Danny Simpson: “You wouldn’t get away with anything round here…”

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Simpson: Mr. Clean?
Simpson: Mr. Clean?
Newcastle United on loan full-back, Danny Simpson, has been telling all to Newcastle’s Journal newspaper in a candid interview with Mark Douglas.

The 22 year old Salford lad has been one of football’s nomads since joining local giants, Manchester United, with other loan spells at Royal Antwerp (twice), the Wearside tramps, Ipswich and Blackburn along with his latest stint on Tyneside. Simpson has already made clear that settling down and making his move permanent would certinly not be an unwelcome proposition, with first team places at the Manchester giant being VERY hard to find.

Simpson started at the beginning, describing his upbringing on the mean streets of Salford, and how it made him appreciate life as a professional footballer at a big club:

“I was born in Eccles, near Salford. I didn’t grow up in a nice area and it had it’s fair share of problems but as I have got older I’ve got away from that. Every place has a bad area and that was no different. It makes you the person that you are.

“Coming from nothing makes you appreciate it a bit more when you do become a professional footballer. From nothing to playing in front of 45,000 – it’s a big thing.”

Simpson then turned to his family life, including the difficulties of playing for Manchester United when his family are Manchester City supporters!

“My family were a big thing for me. My mum supported me when I was young and trying to come through and she tries to get to every game that she can. She does make the games near Manchester so she’ll probably be at Preston with my brothers as well.

“It’ll be a big motivation for me. My brothers were all Manchester City fans who gave me plenty of stick about being a United player! But the big thing is they support me and it’s a great boost to have that behind you.”

“It’s a lovely place”

Moving on to his current time in Toon, he boasts about how he can now travel around without the need for a Sat Nav, or NUFC Blog’s very own Geordie Deb for that matter (she helped him to find SJP when he first arrived), and how he visited the Metro Centre, without losing the will to live seemingly.

“I’ve been in Newcastle three months and haven’t had a problem with anything. It’s a lovely place,” he said, continuing:

“I’m starting to know my way around the place – I don’t need my sat nav anymore! I went to the MetroCentre for the first time this week. I’m not a person for going out so I concentrate on my football during the week but I thought I’d have a look at it.

“As far as I’m concerned you have to do just as well off the pitch as you do on it. You’ve got to be careful, you’ve got to behave yourself and you’ve got to look after yourself too.”

No Crystal champagne and Lap Dancers for Danny then! I’m sure this will be music to the ears of many Toon fans weary of previous player exploits.

As his halo started to radiate, Simpson talked about his responsibilities to the local fans:

“It’s a big part of it and it’s a good lesson if you live in Newcastle. It’s a small city, everyone loves the players and the club and they recognise you as well. You wouldn’t get away with anything round here.

“I do try and stop and talk when fans talk to me. It’s not always easy when things haven’t gone well for you on the pitch or you’ve had a bad day.

“But you’ve got a duty to sign something for them, or say hello. That’s come from Sir Alex Ferguson – the best in the business.

“They tell you when you sign full-time and go to college and do your media training this is the way it’s going to be if you’re lucky enough to make something of football.

“My mates go out and do what normal 20-year-old lads would do but it’s not difficult for me. I know whose shoes they would rather be in.”

“I play football for a living – I train with the likes of Kevin Nolan, Nicky Butt, Alan Smith. They’re starting to become my mates so I’m coming into work every day and playing football with my mates for a living. It’s not too difficult to sacrifice that other stuff if it means being able to play football for a living for Newcastle.”


In conclusion, Simpson spoke of Newcastle’s recent ‘blip’, where they suffered two defeats to Nottingham Forest and Scunthorpe, preceded by a dour draw against Bristol City. He moaned:

“It was difficult when we went through that period. The lads that we’ve got hate losing, so it wasn’t a nice place to be,” he said.

“When you lose you want it to hurt, and it did. The bunch of lads we’ve got, the morale we’ve got – we bounced back from it really, really well. It says a lot about this bunch of lads.

“We expect to win, we expect to get promoted – that’s the way it is at Newcastle and the way it is at Manchester United as well.”

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22 Responses

  1. Really like the look of this lad, not a CH though but a good RB with time on his side. not a bad average age across the back 4 at the minute.

  2. Agree Waldo. When you look at the fact that our defence was our achilles heel for years and now the best defence in the league despite injuries, people playing out of position etc.

  3. Good attitude and good player. Think stepping up to the Premiership will be difficult for him if we go up, but I think he deserves the chance.

  4. Gotta say, he ticks all the boxes for me, young, quite quick ,wants to get forward, and as long as he has decent 2 x CH to the left of him and Enrique on the left ,he is the RB i want in our side.
    #We need to sign him full time if poss, maybe feed him some mince and taties to big him up and give him a bit of strength, other than that ,he`s def good enough to hold down 1st choice RB position for this league, maybe even cut it at prem level (at least if we do go up, we gotta let him show what he can do )
    Come on Chris ,tell the fat tw@@@t you want him full time.

