Lovenkrands spills beans on recent poor form.

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Loven 'Nice and easy' title=
Loven 'Nice and easy'
It has been noticed that Toon’s great Dane, Peter Lovenkrands hasn’t been quite himself recently, with just three starts on the green stuff so far, and nothing much happening when he does cross the line. Yesterday, he revealed a little of the private anguish behind his recent poor form.

Lovenkrands wailed:

“You of course want to play more games, but I have had a few personal family problems lately. And I’ve missed a few games because of these,”

But on a more positive note he added:

“But now things should be back on track, so I can focus on football again.”

“I hope that this will lead to more games that I start, but I will take it nice and easy and see what happens.”

He continued on Newcastle’s good start to the campaign, but with a strangely pessimistic note at the end:

“It looks good now, but there are many games in the Championship, and a lot can happen if you get in to a bad run”.

Hmmmm. Positive thinking, Peter! Positive thinking!

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10 Responses

  1. Thamks for the inspirational words Lover. 

    Maybe it’s time he was moved on to a club where his positive outlook’d really lift a dressing room?

  2. Signed on a free from nobody :) I hope he get backs to his best sooner rather later and help the promotion push….

  3. this bloke peaked along time ago & how he got a 3 year contract beggars belief !….like  him on the previous thread their best days have long gone…

  4. Crikey, no wonder he’s not playing well with that kind of attitude. Hardly inspiring is it?  Also what about the ‘I will take it nice and easy’? Does he think he can just do things at his own pace when he feels like it? Some of the stories that were doing the rounds regarding his attitude at previous clubs ie only being bothered when his contract was coming up for renewal etc starting to ring true. Get your finger out Peter, you’re not being paid £30k per week or whatever it is to ‘take it nice and easy’.

  5. needs to buck his ideas up for sure, gotta realise at the minute that kinda outlook is not welcome in the dressing room, biggest strength we’ve had so far this season is the unity of the squad, give him chance to find a little form and we’ll see how he does

  6. Let me hope its not with his wife. She has pregnant and no news has come yet so I hope everything is fine.   We  still have 30 games to go.

  7. lets not pick apart the few players we do have eh?
    he needs to work harder no doubt but i don’t think we should be putting him out of the picture yet

  8. i would like to see him playing more game for us. why start harewood when you have Lovenkrands.  i think that he is fast and will run on to ball played up unlike harewood.