Even Guti’s protesting!

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Jonas not celebrating yesterday.
Jonas not celebrating yesterday.
Newcastle United wing wizard, Jonas Gutierrez explained his non goal celebration for a fantasic solo effort against Peterbourough yesterday. While many fans were expecting some kind of extravaganza involving ‘that’ mask as Guti covered St James’s Park in an invisible spider’s web, he eventually made even Alan Shearer look ostentatious.

Maradona’s third favourite player explained thus:

“I left it (the mask) in the changing room because I have read something in the newspapers that I didn’t like about me, that I want to leave Newcastle, so I didn’t want to celebrate because it’s not true,”

The ponytailed dribbler went on to explain his loyalty to the Magpies, and his delight at scoring his first ‘proper’ goal for Toon, the first being in a pre-season friendly with Darlington:

“I am happy at Newcastle and I want to be here next year. I want to be here next year in the Premier League and nothing else.

“I have wanted to score since I came here, so I am very happy about that. It’s my first one and now I will try to score more in the rest of the season.”

Let’s hope this is the first of many.

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6 Responses

  1. Yeah sure !  probably gave up on ever getting a goal, not exactly prolific since his arrival, what is it one goal in forty something games.
    Believe even Goldylocks  has more goals.
    Ah well suppose he had to explain it with a positive spin, or am I being too cynical.

  2. Well wont be long till we see if Batty and his bro get put out of xfactor.
    Chuck cheer up mate it could be worse you could be a SMB ;)

  3. Stuart79  I didnt think you would be a Batty fan. and they are in the bottom 2 so they could be away home in 15 mins LOL

  4. Like all supporters and season ticket holders it is great to see the fantastic level of support for the Toon in the Championship. This is all the more fantastic since we have an owner and chairman who are so out of touch with football in general, and Newcastle in particular, that they can hardly open their mouths without insulting someone. However, while I can understand why they take place, I really don’t like to see (or hear) anti-Ashley protests during play – it must affect the team. For the sake of the team (for that is what they are this season), let’s restrict our protests to the times when the players are not on the pitch.