Hughton heading for Shola showdown.

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Bambi the 'Super Eagle'?
Bambi the 'Super Eagle'?
As esteemed colleague, Bowburnmag wrote yesterday, Fenham hitman, Shola Ameobi, wants to follow his dream in the African Nation’s Cup, and possibly even the 2010 World Cup with Nigeria. As that story reported, Ameobi has already represented England at under 21 level no less than twenty times (with seven goals), though his chances of getting into the main squad have always been rated at ‘slim’ to ‘none’. He has also been asked to represent Nigeria before too apparently.

Ameobi said of this:

“In the past, I chose not to so I could concentrate on helping Newcastle.”

On the sudden change of heart though, he quickly added:

“But I have reached a stage in my career where I would love to play international football and realistically it’s not going to happen with England.”

However, on hearing the news of a potential international renaissance for the ‘Fenham Eusebio’, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton remarked:

“It’s one that that I intend to talk to Shola about very soon. I was only just made aware of it today. I will see what is thoughts are. My only concern at this moment is making sure that we have Shola fit for Newcastle.

“We need him as soon as possible because he’s missed three months now after a really good start to the season. I want to see him producing for Newcastle.

“Shola is a good lad and a thoughtful lad, and if his thinking is that there is an opportunity to play at international level then I can understand it.”

Hughton concluded:

“Until I speak to him, which I need to do, I can’t really say any more.”

Of course, If wor Bambi does become a ‘Super Eagle’, there is a very probable chance that he’d be paired upfront with the similarly unpredictable ex-Toon star, Obafemi Martins. As one commentator on this site (‘Aussie Mag’) pointed out though:

“Imagine for a moment that you were the manager for Nigeria. How hard would it be to get those two to actually play together as a partnership? Neither has a clue about what they are going to do from one moment to the next, let alone trying to work out what each other may be thinking… ”

A little exaggerated perhaps, Aussie, through there is a kernel of truth in there. The phrase ‘herding cats’ does spring to mind! :-)

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24 Responses

  1. Nice but not quite subtle chop job there WORKEY (the Fenham eusebio, bambi,etc) even took a shot at Martins.
    What`s happened to the voice of reason, champion of the oppressed, beginning to sound a bit off key.
    Look the guy wants to play in the world cup, he aint going to do it in an England strip, so let him enjoy his moment .
    I just dont understand why Newcastle fans can be so mean spirited at times in regards to former and present team members.

  2. I would be more than happy for Shola to get into the World Cup squad if not play, but the problem with this comes if he declares too early – does he not vanish for the African Nations thing?

    As long as he declares after January, then it’s all good.

  3. Some success at international level should work wonders for his confidence, wouldn’t it be funny and ironic,  to see him playing against England in the World Cup Finals.

  4. Good Luck to him I hope he does get playing, I think it would do he’s confidence the world of good and we would then benefit from it.

  5. 3 months out on bloody good pay, then gets fit, only to depart to the African Nations and possible World Cup. If I was off sick for 3 months on full pay and returned to tell the gaffer I was going to work elseware for a few weeks, but would like him to pay me for doing this, I can just imagine the responce….which would involve a P45!!!

  6. Batty
    Like yourself I am waiting to see what accurs during the window.
    We should have a good indication of Mr ashleys intentions by what he does in the market.
    And like yourself , aint holding my breath.
    Have to add even with this team there`s every indication we may be successfull, had`nt realised how poor the second tier was, though what`s the point of getting promoted with a second tier team, only to go back down.
    That`s my fear for the club, in which case we really have to buy astutely and unload people like  the Geremi`s with big wage`s.
    The real question is , what are MA`s Intentions in regards to the club, is he still intent on selling or is he in for the long run.