Hughton: The big love in for Loven, Colo and ‘the Flying Pan’.

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Sideshow Bob: "A real class defender" says Hughton.
Sideshow Bob: "A real class defender" says Hughton.
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has been giving ’nuff respect to more players on nufcTV. This time, Hughton’s effusive praise has been heaped upon the two Fabs, Colloccini and Pancrate, and a back in the goals Peter Lovenkrands.

Lovenkrands hailed.

First to be showered with praise was recently troubled Dane, Lovenkrands, who has struggled with family illness and a lack of full match fitness in the last few months. On the Great Dane, Hughton gushed:

“He gives us that pace up the middle and is a great outlet,”

On his goalscoring performance in the Swansea game, he effused:

“I thought he coped with the 90 minutes tremendously well given the fact it was his first game for a while.

“He was full of running towards the end and that’s testament to his hard work.

“He got a good goal and it was a great assist for Marlon.

“That performance will lift him and I thought overall he was excellent.”

In his own interview, Lovenkrands himself spoke of his role up front, rather than on the wing. He said:

“I’ve asked for a while to be played through the middle and I was delighted whenn the gaffer named the team.

“In training when we were preparing I was playing with Marlon up front and I just couldn’t wait for the game to come, and I think that showed.”

On the game itself he added:

“In the first 45 minutes, we were outstanding. We sat on them, we presed them and we never let them have a minute.

“We scored three goals quickly and kind of closed hte game off. In the second half, we probably slacked off a bit and took our foot off the pedal when we shouldn’t have.

“But we need to focus now on three points, that’s the most important, five wins on the trot and clean sheets. It great.”

On the build up to his goal, which included a surging run from Argentinian flank trotter, Jonas Gutierrez, Lovenkrands joined in with the hailing himself, commenting:

It was a tremendous run from Jonas, that’s what he can do and that’s what he is here for.

He does these wee things, a bit of magic sometimes and it was a great cross”.

Coloccini hailed.

Getting back to Hughton’s gushing though, the next player to be hailed was Coloccini, the costly Argentinian who did show some signs of needing to adjust to higher pace while in the Premiership. Speaking on the performance of the permed one against Swansea he gushed:

“I thought he was outstanding” adding:

“You normally don’t want that to be the case with centre backs because it means they’ve been kept busy.

“But I thought he coped very well with the way Swansea played and always looked comfortable.

On his ‘Man of the Match’ award, which he won despite Hurricane Harewood blowing in and nodding his way to redemption twice in the same game, Hughton said:

“He’s a real class defender and I thought the man of the match award was thoroughly deserved.”

Pancrate hailed.

Finally, Hughton praised new French winger, Fabrice ‘the Flying Pan’ Pancrate. The Gallic galloper displayed his ability to run with the ball at speed with several bursts down the right, inspiring the gaffer to comment:

“I hope that’s a sign of thing to come because he looked very lively”

“It was a good time for a quick winger like Fabrice to come on with the game stretched and he was able to utilise his qualities”

On the fact that he is yet another player who is perhaps a little under full fitness through lack of match practice, Hughton concluded:

“He will be better for that run out and the more he trains with us the more he gets used to the lads and the more they get to know him.

“But he’s certainly a player who I think the fans will like because he has that ability to go forward at pace and run at people.”

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11 Responses

  1. If the lads show the same spirit and with some added quality, if we get promoted we should stay there, but it’s all a long way off.

  2. CH always seems to put the right stuff across & always talks football.
    What a nice change.
    He makes the players feel good & part of a team.
    The guy’s doing a great job against all expetations.
    Who’d a thunk?

  3. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 1, 2009 at 1:31 am

    “The guy’s doing a great job against all expetations.”

    Not against my expectations, Clint. I was fairly neutral, then I saw his great defensive knowledge coming through, his capacity to think in the long term, ignore idiots and build a unified team under difficult circumstances.  So far, he seems to think just like a good manager.

  4. I believe Hughton is spot on so far and his praising of Lovenkrands is essential to our promotion hopes.

    We have Amoebi, Carroll, Ranger and potentially Harewood and none are overly prolific in front of goal, so that means if we lose Nolan to injury, we are totally stuffed.

    However, all of the above are 6ft+ big men who are handy at holding up the ball and feeding a smaller, more speedy striker – enter Lovenkrands.

    If we want to get maximum use out of our big strikers, we MUST play Lovenkrands as a striker as often as possible.  Two big men upfront = hoof ball and we aren’t too good at that style.

    Lovenkrands is a vital part of the promotion puzzle this season.

  5. With every game that goes by i am getting more confident that hughton will get us back into the premiership and keep us thier . He has done a fantastic job so far on a very limited budget  , i wonder what he would do with a transfer kitty of say 20- 30 million . One thing is for sure he is beter than a lot of our recent managers ( Allardyce , Souness and Roeder )

  6. Axel “. One thing is for sure he is beter than a lot of our recent managers ( Allardyce , Souness and Roeder )” couldn’t of put it better myself although that’s a bit like saying Ashleys better that hitler Dr Shipman & Micheal Owen

  7. I dont deny that i condamn CH last year, when he can’t make a words or something when we a loosing like hell. He just stand by the side with not much movement. That make me so angry.

    But he deserve he’s credits this year when times are tight and he sits upright.

  8. i cant work it out … were winning games & top of the league whilst playing some terrible football !! … god help us if/when we get promoted because the investment that will be required to survive in the prem just wont happen , i fear we could become a yo-yo club for the next few years.


  9. agreed komfort, MA will no doubt “advertise” the club as being up for sale and make that his excuse for no investment then it wont get bought… i mean, no-one seriously came in for 100mil, which was a golden opportunity a real sitter to miss, why would someone then come in at 150mil? purely because were in the prem? i would’ve thought you’d buy us cheap, pick our promotion kitty plus a little investment and prep us for 10/11, and me sat on a good investment. i odnt reckon anyone will buy us next summer either. simples.
    as for the team on the pitch, i’m actually quite glad harewood’s and lovenkrands have had a good game, we need to get a good innings out of harewood before he goes back to villa and save the fitness of our permanent players
    do you think we can botox the hell out of nicky butt paint him up and send him back to manu as Danny Simpson?