to the odd couple of times I’ve seen him play.  I’m starting to talk my way out of this now. :)
    Ok, Harper is probably on par with Green, but not better than James.

  34. Ok Micky, fair enough.
    Just thought i’d press you on that.
    I’d say Harper is definitely better than green, & he has a good few years
    left in the tank at the top of his game, which james hasn’t.
    & he’s apparently got injury problems now too.
    So, to recap, it’s a close one.

  35. Worky,
    it’s all & always has been ‘hand in glove’ mate.
    Football is a despotic & nepotistic business after all, ci?
    There have been plenty of players down the years who should’ve got starts for their country but didn’t due to politics or other nonesense.
    & some managers that should’ve managed their country also.

  36. Worky,
    foster is no where near the finished article, would you agree, he looked well green v brazil. Not his time yet, if ever.
    So why is he getting a game?
    green also looks very naive.
    I know the media big up these guys but that doesn’t mean they’re any good.
    I’m sure you’ve seen it over & over down the years, i know i have.
    It’s painful to watch.

  37. “There have been plenty of players down the years who should’ve got starts for their country but didn’t due to politics or other nonesense.”
    Indeed.  Steve Bull probably being the main exception I can think of.  He was capped for England while playing for Wolves.  But that wasn’t his only disadvantage.  Wolves were also playing outside the top tier.
    Jackie Milburn didn’t get as many England caps as he should have either.  Or am I just being biased?  :)

  38. LOL – listen to the NUST Divvy Mark Jensen:

    “One point of immediate disagreement is the issue of re-naming the ground. We’ll be clear, under a Trust led bid there would be no change of name. 23,000 customers asked us not to through our online petition. We have a series of commercial ideas that don’t strip out the history of the club and would retain the integrity of SJP”

    Point 1 – please clarify – “customers” are you saying they are “customers of NUST or season ticket holders at SD@SJP? Or just clickers on your website?

    Point 2 – So – your club is a loss making organisation – other than borrowing untold millions against the value of the shares in the club – which in time dilutes the shareholding of members – how will you operate profitably and be able to sign players if you have no cash – other than by asking your shareholders to stump up more cash in a rights issue?

    The “apparant” lunatic also quotes

    “The first stage is to raise enough money to enable representatives to open up negotiations with the current owner, if we reach that point the rest is achievable.”

    So where has the 20million they raised gone? Or did they never have it? Or did they use that figure to get the press all over the world to report their story and cajole innocent fans into stumping up their pensions for their gain?

    Every single statement these muppets throw out makes them look like bigger morons, cant believe anyone would be a member – its like having a badge saying “w@anker” on it – and they paid for the privilege LOL

  39. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 16, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    “Le Tissier, B Clough to name  a player & manager.
    Definitely ‘Wor Jackie’.”

    Clint, Clough was out of the game prematurely due to a very bad injury, Matt le Tissier had people like Alan Shearer, Teddy Sheringham, Les Ferdinand, Andy Cole and Ian Wright to compete with, so he was never going to be a major figure in the England squad.

    Milburn once asked to be left out of an England squad for a tour of Scandinavia and France to go to Canada with the Magpies instead, and much preferred playing for Newcastle over England.  Things were highly competitive then too, so Milburn’s reticence didn’t exactly count in his favour.

    I don’t really see the ‘politics’ or the ‘nepotism’ you write of TBH.

  40. Was Le Tiss an out & out striker?
    I was saying Clough as a manager.
    Cantona & Ginola in france.
    Howay man Worky, bet you can think of a few?
    Or are you just being facetious?

  41. Yes it`s probably true that many players were not given the opportunity to play for their countries,  due to the political nature of the game  during any particular era.
    Certainly four Newcastle players during the early fifties, Bobby Mitchell, Frank Brennan and Ronny Simpson, also Jimmy Scoular,  although capped were never the regulars they should should have been.
    Although once Simpson went to play for Celtic, his international career soared, hmmm !
    Others such as Brian Clough, were ignored  as the obvious choice for England manager because of his independant nature (did`nt fit the yes man job description)
    Dont recall if they still had a selection committee at that time, probably thought he was getting above his station and may threaten their rice bowl.
    Face it England has had some horrendous managers thrust on them by a backroom of football morons through the years and apart from Capello
    Would`nt trust any to manage a good bowel movement.
    In many cases the same applies to players.

  42. So, no manu, liverpool etc players have had games for england( for eg)
    that didn’t deserve to. Over players from less ‘fashionable’ clubs?

  43. For nepotism read: redknapps, lampards, any one from the west ham footballing family etc.
    But, i mentioned despotism 1st, i.e. jobs for the boys i.e. manu, liverpool etc.

  44. The one exception to the list of dud Enland managers is Sir Bobby, who did a decent job.
    Clough did get capped for England, prior to his injury, (knees I believe) but was ignored post playing career, even though a very successful  club manager.
    Never thought of Le Tissier as an out and out striker, stretching it a bit there Workey.
    Are you being a bit naive, to suggest politics and nepotism have not been part and parcel of the game throughout ?

