Hughton “enjoyed” Fabrice.

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New Ginola?
New Ginola?
Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton was impressed by Fabrice Pancrate.

Is he the new Robert? Is he the new Ginola? Who knows? Hughton was impressed with his performance in the reserves though, saying:

He did well and I enjoyed what I saw,” said the Toon chief after watching a double from Phil Airey and a strike from Peter Lovenkrands seal victory.

However, with any player on trial it’s a case of looking at them over a period of time.

We wanted to see him in a game, though, and that’s why he played tonight.

He’s been with us for the past week or so and we’ll continue to have a look at him over the next couple of days.

He’s an experienced player and has played at a good level for a number of years.

He can player in a couple of positions and showed tonight that he’s got a good work rate and had a few nice touches.”

Let’s hope he delivers in the first team.

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87 Responses

  1. Ssn is reporting that Sol Campbell will move to Newcastle if he gets his contract released. I like Campbell and even if you don’t you have to admit we need cover at CB hopefully taylor and co can learn a bit from him

  2. Jury is still very much out but it’d be interesting to see if he’s as direct in a Championship game, certainly something to get the crowd going. Just hope he doesn’t hit the first man too much.

    belfast – As for Sol, as long as his wages are low enough, I’d say it’s a great shout.

    Good to have you back Mr de Payen.

  3. bowburnmag
    on sol ime sure in the past he was shown not to 100% in the head at times,(fit in the toon ha),has bought a large house in area after coaching job at toon i think?

  4. bit harsh batty , nice to see katie price getting a good hammering in the jungle…..peter andre’s phone bill’s gonna be huge by the of the show.

  5. batty , it wasn’t him that got us relegated last season  he may have missed the odd game or 10  but the blame is at keegan/shearers door m8.

  6. Think its a bit harsh to blame anyone person for us been relegated , everything contributed to it , just unlucky that it was duffs own goal that official sealed our fate but not down to him,

    Im heartbroken over last night , another summer ruined for me,

  7. johno toon …that was a shocker last night ,  the game should be replayed for sure & terry henry should get a lengthy ban.

  8. Johno Toon says:
    November 19, 2009 at 10:47 am
    Think its a bit harsh to blame anyone person for us been relegated , everything contributed to it , just unlucky that it was duffs own goal that official sealed our fate but not down to him,
    Im heartbroken over last night , another summer ruined for me,<<<<< johno iforgot aboot that own goal and i havent blamed duff  all that iam saying is he cares more aboot irland than he did aboot the toon who have paid him good money can u honestly say all the players that have left in the last year have give us a 2nd thought

  9. I dunno about the game been replayed to be honest , unfortuntly its one of those things that happen in football , but they have to look at some sort of video reply ,

    Imagine if that decided the world cup final?

  10. komfort says:
    November 19, 2009 at 10:51 am
    johno toon …that was a shocker last night ,  the game should be replayed for sure & terry henry should get a lengthy ban.<<<< you cant   have replays just because of a bit of bad luck if so we would have finished top half last season and england would have won the 86 world cup plus i was  working  with some some irish guys in 86 and they laughed there b@llocks off at the maradonna hand ball so he who laugh last laughs loudest ha ha ha ha ha ha

  11. well it decided a quater final 23 years ago  maradonna would of had to have been inspector gadget to reach that ball with his head

  12. well ok .. if it cant be replayed i still think that basketballer should be banned from the finals….the hand of frog !

  13. even though duff was 1 of my fav players untill last night and i wanted them to go through iam still laughing me tits of lol

  14. komfy that claude duval race yesterday 2 o clock kings colour the trainer sed he will be hard to beat so i stuck 50 quid on it at 6s lol

  15. I know it aint a dig at me batty , its a hard pill to swallow but that is football ,  Very proud of the team last night , played really well should of scored another in the full 90 mins, the french will be found out , poor team we outplayed them over the two legs and we arent taht good of a team

  16. Last nights debacle involving Henry makes a complete and utter mockery of Fifa’s fair play bollox!

    Fifa have no bottle and the game is turning into a joke, full of cheats.

  17. komfy a try to give me daughter every thing what i never had wen i was younger if y kna wot a meen plus me 2 lads always had wen there were younger

  18. i aways remember an apple a orange a sock full of nuts and a pair of dr martins and a football and colouring book lol

  19. batty , i know a young kid (20 years old) he’s in the coldstream gaurds. he’s over there for the next few months…..i’ve just parceled him up some goodies and sent them over – it’s the least you can do to help them & pray they stay safe.

  20. typical fifa, uefa, fa or any other footballing body, sackless, biased, cop outs.
    Henry’s blotted his copy book there. But twatini & sepptic bladder will do nowt about it.
    Boringly consistent  in their bias towards the ‘so-called’ big teams & against the ‘so-called’ little teams.
    Get some more refs round the pitch & turn the cameras on.

