Hughton no puppet manager.

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Prepared to say no
Prepared to say no
Chris Hughton claims he will fight to improve Newcastle United’s squad in the January transfer window.

Since being made permanent manager it seems many people think he’ll just be a ‘yes man’ – a puppet and apologist for Ashley’s regime – but Hughton was keen to dispel such rumours, indicating that he’s strong enough to get his own way.

When asked if the accusations of being a ‘puppet manager’ bothered him, Hughton said:

Does it hurt if people say I am a yes man? No. I have one responsibility and that is to manage this group of lads, my remit is simply that. At this moment we are sitting on top of the table so we must be doing something right.

We have to make sure that continues. I can only work within my brief, and that is to manage this group of lads and football club. We know we have had financial restraints for obvious reasons and all I can do to is work around them.”

Players such as Coloccini, reputed to be on £80,000/week, would seem to be exactly the sort of players Ashley would like to get rid of to reduce the wage bill, but Hughton claims he’s been given ‘no indication’ that he has to get rid of anybody.

I have not been told figures available for January. What I have been told is that it’s my responsibility to determine what I need to bring in, if I need to strengthen going into the second half of the season. The board would support me in that.

In my endeavours to get where we want to be in January, the board will support me in terms of tacking what needs to be tackled.

If we have injuries we are stretched so I will target the areas and players needed. And I have been told I will be supported.

Getting players out has not been mentioned. I will have the final say. I have had no indication that there are any players here who want to leave. That is what I would expect, if we are able to sustain the position we are in, it’s more a case of adding then letting people go.”

Asked if he’s prepared to fight the board to keep players if necessary, Hughton said:

Yes. My intention is not to make this squad weaker.”

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10 Responses

  1. we will see in january how much of a yes man you are chris,when you go to ashley with your begging bowl.

  2. “…….I will have the final say……” – here we go again, that’s not what owlheed was saying  just the other day…….  ;)

    Does it hurt if people say I am a yes man?  No.”  It might just be my wicked sense of humour but I would have loved it, just loved it if that had read:

    Does it hurt if people say I am a yes man?  YES.”   :)

  3. hitman says:
    November 7, 2009 at 9:26 am
    we will see in january how much of a yes man you are chris,when you go to ashley with your begging bowl.

    Absolutely spot on.

    My good will to Ashley will be stretched out to Febuary 1st 2010.  We will find out then how committed h is to getting us back up.

    Chris Hughton not a puppet manager? I bet he can’t say that while Ashley is drinking a glass of water!!