Hughton going cool on Sol?

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Hughton considers squad4
Hughton considers squad4
The yanking of my chain continues with cooler statements from Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton regarding the potential signing of Sol Campbell. Rumours abound as he seeks to reinforce the squad in the January transfer window. When asked about signing Campbell, Hughton replied;

“I think there is always an interest in quality players that might become available, he said.

“You do get names thrown at you and often they are not names you have actively sought.

“The situation with Sol is he we don’t know where he is at the moment. He is still a Notts County player and it’s not clear when he is able to play. Sol is one of a few players that we are interested in.”

It seems that the interest has been generated by Campbell’s camp as Sol has shown a desire to play for the Toon. Sol is currently still on the books at County, after a high profile and less than successful move. With a successful career playing for Tottenham, Arsenal and Portsmouth he is keen to seek a new home. Perhaps Sol is being astute in these ‘credit crunch’ times and thinks he has the opportunity to re-use some of the black and white from the ‘Magpies’ of Notts County, whilst minimising fuel costs on his trip into work from Northumbria. However he may need to show similar consideration to the pockets of the Toon if it comes to a signing.

Meanwhile, for Hughton, work is pretty busy. There is additional speculation around signing Gary Caldwell and Hughton’s immediate focus is on concluding a way ahead with Fabrice Pancrate.

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  1. depending on his wages i would be more than happy to have him here on another note has any one see roy keanes latest interview/rant honestly if he hadnt been a d!ck with shearer and then managed the scum i would probably like him just for his hillarious rants and telling it like it is