  5. Get us a clean sheet today Danny.
    Now About Shearer, it was almost clear after our relegation that he will get back somewhere. I wish him good luck and hope he is successful and can come back to Toon when new owner gets in.

  6. Rather have Sir Lee Clarke here as manager than big Al. He’s proving quite useful down at Huddersfield.

  7. Official Statement on Wigan Athletic Football Club statement:

    ” After careful consideration and in consultation with the board of the directors, the team management and the WAFC supporters club. Wigan have agreed unconditionally to offer Tottenham Hotspur Football Club a replay of Sundays Barclays Premiership match due to the handball incident involving Paul Scharner. Chairman Dave Whelan wants to put it on the record that Wigan does not condone cheating and while the club excepts Paul’s explanation that the handball incident was not intentional, The club has made the decision in light of the recent derogatory press the game has received related to the World Cup Qualifier between France and the Republic of Ireland. We do not want to see the dignity of the game further tarnished by handball incidents which directly result in goals been scored. We await the FA’s decision as to whether they will sanction the replay.”

  8. SpartanChris says:
    November 23, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Rather have Sir Lee Clarke here as manager than big Al. He’s proving quite useful down at Huddersfield.

    And Chris Hughton’s proving quite useful here Chris. Isn’t it about time we stuck with a manager for longer than five minutes?

  9. geordie deb says:
    November 23, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    Agree Waldo. When you look at the fact that our defence was our achilles heel for years and now the best defence in the league despite injuries, people playing out of position etc.

    It’s called playing in the Championship.

    Although I take nothing away from him, he’s a good young player.

  10. nufcbb says:
    November 23, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    And Chris Hughton’s proving quite useful here Chris. Isn’t it about time we stuck with a manager for longer than five minutes?

    Completely agree – but in the future, if CH departs and I’m not wishing that at all, the for me Lee Clark has more of a claim based upon experience than Alan Shearer.

  11. Danny Simpson is a complete liar if he is trying to convince he doesn’t like the night life. On more than one occasion I have seen him in town stinking drunk, mainly with Danny Guthrie. In fact one night I was outside Grey’s Club with a couple of mates and Danny Guthrie came up to me with Simpson and a couple of other lads and asked me where the nearest open strip club was (true story) I couldn’t believe it.

    But at the end of the day he’s a young lad and can do what he likes with his wages as long as he performs on the pitch.

    I hope we sign this kid in January, he has the ability to do a job for us now and has the potential to become even better.

  12. Why go to a strip club if you’re outside Greys? If you like the mature lady then this is the place to be.

  13. To be fair he isn’t exactly going to come out to say how much he loves getting hammered and going to strip clubs. He wants to win a contract here so fair play to him.

  14. @ davey falcus
    i was there when i over heard your conversation with danny simpson. Did you manage to show them all the way.?
    There were 4 of them and then there were 5.

  15. He`s no Beye, but a youngster still learning his trade and could become a solid RB in time.
    See where Charlton are in need of funds and could be forced to sell Shelvey, an up and coming young goalscoring midfielder, these are the people we should be looking at, one or two  good  young prospects a year, plus stack the minors as we did during Ashleys first year here,   thats how to build a team.

  16. See the blog has attracted another wind up merchant in davey falcus. Why people bother I don’t know.

  17. Johno Toon
    Funny, like it !
    However  always raises a question when a team is beaten by that amount.
    Specifically is the EPL that unbalanced, how large is the gap between the top clubs and those on the lower rungs ?
    How many clubs at this time are capable of winning the league ?
    It appears (no surprise) that money actually does talk ?   therefore will the clubs with owners who are willing to splurge for success, remain as the dominant sides. ?
    Or will it possibly cause the leagues eventual demise, by becoming over leveraged as was Leeds, resulting in the possible collapse of say teams like Man. U. and Liverpool ?
    Is there a need for more fiscal responsibility such as the recent proposal by our present head of UEFA, who has insisted  clubs such as Man Citeh  have to live within a proposed spending cap or be refused entry to any European competition, even after qualifying.
    Should there be a salary cap imposed on players ?
    Should there be a limit on club spending?
    What can bring about a more equitable system where the same old clubs dominate year after year ?
    Or does anyone really care ?

  18. Should read Whereas the same old clubs DONT dominate year after year.
    And before you get on my case (WORKEY) about Sport ,competition, Etc.
    Sports are for children, the one exception being the sports played in Ireland associated with the GAA.
    We are talking about business, “Proffessional Athletics”, which though includes competition, has little sporting content.