  45. So,
    Anyone got a view on Barry Moat’s little scheme of selling
    the rights to advertising alongside the famous ‘St. James’ Park’

    Certainly a playmaker who got his share of goals, but as you say played for the most part behind a  frontman and as i seem to remember, many of his goals were from outside the box.

  47. Worky,
    i think you’ve lost me & chuck there.
    Maybe you should go back & read a few of our posts.
    You claimed Le Tissier was behind Shearer et al earlier.
    Although, as a playmaker, he would, physically, be behind Shearer et al.
    If you get me drift?

  48. clint/worky on the theme of politics i dont know if you saw him but one of the best r/w centre forwords with out a full cap was lenny white trouble was he played for the toon

  49. icedog,
    Len White was/is a legend.
    Na, never seen him play, too young, but i am aware of the lads prowess.

  50. clint sorry mate didnt mean it as insult to your age,but to bring you speed it dave mackey9(spurs) that done him at sjp knee

  51. Chuck, I was just trying to get Clint to ‘bite’ there as he was getting a bit cheeky. You did instead!

    Le Tiss was a very attack minded midfielder with a great natural technique and an abilty to make goals and score them too. However, what Clint didn’t mention is what they mentioned alot at the time. He was a bit unfit and he didn’t concentrate enough for a more regular England spot. He’s also about the best English penalty taker I’ve ever seen because his technique was so good and he just didn’t give a damn.

  52. Ah yes I remember him well.
    Had a rough row to hoe, following “wor Jackie” as you can imagine.
    Became a good goalscorer, with a better over all average than Jackie and was accepted by the faithful,  but was never the hero that was “wor Jackie.”
    Guys like Nat Lofthouse, were getting games for England at the time, guy scored more goals by bundling the goalie into the net (which was within the rules in the day) if you can imagine a Harewood type, but i have to admit was great in the air.

  53. icedog says:
    November 16, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    “clint/worky on the theme of politics i dont know if you saw him but one of the best r/w centre forwords with out a full cap was lenny white trouble was he played for the toon”

    No, I’m not old enough to have seen Len White, icedog, though as Chuck hinted, it was probably more Nat Lofthouse scoring a goal every game for England that was the problem, not some anti Newcastle conspiracy. There were also many other great forwards at the time too.

  54. chuck-i agree but what  a player for his size best three forwards the toon had in those days white/alchurch/eastham,pity the rest didnt match them wont dare play three forwards now

  55. Workey
    Sorry I got in the way.
    Yeah, seem to remember he had a weight problem and not the most mobile of players, think he was a bit lazy really, living off his obvious skills.
    Then again so was Robert, there were certain players who were so valuable on the pitch despite obvious shortcomings that managers had no choice but to play them.
    Recall a visit by Celtic to St. James`es, a friendly back in the day, where a guy called Charley Tulley played left wing, an ageing almost bald, big bellied guy
    who`s ball skills were amazing and who ended up scoring from a corner kick, an example of skill and entertainment, but did he track back, hell no did`nt have to.

  56. workey,it was a bit anti-north those days would not look north of watford gap,very little tv then

  57. Icedog
    Yeah, Ivor was a good one and George was a great playmaker, in retrospect no wonder Len. got so many goals.
    Think originally he was brought in to replace Walker on right wing (Len)
    Talking about little guys what about playmakers George Hannah and Ernie Taylor.
    I used to position myself to watch my all time favorite Bobby Mitchel,
    what a player, entertaining as hell and a goalscorer to boot.

  58. Worky,
    soz if i was a bit ‘cheeky’.
    But, what do the pundits know, Le Tissier was still a great player regardless of
    their attitude towards his perceived fitness.
    He still scored for fun & like you say: His pen taking was unmatched, did he ever miss, maybe once?
    icedog, don’t worry mate, it takes a lot to insult me mate. :)

  59. chuck-i will say no more to me you know your football,and no what you are talking about,cheers nice to here a true toon football man

  60. 9

    CLiNT FLiCK@49 said November 16, 2009 at 4:11 pm
    it’s all & always has been ‘hand in glove’ mate.
    Football is a despotic & nepotistic business after all, ci?
    There have been plenty of players down the years who should’ve got starts for their country but didn’t due to politics or other nonesense.
    & some managers that should’ve managed their country also”.

    Les says…. Clint, now we know why a third choice Manu keeper played for England.

    Nepotism…. naah, just keep it in the family!

  61. Lesh,
    still, after seeing him play with me own glasballs, don’t think he’s worth only £2m less than Shay like.
    But i’m sure the sun can talk up a good price for ferguson.

  62. “Wor” Jackie is my absolute fave footballer ever, but look @ the names that he had as rivals for England forward spots from ’48-’55 when he was actually being called up by the 3 Lions:  Tommy Lawton, Roy Bentley, Nat Lofthouse, “Electric Heels” Mortensen, Tommy Taylor, etc.  It boggles the mind how deep that England was in forwards back in them days, IMO.