  21. Nowt will happen about France! Funnily enough, Platini is, well….. French you see. I’d imagine in this case, the referee’s decision will suddenly become final again, with no retrospective punishment. That way FIFA and UEFA can bottle it again.

    Cascarino nailed it on the head last night when he said its pointless appealing or anything because they wont get anywhere because they are a small team.

  22. Think they were as bad as each other batty , only difference is maradonna came out and said he meant it!

    Did the Irish laugh then? I dunno i was 3 0r 4 at the time , but im sure as you been the ‘ old enemy ‘ and what not there prob was some who did laugh and the shoe is now certainly on the other foot aint it?

  23. johno i was 18 and working with a lot of irish lads  m8 and they laugh there socks off but ive kept in touch with a few of them and have been texting them since last night and ive had some nasty replys lol

  24. Former France international David Ginola on BBC Radio 5 Live: “I’m very embarrassed by the situation. I don’t feel very proud to be French this morning. The Irish played very well and they deserved to go through as much as France, maybe more. I’m very surprised Fifa haven’t mentioned anything about it – the whole world saw the handball. This is a pure injustice. Everyone in France, the press and everyone, says there should be a replay.”

    If I didnt already love him enough! Dunno about a replay but fair play to him!

  25. i think the most they could do is ban henry plus why dont they just stick an official behind each goal then they woul have all angles coverd it isnt is if they cant afford it

  26. Mmm – a quandry – I like others see the injustice – but I have benefited from bad ref decisions a million times, and took them – only on rare occasions do I put the ref right.
    All things considered – I am glad to see France, Henry etc go through – they will add far more tot he tournament than the Irish.

  27. As I said batty im sure a few did laugh and if they did they have to take some now! What goes around come around etc etc

    Doesnt make it any easier on me that I have been robbed out of my summer next year! Well there was always the small matter of actually going on to win the game but wont stop me wanting my summer back!

  28. Stardust says:
    November 19, 2009 at 1:38 pm
    Mmm – a quandry – I like others see the injustice – but I have benefited from bad ref decisions a million times, and took them – only on rare occasions do I put the ref right.
    <<<< so they have dodgey refs in netball as well  stardy :lol:

  29. worky whos this ddddddd is it the same 1 that spamed ed harrisons last blog m8 cos he was on aboot halloween

  30. Its not that I wouldnt support england , when Sherear was playing I always wanted england to do well for Sherear same with any other players we have I want them to do well for their country , Im not into that whole republicasm bulls**t that I wanted england to lose regardless , but unless harper gets into the squad it wouldnt really bother me to be honest, but if england get france think all of ireland will get out the old st. georges cross!

  31. Thing is, FIFA and UEFA have the ideal chnace to make an example of France and show the world that cheating wont be tolerated at all by disqualifying them. Of course they will bottle it and wont do owt about it.

  32. To be fair Stardust I feel the Irish could well have brought more of an enjoyment factor to the world cup than the frogs (aswell as another reason to gan to the boozer). Maybe not so much with the football but the fans like the Tartan army do. Although to be honest looking at the way the frogs played last night the Irish could well of proved a far better spectical.

    The French should be chucked out for that last night 2 hand balls then blatant lies from Henry that he did not mean it. UTTER BOLLOXZ

  33. 62 – 65 Waldo /Johno – my tongue was firmly in cheek when I said about the French adding more – I love the honesty of the Irish game.
    I totally agree Henry told lies about the “double tap” he meant it – 100% sure of that.
    Johno – Cheryl Cole is married to Ashley Cole – he is a real likeable fella – maybe that could entice you to England for the tourney lol.

  34. haha ashley cole likeable hahaha! His wife ( or soon to be ex wife if rumor mills are to be belived ) is extremely likeable!

  35. workyticket she actually talks? :)

    She does come across as a bit of a bitch  alright and im convince that marriage was a fake ,

    Him been gay and not wanting to come out , her been a rasict , makes sense to me that they marry , he ‘ proves ‘ he aint gay by marrying a good looking pop star ( infairness she is ) and she shows she  loves all ethnics by marrying a black footballer , he again ‘ proves ‘ he aint gay by cheating and she looks good standing by him but now they will go their seprate ways. I do love a good conspiracy ;)

  36. Don’t you just love people who form opinions of people through what they read in the media.

    Sad really.

  37. Stuart79 says:
    November 19, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    “Don’t you just love people who form opinions of people through what they read in the media.”

    Stuart, I know alot of people who work in music. But leaving that aside, I also know someone who has had to suffer working with Girls Aloud. Don”t be so presumptious in future.

