Portuguese under-21 Toon target?

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Ukra - Toon target?
Ukra - Toon target?
Newcastle United are interested in Portuguese under-21 forward Ukra.

Well, maybe. It comes from the Daily Mail, which is to newspapers what ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is to film history, and it doesn’t quote anybody saying they’re after anyone, so take a large pinch of salt with your porridge this morning on this one.

Ukra, whose real name is André Filipe Alves Monteiro currently plays for Sporting Olhanense, on loan from FC Porto, and has scored 7 goals in 51 career domestic games. He has also recently been included in the Portuguese under-21 squad where he’s bagged 2 goals from 4 (or possibly from 8 depending on what you read) games.

Sporting Olhanense aren’t having the best of seasons so far, currently languishing in the bottom half of the league.

The Mail seems to be basing the Toon’s interest in this player on the fact that our scouts were at the U21 England v Portugal match on the weekend and my 6th sense (I have 9), which specifically tests levels of dubiousness, is tingling.

So, who knows? Maybe there’s some truth in this and maybe not. As Hughton said on the weekend, there’s going to be speculation about our interest in various players and most of it will be nonsense.

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5 Responses

  1. so we’re linked with 2 wingers, Ukra (?) don’t know that much about him and his record doesn’t sound prolific, or Robert  who has a sketchy record here, I don’t doubt he loved the club – but will he fit in with the current dressing room mentality?
    I’d love to see him back personally, we need the flair he brought, although he needs to pick up his defensive duties, and if he’ll play for free we might be on a winner!!
    provided it’s not the usual nonsense the english press peddles of course!!

  2. danny: Robert said he would play for free… for PSG, not us!
    Don’t think bringing in a 34-year old with a dodgy past in terms of discipline is the way to go anyway. Granted, he could have brought some much needed flair to the team, but I would prefer us looking somewhere else for it.

  3. It`s probably a good idea to dismiss anything you hear concerning links to players, it`s a slow period and the transfer window is quickly approaching.
    Which probably means we are about to sign every free agent or young up and coming player available.
    We have been through similar pre-window periods for the last two years and have suffered disappointment  during every one.
    The only difference being our standards on who we  are to expect, have now dropped dramatically.
    Ah well !