  38. Watched the France vs. Ireland game, decent game, with Ireland edging in possession and scoring chances.
    It`s sad that a guy like Henry will be remembered, like Maradonna and Zou Zou, for the hand of god and a head butt, by handling the ball to ensure his country won a place in Africa.
    One would think that by now, those who run the game FIFA & other bodies would bring the game into the twenty first century, by adapting the available technology to ensure people dont get away with cheating.
    I am tired of watching people cheat their way to wins by diving and other means, it`s ruining the game.
    Yet all they do is change a rule here or there, a typical example is the offside rule, which no one really understands anymore it`s so subjective.
    Also the obstruction rule where players obstruct the opposition as far as four or five feet from the ball while escorting it out of play.
    The shoulder charge has become an automatic foul, also.
    It would have taken no less than thirty seconds for the ref. to have viewed the Henry incident, the technology is in place.
    Yes i know we dont want constant interruptions and take the game out of the ref`s. hands, but there are certain match winning or loosing incidents that should be decided by the available technology ,not the whims or bad decisions made by  referees.
    Also it`s time for an official time clock, which stops during time out periods, fouls, out of play, injuries, etc
    We watched a three minute overtime becoming almost four minutes in yesterdays game .
    Other pro sports are well ahead when it comes to adaptations, the sin bin in rugby, face it yellow and red cards are the dumbest idea ever, one is too severe the other means nowt.
    Either introduce more officials or employ an up to date form of technology to assist the refs. because of the present amount of cheating that takes place, referees just can`t expect to catch everything.
    Last night`s game was for the Irish a tragic example.
    Yes i know most  on here dont give a shit about about whether Ireland or France go to Africa, you  have made that clear, but what if it had been England and France ?
    The country would be up in arms, perfidious froggy`s etc.
    My point is the technology is in place use it.

  39. chuck dont u think if they stuck an official behind each goal they would have most angles coverd m8

  40. Batty
    Is that your solution ?
    Personally I believe  it`s the whole pitch that needs more monitoring , not simply the goal area.
    In fact the game should be brought into the present century, using a sin bin instead of the ridicules card system, plus an official time clock, the refs have enough to do, put the time clock in the hands of other official(s)
    Plus there are a few rules that need tweaking.
    Afraid to-days game as opposed to the game played in the day is simply full of acting and diving, more punishment for those act`s would be a start.

  41. Batty 80#  yep !
    Yeah ! fraid no academy awards for him (Taylor)
    Yeah ! give me a free hand and I will bring this game into the 21st. century, rearrange the leagues, tweak the rules and use the best available technology.
    First thing would be to get rid of the Platini`s and the embedded members of FIFA which will require either a revolution from within or a breakaway league, completely outside of  the present jurisdiction of any governing bodies.
    At present both Platini`s European group  and FIFA are dominated by a group of fogeys who`s personal interest and the political and financial interests of various groups within it`s jurisdiction are paramount.
    The threat of preventing teams from playing in euro. tournaments proposed by Platini is a direct challenge to member clubs in the EPL.
    It`s a politically motivated measure, I`m talking about the proposal that clubs will have to operate within the financial boundaries dictated by the governing European body or be banned from European tournaments.
    The present EPL (though some clubs are over leveraged)is the most dynamic of leagues, who have the most exiting product and a large share of the worlds tv viewers and expanding .
    I can understand why foreign owners are buying into the EPL with it`s ability to sell itself to the tv markets and in return generate  enormous profits.
    A breakaway by this group possibly joined by the cream of the  European clubs is something feared by both governing bodies, that plus the obvious success of the EPL as opposed to the leagues of other european countries , and something Platini is very concerned about.
    No doubt there will be hell to pay if this comes to a head, the imposition of some sort of fiscal responsibility on clubs like Man Citeh could in fact be the spark that forever changes the face of football as we know it.
    Therefore be very carefull Mr platini as you may bite off more than you can chew.

  42. Chuck, there isn’t any mention of the words ‘football’, ‘sport’ or ‘competition’ in any of that, which is the main point of the whole thing, isn’t it?

  43. S`pose you have a point.
    It sounds a bit err, having re read it like a piece of tabloid crap on page 21 on a not too busy Tuesday.
    What the hell, amusing myself !
    Sorry for boring everyone.

  44. Actually on second thoughts no it `s not the point. unless of course being it`s your blog  you are  making that decision.
    I was of the opinion it was about football in general with NUFC foremost.
    Sure I have criticized certain comments  as boring when they stray from the intended general direction  , becoming cliquey.
    You yourself have on occasions wandered off , getting into both music and tabloid gossip.
    What i wrote above may not contain the words, football,sport or competition, but it`s at least an attempt to cover a situation that is very relevant to the future of the game, more than can be said about most comments.
    And as far as sport is concerned, that`s something that only children play, with the  sole exception of the  Ireland`s GAA, the rest is business and professional athletics, all dominated by $ .
    My description may have lacked the words you mentioned but everyone reading the comment was aware of the content and the fact it was about the relationship between the governing bodies FIFA & EUEFA  and European leagues , specifically the EPL and what the future may bring in that regard.
    So divint be sey radgie man !